Taxi LED Display

Taxi LED Display

The omnipresent & omnipotent digital-out-of-home (DO0H) mobile LED advertising medium on top of vehicles to illuminate the street and drive revenue 7/24 with precision targeting ads.

  • 6 patents add to the supreme product quality of NSELED Taxi LED Display with cutting-edge technologies.
  • A production capacity of 800 units/month is enabled by the independent production line dedicated to the vehicle LED screen.
  • In stock and ready for shipment

Advertise Anywhere with the World's Best Taxi Top LED Display

NSELED Taxi LED Display, which is registered with 6 patents, is launched in 2015 and has been upgraded to the fifth generation with smaller pixel pitches and higher refresh rates presenting more vivid and sharper images that captivate passers-by with a wider coverage enabled by the mobility of vehicles.

NSELED Taxi LED Display is an extremely effective outdoor advertising tool blending the smart digital signage with the omnipresence of vehicles, and we have served more than 1000 customers from over 100 countries with great success.

You will be the next success story with NSELED Taxi LED Display!

Product Models by Pixel Pitch

taxi led mini display

TS P1.86 Taxi Roof LED Display features high-resolution and crystal clear image presentation enabled by a small pixel pitch of 1.86mm and high refresh rate of 3840Hz,
ensuring a flicker-free image for the ultimate viewing experience. As a result, it is perfect for use in digital signage advertising and outdoor mobile advertising, and other applications that require high-quality images and videos.

TS P2 taxi led display is excellent in image quality with a pixel pitch of 2mm and a refresh rate of 2880 Hz. It not only
meets the needs of customers in terms of image quality but also greatly improves the reading experience and advertising
effectiveness. Compared with TS P1.86 the P2 is with a slightly boosted brightness more cost-effective. It is a great choice for DOOH advertising.

P2.5 taxi led display

TS P2.5 presents clear and vivid text and videos with a pixel pitch of 2.5mm enhanced high brightness of 5000nits and refresh rate of 3840Hz(optional), able to captivate attention from a wide distance and in any lighting condition. It is one of the best choices for outdoor taxi led displays, especially in areas with high ambient light, Like all the other models, P2.5 has a long lifespan, low power consumption, and reliable performance. The P2.5 model become the most popular taxi LED display in the market.

P3 taxi led display

TS P3 is a taxi LED display with a competitive resolution of a pixel pitch of 3mm, providing excellent clarity and color saturation for text and videos. Slim and light weight design, the smaller screen size 768*288mm, and the weight is only 15kg, The average energy consumption is only 80W
which is very energy-saving.

P3.33 taxi led display

TS P3.33 adopts a pixel pitch of 3.33mm Easy control of all your displays from a central location is made possible with cloud software which allows you to create and manage playlists whether you’re running a single taxi LED display or an entire fleet P3.33 is the perfect solution.

TS P5 has an ultra-high brightness of5500nits, making it perfect for outdoor use. The sturdy aluminum casing and IP65 rating make TS P-Series displays ideal for taxi applications where durability and weather resistance are

6 Products Found.

Product Model by Appearance (6)

  • ts 2016 taxi led display

    The side frame of the TS-2015 Taxi LED Display is aerodynamic with the T-shaped side frame with the taxi logo dented, which is perfect for taxi applications as an excellent replacement to traditional taxi signage.

  • ts 2017 taxi led display

    TS 2017 is T-shaped for the width of the modular side frame, which makes it more aerodynamic with less resistance to wind without a taxi logo but customizable printing of your brand logo on the side frame is offered.

  • ts 2018 taxi led display

    TS-2018 Taxi LED Display is rectangular in the shape of the side frame with a stylish look. The width of the modular side frame is 165mm(bottom)/165mm(top), which makes it sturdy. The pixel pitches available are between 1.8mm and 5mm, allowing for a range of resolutions to suit your specific needs.

  • TS 2019 Taxi led display

    The side frame of the TS-2018 Taxi LED Display is shaped into a T with 165mm(bottom) and 100mm(top). The pixel pitches can be customized within a range from 1.8mm to 5mm. The side frame is printed with a taxi logo, making your taxi business more visible while advertising for more.

