Bus Station LED Display

Keep passengers informed and moving with signage and displays. It can withstand the typical environmental conditions of urban areas and vandalism. NSE manufacture a wide range of bus stop LED sign and display for your projects.

  • Modular and expandable
  • Waterproof and vandal-proof
  • High optical performance
  • Flexible mounting solutions
  • Ease of maintenance

Bus Station LED Display - NSE

LED display are generally placed in bus station, waiting rooms, starting stalls, bus shelters or ticket offices. These display all the information that local transit riders need, including messages and the line number, stall numbers, potential delays and arrival and departure times. Even from a distance, it is easily readable and contains excellent evidence. It features high resolution of the character, high brightness, high grayscale, quality content, IP65 protection level.

The amount of characters, rows, and columns on the LED scoreboards can be changed based on your requirements. Integrated with intelligent software, which enables remote control of all installed devices. It manages the information system set up at the bus stations. All of the information and brightness parameters of the displays may be quickly and simply configured using the program.

NSE has developed numerous LED Passenger Information Displays for Airports, Railway Stations, Bus- and Tram-Terminals. They can display flight, and platform, with destination and arrival/departure information and real-time data. We can also combine a wide range of messages and graphics including voice announcements and vehicle detection.

  • Perfect choice for any on-street or in-shelter display.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Ultra bright LEDs permitting daylight viewing
  • Fully flexible display format
Compact LED Bus Shelter Display
  • Full matrix format small form factor display
  • High-quality real-time information
  • Withstand all-weather situations in outdoor
  • Offers exceptional visual clarity for transportation application
Digital LED Bus Stop Smart City Display
  • Provide an excellent platform for any transport application
  • SMD P5 pixel pitch, single or double-sided Or customized
  • Provides passengers with real-time updates
  • Modular design, high-quality components
LED Timetable Display
  • Mounted to a bus stop pole
  • Optimum readability even in direct sunlight
  • Used as a smaller alternative to the shelter-mounted displays
  • Designed specifically to display timetable information
P3 Outdoor LED Lightbox Lamp Post
  • High energy efficiency and high brightness
  • Support various fonts, videos, images, graphics, scrolling, and special effects in various sizes
  • Easy installation, easy maintenance
  • Custom design according to customer needs
Stationary LED Display Systems
  • Extremely durable and maintenance-free
  • Energy-saving ultra-high brightness LEDs
  • Designed for all weather conditions and applications
  • Ensures optimally legible information in every lighting phase
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Why Choose NSE LED Display?

IP65 Protection
IP65 Protection

NSE LED displays are ideal for outdoor installations. It can withstand tough all-weather conditions.

Higher Resolution
High Resolution

You can experience high-quality displays, our LED products provide high resolution, vivid and crisp content display.


Fabricated from lightweight aluminium construction, LED screens reduced cost in shipping and installations.


Buy with confidence at NSE. We offer low-cost LED solutions for your projects. Standards or customized depending on your needs.


Keep passengers informed and moving with signage and displays. Our range of digital display screens is perfect for all transport applications. This includes train stations, bus stations, tram stops, and much more. Allowing transport operators to quickly and easily change transport information as required. Because our displays come with easy-to-use digital signage software.

Passengers can view up-to-date information in real-time. Thus, making their journey more pleasant. To top things off, our range of signage and displays are weatherproof and vandal-proof. Therefore making them the perfect long-term investment for public transport stations.

1 Signage & display for entery areas

LED Signage & Display For Entry Areas

Help passengers easily find their platform or terminal and avoid foot traffic congestion. Our range of signage and displays can also be used in entryways to help direct passenger foot traffic. Easily display multiple timetables, arrival, and departure information.

Top things off their screens are also viewable in bright, sunlight conditions. They come complete with anti-glare, anti-corrosion & have water resistance capabilities. Excellent display that lasts for a long time and guarantees maximum convenience during the journey in buses and trains.

State-of-the-Art Customize LED Design for Your Projects

With NSE engineering and design team. We can work more closely with clients to produce customized bus station screens. Standard size as our product. Or you can customize the size as needed and the surface color change can be customized according to requirements which can be customized with unique colors and logos. 
NSE has 12+ years of manufacturing experience you can trust. We can deliver the finest display more efficiently, with fast lead time, and cost-effective. Message us for your specific request.
Bus Stop LED Displays

  • Sites on the street, such as bus stops or shelters
  • Adaptable to all significant shelter designs
  • Independent post mounting with a sunshade option
  • Perfect for LRT or tramstop applications
  • Ideal for advertising products and services
  • Display real-time passenger information
  • Inform passengers about weather conditions
  • Display timetable information in outdoor public environments, etc.

You can make sure that passengers are properly informed in advance with our LED systems. They can select the best mode of transportation or the appropriate line to get them to their destination swiftly and easily by using an LED display.

  • NSE has 12+ years of experience in research, development, and production.
  • 26 patents, 5 software copyrights.
  • Do product reliability testing and inspection before delivery
  • Our products passed CE, ROHS, FCC, and other certificates.
  • Offer complete services and support

Custom LED Display Based on Your Projects

Bus LED Destination Sign

Onboard LED Passenger displays are perfect for providing passengers with information. Because it can clearly display information about upcoming stations or delays during emergencies. The digital display is an ideal solution for Bus Destinations and Timetables. Automatic brightness adjustment with respect to environmental conditions, make the devices readable at night and in any atmospheric condition.

Slimline Passenger Information Displays

Slimline Passenger Information Displays are perfect for the bus station. These digital signage displays are IP65 rated. Therefore making them perfect for outdoor applications.  In addition, the modern & sleek appearance fits into their surroundings without taking up too much space.

Low Powered Bus Totem Displays

Low-powered Bus Totem Displays are a good ideal information screen for Bus or Tram stops. Because they can easily inform passengers with up-to-date travel information. They are also weatherproof and sunlight readable. To top things off, they will make them viewer-friendly to get the information when the passengers wait for the bus at night.

Benefits of LED Digital Screen Boards for Bus Station



A bus stop is a good tool for advertising because it provides service for waiting for the bus and at the same time showing the AD. The bus station support opens 24 hours a day to display advertising. This bus station screen has can be excellent visibility in all weather conditions. And excellent legibility even at long distances.

Signage & team display


This bus station has a moderate price, durable, waterproof, dustproof, weatherproof, heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, etc. Easy to clean and maintain, and has a safe and reliable power system. Its metal structure can be used again without any impact on the environment.

4 Bus LED destination sign


NSE produces a complete and innovative range of stationary signs for passenger information present at the exchange. using the most sophisticated mechanics tailored to the functional need and design of the product. maintainability, producing mono / bifacial stationary signs and variable message signs.
3 the perfect platform display
Bus stations screen can be used not only as display advertisements. But also an important part of any public transportation hub. Because without them, riders would actually get lost. The wayfinding bus stop sign is an ideal tool to guide the rider to the correct loading platform and bus.
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