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When customers enter your restaurant or bars. They can easily view marketing messages and brands, creating a compelling brand experience.

Highlight the chain reaction of retail stores with digital video display boards

Take your visual merchandising to the next level by using fresh content on cutting edge screens to drive traffic.
Through the intelligent control system to achieve cluster advertising management, improve efficiency.
Attracting your customers is essential to creating a unique hotel or bar experience that increases revenue.
Select the appropriate application method for digital advertising panel installation according to the store situation.
In order to enlarge the influence range of retail advertisement and realize the brand effect. we should adopt the way of distributing by points.
The application of the LED poster is not only on their size, but also the resolution and installation, giving the store a unique facade.

Combination of digital advertising panel and Restaurants, Bars & Foodservice

With unprecedented competition between restaurant and hotel companies. Now is the best time to make your company stand out. Digital LED poster provides an opportunity for your Restaurants, Bars & Foodservice to convey your brand message in a uniquely visual way. thereby attracting and attracting your target audience.

Digital window display screens help Restaurants, Bars & Foodservice the marketing efforts of enterprises. And increase brand awareness. When customers enter your restaurant or bars. They can easily view marketing messages and brands, creating a compelling brand experience. You can also offer real-time promotions. which will make the shopping experience more enjoyable. And encourage shoppers to stay longer to take advantage of their current transactions.




Digital LED poster display solutions can include shop window displays, wall-mounted displays, lifting. And interactive digital advertising panel, creating memorable first impressions. This is key to winning loyal customers.


Outdoor LED totem solutions include advertising displays, street signs, and billboards designed. To attract attention and drive traffic into stores. All of these outdoor digital advertising panels has been tested for water. Resistance to ensure that LED totem work normally outdoors.

2 Outdoor
3 Entertainment publicity


Make these digital experiences a reality by using custom digital advertising panel to strengthen the brand connection with customers. Use your presentation to create an impact that sets you apart from your competitors.


Whether you use digital advertising panel indoors or outdoors, your customers will be able to easily view your products on them. And there are a variety of visual marketing applications that can benefit your business.

4 Flexibility

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