  • ts 2020 taxi led display

    The cabinet of the TS-2020 is thin and rectangular with the width of the side frame 100mm(bottom)/100mm(top), making it slim and stylish. Screen size, pixel pitches, brightness, etc. can all be customized to your needs. The TS-2020 is perfect for advertising applications that require a sleek, high-quality display.

  • ts 2022 taxi led display

    The latest TS 2022 is ultra-slim and sleek, perfect for customers who want a high-end, aesthetically pleasing display. The T-shaped side frame is only 164mm(bottom)/99mm(top) wide, the thinnest out of all the taxi LED displays. Side logo, cabinet color, and screen size can all be customized.

Product Features

light weight
Slim & Lightweight

Slim Type Design, Super High Brightness; Ultra High Definition, HD performance; Different pixel pitches available: from 2mm to 5mm.


The NSE Taxi Top is aerodynamic in design, which makes it more stable and reduces wind resistance and noise.

power supply

High refresh rate driver IC and precise power technology allow NSE Car Advertising Screen to consume less energy by powering different diodes with differentiated voltage.


Auto-brightness and intelligent dimming technology, the car advertising screen brightness adjustable automatically, which reduces the power consumption of LED taxi signs, and effectively extends the service life of LED display modules.

Easy Installation
Easy Installation

Auto-brightness and intelligent dimming technology enabled by the built-in ambient light sensor makes the car advertising screen brightness adjustable automatically, and effectively extending the service life of LED display modules.

Roof rack of All sizes
Roof rack of All sizes

Roof-rack of different sizes makes the car billboard compatible with any car roof. By removing the car top led screen from the roof-racks which are fixed to the car, it is easy to take the taxi top led away without any damage done to your car.

Geo-targeting & Smarter System

GPS module is incorporated into the led taxi screen which allows for geo-fencing. By setting up a virtual perimeter around a specific area and then serving ads only to people who are physically located within that space, your ads can be more targeting.

Advertisng cloud
Advertisements Cloud Management System

The Taxi Top LED display comes with an advertising management system that allows for the control of multiple screens from a single location. Making it easy for anyone in your organization who needs access to change the content on one or more displays at once, improving the efficiency to manage large digital signage networks.

Over-voltage Protection
Over-voltage Protection

NSE Taxi Top is engineered with over-voltage protection to ensure your LED taxi sign remains safe and in proper working order, ruling out the possibility of the vulnerability of the device to voltage spikes. You don’t have to worry about an over-voltage event that can cause the LED sign to fail, potentially leading to lost revenue or safety issues.

Weather-proof & Shock-proof

IP65 of the Car Top protects against water jets (water projected from a nozzle) at angles up to 15 degrees vertically and 60 degrees horizontally without damaging the device itself. Besides, high resistance against vibration and shock makes it survive daily usage on bumpy roads without screen problems.

Intelligent Control
Intelligent Control

The Taxi Top LED Display can be accessed by multiple interfaces, including USB or wireless network connections such as WIFI and 3G/4G. Web-based/ android/ios APP control. Users can remotely control and manage all Taxi LED Displays in real-time. This allows for easy monitoring as well as instant changes to content or programming.

Double-sided & patented design to be outstanding and leading the trend.

NSE Car Top is a double-sided LED display with a patented design, slim, stylish, and aerodynamic. Equivalent to myriad moving billboards, the NSE Taxi LED Displays are revolutionary replacements for traditional car top signs, quickly becoming one of the most popular and sought-after mobile media platforms for businesses to advertise by offering a unique and attention-grabbing way to get messages out there.

Omnipresence brings unrivaled brand exposure and impression reach
Double-sided & patented design to be outstanding and leading the trend.

Omnipresence brings unrivaled brand exposure and impression reach.

As the vehicles move around the city, the car billboards will form an omnipresent advertising network that’s unmissable to the real consumers on their way. The car LED display is cost-effective and powerful in getting your offers out there in real-time on a massive scale, and making sure your brand is seen by the maximum number of people. Advertise everywhere and amplify your impression reach.

