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Creative LED Screen Manufacturer

NSE is a leading manufacturer of creative LED screens that deliver numerous advantages such as color fidelity, brightness, and energy consumption. We provide many kinds of creative led screens, such as led balls, led cube, hexagons led displays, or customized shape creative led screens.

  • More shapes (diamond, triangle, circle, or customize)
  • Excellent visual experience
  • Suitable for commercial occasions
  • Easy to Install

NSE Creative LED Screen

The special-shaped display screen or creative LED screen is transformed and cut according to a conventional rectangular LED display basis. It adapts properly to the entire building structure and complicated installation environment.

NSE manufactures creative LED displays with the newest trapezoidal circuit for realizing wide viewing angles and seamless splicing. We can design creative LED displays including triangles, hexagons, pies, spherical, squares, rounds, etc.

Creative LED Display Series

hexagon led display

The biggest advantage of Football Shape LED screens is viewing angle is large, for example, the viewing angle of the spherical screen is 360°, which can achieve a full range of video playback, and every angle is the best viewing angle.

Circle LED Display it’s composed of several fan-shaped modules. The different module sizes can compose of different radius Round LED Screen. It can be used for outdoor and support customizing the design.

hexagon led

The hexagonal LED screen can be used both outdoors and indoors, and is a large screen display with a certain decorative effect. It is a kind of LED display application product in between the ordinary conventional display and lighting.

The Magic Cube LED sign has the advantages of lightweight, good wind resistance, easy installation, water-proof performance(outdoor version). Smart modular design secures the fixing of panels and easy removal.

curved led display

LED curved display differs from flat display, whether installed indoors or outdoors, it has strong expressive power and aesthetic artistic beauty, enhancing the sense of technology of the building, high value, loved by users.

It’s a new type of media tool. Mainly used in museums, and science. And technology conferences, corporate showrooms, exhibition halls, commercial shopping malls, hotel lobbies, and so on.

Alphabet LED Screen

The Alphabet LED Screen has a more powerful visual impact than traditional displays. The font size and dimensions can be made to order. The Alphabet LED Screen can be presented in a variety of fonts to give a different effect, making it even more innovative and unique in appearance.

NSELED pharmacy LED display is designed to be double-sided. Therefore it’s easy for customized display time and logo signs within one media. The led cross sign size is 960*960mm. basically, this size is suitable for most of the pharmacies around the world.

The flexible LED display screen has a different look and feel as compared to a conventional LED display. It is made of rubber and has an insulation substrate on both sides of the panel, which is extremely flexible.

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Complete Visual Enjoyment
Unique Design

The creative LED screen is soft in texture. It can be produced into different irregular shapes based on the requirements of customers to meet different project requirements.

Complete Visual Enjoyment
Complete Visual Enjoyment

With its special shape design, the creative LED display provides perfect visual enjoyment to the viewers. In the advertisement creativity, it is important that the advertisement will stand out.

High Flexibility
High Flexibility

Rubber material and soft PCB are the materials for producing flexible LED screens. They are soft and can produce in any shape and size for creative installations. It also has a compact body design.

High Stability
High Stability

With our advanced SMT technology, we are able to produce a creative LED screen that limits static electricity and bad soldering. As a result, it becomes more obvious and high saturation effect.

Great Performance in Advertising

The NSE creative LED screens have excellent display capability. Their colorful content and unique design make them a new type of thing that is not normally seen in daily life. It would catch the attention of the audience such as the targeted customers once they recognized it.

Because of its interesting and vivid presenting technique, the content will be easy to read. Our creative LED display can also make your design idea notable. Sufficient communication and careful listening are the key factors for every creative display project for the custom LED. Thanks to our innovation and technology, the concept beyond it can be achieved in fully demonstrated personality and visualization.

shape led display

Why Choose NSE Creative LED Display

  • High Requirements for Production Process and R&D Capability: With its structural breakthrough, the created LED screen catches more attention of the customers. Our creative LED screen mainly has arc-shaped, fan-shaped, cylindrical, triangular, circular, and different structural forms
  • Excellent Modeling Ability: The screen has a special-shaped module appearance for excellent modeling ability. It becomes the traditional rectangular flat module wrapping or assembly for many years. NSE develops special-shaped modules including trapezoidal and triangles to prevent poor display screen. It can be assembled into gem-shaped, diamond, spherical, etc.

NSE offers different shapes and sizes of the creative LED screen. It can also be customizable according to your specific requirements. The NSE creative LED display will surely match the designer’s creative inspiration, and exceeds the customer’s needs, delivering a unique and novel visual experience to the audience.

These LED screens have a special shape that gives a more shocking viewing effect and a stronger visual impact on the audience. To ensure the quality of our creative LED display, we conducted strict quality testing and international standardized production method.

NSE provides ODM and OEM production services to support your business. You can customize creative LED screens at NSE, from Pharmacy LED Display, Cube LED Display, Car window LED display, circle LED display, Rental LED Display and many more.

NSE Creative LED Screen

flexible led display in airport

To comprehend seamless splicing, the professional engineers from NSE employed the newest trapezoidal circuit design. All our creative LED display is fully inspected and guaranteed by our expert QC team. NSE offers numerous customized LED displays to match customers’ requirements.

Additionally, it is noted that a creative LED display becomes special through its wide viewing angle. It can reduce downtime effectively and supports front access. These displays are a complete system that supports lifting installation, landing installation, embedded installation, and more.

case of flexible
  • Planetarium
  • Exhibition
  • Airport
  • Museum
  • Shopping Mall
  • Bar
  • Railway Station
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NSE – Leading Provider of Creative LED Screen





  • I highly recommended NSE as the best creative LED screen provider in China. They provide us with a quality LED screen that is helpful to our expanding business. Awesome processors and fabulous display!

  • NSE is a professional LED screen company with awesome staff. I really appreciated their great equipment and their good attitude towards customer service.

  • Everyone at the event was impressed and improved the enjoyment of the entire crowd. I will still use NSE creative LED screen for the future outdoor events I managed. Thank you so much, NSE!

Are creative LED displays a standard size? Does it support customization?

For creative LED displays with relatively conventional shapes such as cube-led displays, we have some standard sizes to choose from.
Yes, it supports customization, and most Creative LED displays are customized products. We can provide suggested solutions for your reference based on your ideas.

Why choose NSE creative LED displays? What's your company's advantage?

1. NSE is an FCC, CE, ROHS, ETL, and UL-certified manufacturer
2. Europe office, USA office to provide you with local services
3. Global exhibitions every year, such as ISE, Euroshop, Viscom, Fespa, INFOCOMM, etc. You have many chances to meet us in your country or near to you to see the real product in the act.
4. 2-year warranty, any product quality problems we will unconditionally solve for you. And guarantee that you can get in touch with us at any time.
5. Professional design team, Drawings can be designed for you according to your ideas for free.

How to control the creative LED display? Are software and guidance available?

Creative LED displays can be controlled by HDMI, Wifi, Network, etc.
Yes, Software and guidance are available, and we have the video for you to teach you how to operate it step by step.

what is the process to order a Creative LED Display from NSELED?

Client requirement– Engineer Team evaluation (NSE)–Drawing feedback to client- Client evaluation and feedback– Drawing modification–Client Approval– NSELED run into production- Quality checking- Delivery– Installation guide from NSELED.

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