Corporate and Institutions More and more Corporate and Institutions. are using digital signage solutions, to enhance the in-branch customer experience.

LED projects related to Corporate and institutions

Indoor Fixed Installation LED Screen Rental

Church LED Displays are LED screens for houses of worship to facilitate a bond with your congregation and the spread of the word of God. Churches, synagogues, temples, or any other worship house can benefit from LED screens in many ways.

led display for banking

Increase upselling with promotions on your digital LED displays. Easily manage and update your content as products, and services. or deals are released or to reflect changes for your local audience. With just a few clicks you can define what to display and where.

led display for hotel

When guests arrive at a hotel, they may have just ended a long day of travel. They may be rushed on a business trip, or they may be ready to immediately relax with their family. The digital signage allows you to pop up a personalized welcome.

hospital led display

Hospital and clinic lobbies benefit from message displays that welcome patients and visitors 24/7. Displays that show a mix of infotainment and healthcare news are located where people tend to wait. So perceived dwell time is reduced.

led display for car 4s shop

Use a Digital LED display to promote your own brand image. and it’s easy to manage and update your content as products, services, or deals are released or to reflect changes for your local audience

security&control room-1 Wall-mounted LED Display

The integrated control system provides windows for both signal images, applications, terminal operations, etc. All separated windows can be free switching, property setting, free zooming, overlaying, fade-in, fade-out, and free-moving, etc

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Corporate and Institutions Complete Solutions

The company’s or institutions that needs to create a visual communication network based on LED screens. can use Smartcity LED screens to reach their goals.

Smart LED screens are the most popular screens among compants. governments and banking.

Video walls can create and build relationships. while connecting your brand with the customers.
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