Full-motion HD video content to indulge your audience.

The NSE Taxi LED Screen allows you to display content more than static pictures of poor quality. It’s capable of delivering full-motion HD video content, with 1.86mm pixel pitch and a refresh rate of 3840 Hz available, presenting advertisements with more stunning visuals in richer color gamut, clearer and sharper images to appeal to the viewers, keeping them informed about your latest products or services.

taxi led display
control stytem

Precise geo-targeting makes for unprecedented conversion rates and sales.

Make your ads more targeted by geofencing which allows you to target potential customers within a certain radius of your business. Also, it means that the Taxi LED Display allows you to display contents based on locations. By targeting potential customers in specific areas, you can offer content with tailored messaging to your ideal consumers for optimum response, and you’ll notice significant increases in conversion rates and sales.

All-weather-proof high Ingress Protection to safeguard unfading reliability.

IP65 waterproofness (dust/water sprayed) makes the Car Top continue to function stably in any weather conditions that nature throws in its way, perfect for outdoor advertising. Whether it’s rain, snow, sleet, or hail, this LED sign can take it all! The display also features advanced anti-glare lighting protection with a special coating to minimize light reflection, keeping your message constantly visible to all road users at all times.

All-weather-proof high Ingress Protection to safeguard unfading reliability

Brighter than bright to overshadow the sunlight.

case from egypt
car transparent led

High brightness of up to 5500nits of the Taxi Top LED Display means it can completely outshine the natural sunlight and be visible at maximum level to the audiences passing by. It’s a supreme choice for your outdoor advertising needs, with the unmatched brightness allowing you to be seen and stand out, capturing every eye as the vehicle moves. Brighten up your advertising and ensure you’re seen on the road with Taxi Advertising from NSE.

A smarter control system allows for coordinated advertisement management of the fleets

With the smart Advertising Management System of NSE Car Billboards, you can schedule your advertisements to be displayed on multiple Taxi LED Displays and manage them in real-time from the web-based or ios/android based app we provide. This gives you more control over your advertising campaigns for the entire fleet and helps ensure that your messages are seen by the right audiences.

Thailand case

Whether you’re a big corporate owning a large fleet of vehicles or a small retailer wishing to promote your business, NSE Car Top is fantastic and cost-effective to help you achieve that. Not only do LED taxi displays offer a much greater reach than traditional media, but they’re also far more engaging. The bright and supreme quality visuals are hard to miss, and the wide coverage of the vehicles means your ads will be seen by myriads of people every day, rendering an incomparable level of revenue and investment return.

Why go for NSELED Taxi LED Display?

High-quality Parts

NSE has been manufacturing taxi LED displays since 2011, making us one of the oldest and most experienced companies in this field. Our products are all made with high-quality components to ensure a long product life and a low cost of ownership.

Strict Quality Checks & Tests

Before delivery, every car top advertising panel has to be tested under the temperature of 70℃ with 80% humidity for 96 hours, and then it’s subject to 100% vibration tests and 72 hours of the aging test. Product quality is ensured.

Certificates Appliance

NSE Car Top has been certified by CE, ROHS, FCC which means our products have met the essential safety and performance requirements set by the major quality check organizations around the globe. It’s safe and reliable.

Professional Production Line & Testing Lab

All NSE taxi LED displays are manufactured in our own factory equipped with comprehensive product lines and advanced testing labs, and supplied directly from our warehouse to your doorstep. The professional production line dedicated to Taxi LED Display is of a production capacity above 800 units/month. You’re able to enjoy premium quality products at competitive prices.

Online Technical Support & Local Support

Our customer service and technical support are available for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and our local support team in the USA and Europe can help you with any questions or concerns that you may have about your taxi LED display. You can always rely on us when you need help. Look no further than ours if you’re looking for reliable and professional LED taxi boards.


