Street LED Display Advertising

Street Advertising

Digitalize your street advertising to create the trend! LED display makes a good combination of advertising and information signage. Equipped with modern technology, user-friendly and easy to operate.

  • Waterproof screens
  • Quick information sharing
  • High-brightness – visible in daylight
  • High-resolution images and a long lifespan

Street LED Display Advertising - NSELED

Street LED Display is used for advertising, sharing knowledgeable content with the public, as well as delivering vital data on the street such as emergencies nearby, traffic status, a weather bulletin, and more. It provides wide viewing angles, high-resolution images, and videos. Equipped with modern software that can be controlled through remote control technology.

NSE manufactures a wide range of outdoor street LED display advertising solutions. Available in flexible screens, easily configured for various sizes, shapes, pixel pitch, and aspect ratios according to your idea. Whether you need framed, free-standing, LED lamp posts or extra-large displays, we got you covered! Our team is experienced in providing the right LED screen at a very cost-effective rate. Message us!

NSE Street LED Display Advertising Features

Classic Advertising
Classic Advertising

Street advertising is the oldest form of promotion. Though in modern society, consumers are bombarded with ads from email, television, and social media, the old fashion remain lively

Effective Advertising
Effective and Fast

Street advertising communicates with consumers in their natural, day-to-day environment, the impressive one is easy to generate “buzz” or word of mouth around a product and brand.

IP65 Level
IP65 Level

Our street LED advertising display has a waterproof design, suitable for outdoor implementation. It can withstand corrosion and resist it.


The street signage concept is inclined to invest time, energy, and imagination into a business campaign. It’s a “small budget, big results” solution for small and medium-sized enterprises

Digitilize Your Street Advertising To Create The Trend!

Like two extremes, street signage seems to exist opposite to commercial advertising. The “small budget, big results” concept persuades organizers to spend more time and labor, saving costs to create an innovative and impressive advertising campaign. By definition, digital signage seems hard to have a real connection with street signage. but thanks to the advancement of technology, your idea is coming true in the 21st century.

Nowadays, digital signage is more diverse in appearance and function and less expensive in price. They are no longer the items that are only affordable for a small group of rich. The led video advertising board is applied more than ever before in every expect of our life. With the reasonable price, the street advertising company gradually takes the led video advertising board into consideration when running an advertising campaign.

Street LED Display Advertising

Interactive, Creative And Unique Street LED Advertising

Street light panel board is strive to utilize direct communication to enhance brand recognition by using creative and unique ways. The target is to create brand awareness and loyalty through real-life participation in memorable experiences. Leave a different sense of experience to the passing groups.

The street team serves as a great ingredient of the street light panel board. A professional street team can guarantee your messages and brand story reach to audience in an entertaining and engaging way, interactive face-to-face communication is easier to leave an impression on the consumer’s minds.

Easy to Install Everywhere!

The street LED panel board is advertising displays that are placed on street furniture, such as benches, bus shelters, telephone kiosks, newsstands, and related equipment and furniture. For viewers, whether see it or not, street advertising is there, it is not as mandatory as TV and YouTube ads, but more selective.

Users can easily change themes by uploading programs. it’s just a “click and send” matter. The led video advertising board serves as a dynamic element in street signage, videos. and the real-time messages will surely add more fun to street signage.

Street LED Display Advertising

Custom Your Next Street LED Display Project

LED Totem

The outdoor LED totem display can be integrated into the bus station. and replace the traditional posters that update quarterly or every several months. Advertiser doesn’t need to go on-site and repeat the installation work. Sitting from home you can easily change content and launch your new advertising campaign. High brightness ensures your advertising can be seen by more audiences within a day and increase sales potential. For companies, this is the kind of advertising they can afford. For advertising companies, this is a worthwhile investment.

Outdoor Slim LED Poster

The outdoor slim LED poster is a portable LED display. it has wheels on the bottom and a lightweight design. perfectly suit advertising campaign planned to be held in a different location.

Its ultra-thin cabinet is more beautiful in appearance. There are multiple installations to meet different project requirements. Such as free-standing, wall-mounted, and hanging. The outdoor slim LED poster is more like an alternative to a traditional roll-up and banner. making the information your brand wants to convey more dynamic and creative.

Outdoor Front Access Display

Walking on the modern street road, it’s not surprising to see some led video advertising boards installed on the building surface. Compared to traditional LED billboards, The outdoor front access display is a more convenient maintenance solution. The after-sales team can easily replace the broken LED module, power supply, and controllers from the front side of the LED display, easier and faster.

Circle LED Display

The circle LED displays are usually used in a street shops. they often appear in small shops such as convenience stores, snack bars, and newsstands. It’s a similar product to lightbox and acrylic sign. With time and weather info showing on the circle LED display. it’s more likely to attract the audience’s attention.

Except for displaying simple logo images. The circle LED display is able to show videos, the dynamic content will enhance your brand awareness potentially or directly. Therefore entice more clients to your shop and buy products.

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