Customization is offered by NSELED on the screen size, the color of the cabinet. Pixel pitches from 1.83mm to 5mm are available. And we also cater to your individual needs for LEDs to meet your budget.

Logo can be printed to the frame, so your device is brand dented and more recognizable. Also, we can provide SDK so you can develop your own advertising platform.

Fast Delivery

NSELED keeps taxi screens in stock, which can achieve fast delivery, save time and transportation costs for you, in this way you can get products in a short time and maximize profits.

Test banner
NSE Taxi LED Display Dominates the Global Market

NSELED Taxi LED Displays have been extensively applied in the taxi advertising industry for over 100 countries worldwide. The displays are favored for their high brightness, contrast, and resolution as well as their durability in all weather conditions. With a variety of interfaces, customization options, and intelligent control capabilities, the Taxi LED Displays are perfect for any organization looking to make an impression with digital signage.

Ultimate Guide on Taxi LED Display

Product name: P2 P2.5 P2.96 P3.33
Model Type: SLIM2 SLIM2.5 SLIM2.96 SLIM3.33
Pixel Pitch 2mm 2.5 mm 2.96 mm 3.33 mm
Pixel Density 250,000 dot/ m2 160,000 dot/ m2 112,896 dot/ m2 90,000 dot/ m2
Module Size 320*160mm 320*160mm 320*160mm 320*160mm
Screen Size 960mm*320mm 960mm*320mm 960mm*320mm 960mm*320mm
Screen Resolution 480*160 dot 384*128 dot 324*108 dot 288*96 dot
Frame Size 1030(L)*401(H)*








Brightness 5000 nit 5500-6000 nit 5500-6000 nit 5000 nit
Contrast 8000:01:00 8000:01:00 8000:01:00 8000:01:00
View Angle 150°(H)/150°(V) 150°(H)/150°(V) 150°(H)/150°(V) 150°(H)/150°(V)
Scan Mode 1/32 scan 1/32 scan 1/27 scan 1/24 scan
Power Supply Input DC9–24V DC9–24V DC9–24V DC9–24V
Max Consumption 450w 430w 430w 400w
Average Consumption 130w 120w 120w 120w
Refresh Rate(Hz): 3840 HZ 3840 HZ 3840HZ 1920Hz
Optimal Viewing Distance 1–20M 1–20M 1–20M 1–20M
Life Span 100,000 Hours 100,000 Hours 100,000 Hours 100,000 Hours
MTBF 10,000 Hours 10,000 Hours 10,000 Hours 10,000 Hours
Control Method Asychronous Asychronous Asychronous Asychronous
Control Mode 3G/4G/WIFI/ Ethenet/ USB 3G/4G/WIFI/ Ethenet/ USB 3G/4G/WIFI/ Ethenet/ USB 3G/4G/WIFI/ Ethenet/ USB
Temperature Operating -40°~+75° -40°~+75° -40°~+75° -40°~+75°
Working Humidity 10%–90%RH 10%–90%RH 10%–90%RH 10%–90%RH
Voltage DC12V(DC9-36V) DC12V(DC9-36V) DC12V(DC9-36V) DC12V(DC9-36V)
Protection Rating: IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Power Protection over-temperature/over-current/ over-temperature/over-current/ over-temperature/over-current/ over-temperature/over-current/
Over-voltage protection over-voltage protection over-voltage protection over-voltage protection over-voltage protection
Screen Weight 14 kg 14 kg 14 kg 14 kg
Case Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Package Dimension 1100mm(L) X 500mm(H) X 270mm(W) 1100mm(L) X 500mm(H) X 270mm(W) 1100mm(L) X 500mm(H) X 270mm(W) 1100mm(L) X 500mm(H) X 270mm(W)
Model Type P1.86 P2 P2.5 P3.33 P5
Pixel pitch 1.86mm 2mm 2.5mm 3.33mm 5mm
Destiny 289,050 dot/m2 250,000 dot/ m2 160,000 dot/ m2 90,000 dot/ m2 40000 dot/ m2
LED Type SMD1415 SMD 1415 SMD1921 SMD 1921 SMD 2727
Pixel type(R / G / B) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1)
Module size 320*160mm 320*160mm 160*160mm 320*160mm 160*160mm
Module Resolution 172*86dot 160*80dot 64*64dot 96*48dot 32*32dot
Sreen Size (H*W) 960mm*320mm 960mm*320mm 960mm*320mm 960mm*320mm 960mm*320mm
Feet Size 3.15*1.05 feet 3.15*1.05 feet 3.15*1.05 feet 3.15*1.05 feet 3.15*1.05 feet
Screen Resolution 516*172 dot 480*160 dot 384*128 dot 288*96 dot 192*64 dot
Frame Size 1100mm( L) x 410mm(H) XW:164mm(bottom)/ 99mm (top) 1100mm( L) x 410mm(H) XW:164mm(bottom)/ 99mm (top) 1100mm( L) x 410mm(H) XW:164mm(bottom)/ 99mm (top) 1100mm( L) x 410mm(H) XW:164mm(bottom)/ 99mm (top) 1100mm( L) x 410mm(H) XW:164mm(bottom)/ 99mm (top)
Case Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Screen Weight 24 kg 24 kg 23 kg 23 kg 23 kg
Drive mode 1/32 1/32 1/32 2021-01-24 00:00:00 2021-01-08 00:00:00
Viewing Distance 1–8M 1–10M 1–20M 1–20M 3–50M
Brightness 4000 nit 4500 nit 5000 nit 4500 nit 5500 nit
Viewing Angle 140°(H)/140°(V) 140°(H)/140°(V) 140°(H)/140°(V) 140°(H)/140°(V) 140°(H)/140°(V)
Refresh rate 3840 Hz 2880 Hz 1920Hz / 3840 Hz(Optional) 1920Hz 1920Hz
Input voltage DC9–24V DC9–24V DC9–24V DC9–24V DC9–24V
Maximum Power Consumption 450w 450w 430w 400w 420w
Average Power Consumption 130w 130w 120w 120w 150w
Control method: Asychronous Asychronous Asychronous Asychronous Asychronous
Temperature Operating (℃) -40°~+75° -40°~+75° -40°~+75° -40°~+75° -40°~+75°
Working Humidity 10%–90%RH 10%–90%RH 10%–90%RH 10%–90%RH 10%–90%RH
IP Rating IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Application Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor
  • High-Temperature Aging Test

    Taxi LED display is put through a high-temperature aging test at degrees Celsius for 72 hours. The goal of this test is to simulate the environment that the taxi LED display will experience in its service time. After the aging test, the taxi led display is examined to see how it has held up and the device is more reliable.

  • High Temperature and Humidity Test

    NSELED has all LED display devices tested under the temperature from -40℃ to +90℃ and humidity from 0 to 100%, which simulates the extreme environment a car top LED display could experience. In this way, we can be sure that the taxi top LED display is able to work perfectly in any climate condition.

  • High and Lower-Temperature Thermal Shock

    In order to make sure that the taxi top LED display can work in different temperature environments, it is put through a thermal shock test in which the device is subjected to high and lower temperatures repeatedly in a short period of time. NSELED car top LED displays are able to operate correctly after this test.

  • Random Vibration Test

    To simulate the vibrations that the taxi top LED display will experience while in use, it is put through a random vibration test. This test ensures that the taxi top LED display can withstand any bumps or shocks it may encounter while on the road.

  • Waterproof Test

    The taxi top LED display is also put through a waterproof test in which water jets are sprayed at the device from all directions to make sure that the taxi top LED display can withstand water exposure and still function even if it gets wet for outdoor use.

  • Salty Spray Test

    The anti-corrosion properties of the surface treatment and coating’s adhesion are determined by the salt spray test. All NSELED taxi led displays have passed the test, making it a highly reliable and durable device for your business.

  • Dust-proof Test

    The taxi top LED display is also put through a dust-proof test to simulate the amount of dust and dirt that it will come into contact with while in use to be sure that the taxi top LED display is dust-proof.

  • Anti-UV Test

    UV Testing is for testing the products’ resistance to ultraviolet radiation to ensure the reliability of the Taxi LED Display.







  • As a company, we are really really happy to work with you (NSELED). Your company has provided us really amazing customer service and we are glad that we have cooperated with you. And we look forward working with you ahead in the future. At last we want to thank all the Company employees that have helped us to achieve this.

    Abu from Ethiopia
What are the applications for the Taxi LED Display?

Taxi advertising. NSE Car Top is greatly favored by taxi companies around the world to provide advertising services. The high brightness and contrast of the displays ensure that text and graphics are easy to see even in direct sunlight, while the high refresh rate ensures smooth animation and video playback without any judder or lag, a great way for your ads to reach large numbers of people.

Ride-share advertising. NSE Car Billboards allow ride-share companies to take advantage of their fleets of vehicles and turn themself into big advertising agencies earning tremendous revenues by providing advertising services on the vehicles as they move.

Individual advertiser for self-promotion. With NSE Taxi Advertising, your private cars are no longer confined to serving as a mode of transportation. They can be moving billboards for you to get your messages out there in front of potential customers, promoting your business, product, service, or brand.

Do I need to drill holes on the car roof to install the Taxi Advertising Screen and how can I install it?

No, the drill is not needed for the installation of the taxi LED display. The installation process is very simple and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. You will only need some basic tools, such as a screwdriver, with which you can put together the roof racks. And then fix the taxi top led display to the roof racks. When you decide to remove the Taxi Top, you’ll only need to loosen the roof racks, and your vehicle will be intact after the removal. All of the necessary screws and accessories are included in the package, and a video guide on installation is offered.

Can the taxi top handle extreme weather?

Yes. The car top is designed to handle extreme weather conditions. With IP 65 and the robust cabinet made of good-quality aluminum, which is endowed with excellent anti-rust effect with electrostatic spraying treatment, the car top is strongly waterproof and durable, designed to be fit in all types of weather and able to withstand a wide range of temperatures from -40 degree centigrade to 75-degree centigrade and humidity levels from 10%RH to 90%RH. The other components of the taxi top are also made from durable materials that will not rust, corrode, crack or break over time.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable taxi top that can handle extreme weather conditions, then the NSE LED taxi top is a perfect choice.

What's the size of the car top?

The standard screen size of the car top is 960mm*320mm, but we offer customization in screen sizes. So if you have any requirements for the size of your taxi top led screen, just inform us and we are sure to dutifully oblige.

How can I control multiple Taxi Led displays?

The Taxi LED Display supports 3G/4G/WIFI/USB connection, and by logging into the advertisement management system via the web-based or android/ios based app, you’re able to control all Taxi LED Displays in the same way as a single unit. The app also provides functions such as monitoring, real-time parameter adjustment.

What are the differences between taxi roof led display and car back window display?

Car back window display refers to the LED display screen mounted on the rear window inside a vehicle. Both Taxi Roof LED Display and car back window display are powerful digital-out-of-home advertising media, capable of delivering video, text, graphics, and animation to capture the attention of pedestrians and promote products, events, and services. However, the two are very different in structure resulted from the fact they are placed at different parts of the car.

Transparency. Since the car back window display is mounted on the rear window, it has to be made with high transparency to avoid obstruction to the natural light and affecting the driver’s view. In contrast, the taxi roof led display is not transparent.

IP rating. The taxi led display is placed at the top of vehicles and it’s designed to be used as an outdoor advertising media. So it has a good IP rating that can protect the display from rain, dust, and other bad weather conditions. However, the car back window display is designed to be placed in the interior of the car, so it’s not necessary to have a high demand for IP protection.

Size. LED Taxi Roof Sign is typically larger in size than car back window displays. This is because taxi drivers often have more space on their roofs to install these displays, while there is limited space at the back of the car for a display screen.

Viewing angle. The car billboard is often double-sided, which means people on both sides of the road can see it. For car rear window display, it’s more targeting to the people behind the vehicle where the device is placed, while pedestrians on the sides and before the vehicle have little chance to be exposed to the messages delivered. And the passengers in the backseat cannot see the ads on the Car Back Window LED Screen.

How is the Taxi LED Display powered to work?

The car billboard is powered by the car battery by connecting the device to the car battery. The sign will work as long as the car is turned on.

What are the edges of the car top led display over other led displays?

The high-resolution Car Top helps you to have a spotless coverage of your taxi ads with higher brightness and contrast for clear viewing even in direct sunlight; high refresh rate for smooth animation and video playback without any judder or lag;

Taxi ads on the Car Top can have a wide reach and visibility, as these displays are placed at the top of the car – above all other signage and distractions. Unlike standard outdoor billboards, taxi advertising is placed in a very high trafficked area and viewed by thousands of pedestrians every day. It’s the most effective way to reach out to large numbers of people who may be potential customers for your business.

Taxi top advertising displayed on the Car Top can be more targeting by showing specific ads relevant to a specific location. This is bound to create an immersive experience for the audience, enticing them to take notice of the advertisements and eventually prompting them to take action, which in a way boosts foot traffic and conversion rates for the business.

Besides, taxi advertising allows for re-targeting. For the passengers who have taken a ride and been exposed to the ads, they could be retargeted by the same ads later via other media platforms such as their phones.

Taxi LED Display is a great way to increase business exposure with greater brand recall, generating more foot traffic and warmer leads for your store or service.

Slim and Light Design

Smart and Intelligent LED device

Taxi LED display is an NSE Patent design product since 2014. We had upgraded our design to the 4th edition. At the same time, NSE provides a wide range of pitch pixels from 5mm to the current 1.83mm. NSE is leading the trend of taxi digital signage.

NSE car Top LED Display integrated with a smart controller system. By build-in WIFI internet-connected, Geo-location modular, 4G model. The taxi top LED display can efficiently bring income to their daily advertising.

The taxi led display comes with high resolution and high brightness smart LED panels, a double-sides display effect. NSE’s best-in-class smart taxi screen supports HD content video or pictures. That you can reach consumers with full-motion creativity at eye-level.

Smart and Intelligent LED device

Stable Performance Taxi LED Display with Low Power Consumption


NSE adopts high-quality and stable LED components. The high refresh rate drives IC, and vehicle dedicated power supply to get lower power consumption.

Taxi top led display has passed a full series of tests under different use environments, IP65 waterproof and moisture-proof.

Which extends the service life of the screen. Saving money for future maintenance.

Stable Performance with Low Power Consumption

Reliable LED Motion Device

Taxi-led display High-quality materials and parts used for the main structure. To ensure taxi led screen in the moving environment. Smart circuit design and power connection with over voltage and over current protection ensure. The highest performance of LED panel and whole system running.

The car top LED display panel is tested under the temperature of 70℃ and 80% humidity for 96 hours. The whole unit is tested at 70℃ for 24 hrs and conducts 100% vibration testing. 72 hours of aging testing before delivery. We ensure all the screen is tested before delivery.

NSE taxi top led display has passed the testing of vehicle electronics and is CE, ROHS, FCC certified.

Reliable LED Motion Device

Built-in multi-function controller

NSE offers a smart asynchronous controller, group Intelligent Control(GIC System), location Precise Advertising. The advertising Management System, 3G/4G/WIFI/USB control, as well as GPS real-time monitoring.

Taxi-led screen supports both Web and APP control. Using this controller can easily extend your campaigns to out-of-home.

Built-in multi-function controller

Easy Installation and fast maintenance


NSE taxi top LED display combined with a modular design of different parts. So that we can get it easily installed and quickly for maintenance. Without a request for professional tools. You can easily insert and remove the sim card to change control methods as well.

Our car top LED display device can be easily mounted on different car tops by using a car roof rack. NSE offers different sizes of roof racks to choose from. NSE LED team will provide a full guide video to teach. You how to maintenance led taxi roof sign step by step.

Easy Installation and fast maintenance

Customization service available

Taxi LED Display video introduction


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