Capture your audience’s attention by using visual equipment

Equip your meeting with modern technology to make the gathering more effective

The LED screens has large adjustable range of color temperature. it ensures the restoration of images. This is indispensable for professional art, medical, and meteorology etc meeting
The LED display consists of LED modules. which means that no matter how big the screen is, it can be seamless. Compared with LCD screen. LED screens will not cause misreading of information
The LED display screen can be used to play video and achieve broadcast. which will bring more vivid elements to the meeting itself, and also increase the sense of participation of participants
LED has a wider angle. This means more people around the screen can see what’s playing. The LED screens have a large viewing angle ranging from 120° x 160°
LED screens have long life span and there will be no inconsistencies in color and brightness between modules after long time of using
The LED display is an essential element in a large conference. It can help the audience sitting in the back row to better listen to the content of the conference

Capture your audience attention by using visual equipment

Meetings or presentations are sometimes mandatory. so not all audiences can absorb the content of the presenter. You may think that the effect of the meeting depends on the content presented by the presenter. but to a certain extent, the equipment used at the meeting also determines the final effect of the meeting.

Meetings can be long or short, sometimes a meeting can last for several hours. For nearsighted listeners sitting in the back row. this process will be particularly lengthy. The projectors and LCD screens are usually unable to effectively convey. the content and the main point of the meeting due to the brightness. and size of the display, thereby reducing the efficiency of the meeting and affecting the effect.

LED displays are now more widely used in conference rooms and some short-term summit venues. The flexible size of the LED display can almost meet the requirements of any meeting place. ranges from large, medium, and small scale. Whether you are on the side or corner of the meeting room. the unparalleled high brightness and contrast of the LED display can easily convey the meeting minutes to every audience present. This not only makes the meeting run more smoothly. but also benefits everyone who attends the meeting.

Permanently Installed LED wall

Permanently Installed LED wall

The use of wall-mounted LED displays in conference rooms is no longer a novelty. LED display screens commonly used in conference rooms are usually wall-mounted LED Display. This installation method has little damage to the wall itself. Meanwhile the installation is more convenient and fast.

NSE’s wall-mounted LED display adopts an aluminum cabinet. fully standardized production, the quality can be guaranteed.

It is lighter in weight than the traditional fixed LED display iron cabinet. This is not only more convenient for installation and transportation. but also cause no potential safety hazards to the wall.

In order to meet the requirements of different sizes of conference rooms. Our wall-mounted LED display has a variety of pixel pitches for customers to choose from.

We use high-quality electronic components to manufacture wall-mounted LED displays. To ensure that the LED displays have excellent and stable performance in future use.

Short-Term Conference

With the increase in international and regional exchanges. many short-term conferences are held in more and more countries. A large number of participants makes LED display screens more preferred for meetings.

The Rental LED display used for short-term meetings is required to have the characteristics of convenient installation and convenient disassembly. Since the prevalence of rental LED displays. NSE has provided Rental LED display solutions for many large conferences in different countries. From small industry exchanges to transnational business cooperation summits. our Rental LED displays have been well received by audiences in various industries. No matter what your conference theme is. what are the requirements for on-site audiovisual equipment. you can always find a satisfactory solution at NSE.

Short-Term Conference
Dual Purpose

Dual Purpose

A Digital LED poster is a kind of portable LED display that getting more popular these years. The Digital LED poster has its own wheelbase and a special hanging buckle design on the back of the cabinet. It can be used not only for leasing but also for fixed installation.

For users who don’t know much about software operation and settings. A Digital LED poster is a very convenient LED display for use. The Digital LED poster can be used alone, as well as daisy chain up to ten units. with Internet, cable to show enlarged videos, slideshow, images, and text. The LED posters can replace traditional roll-up or banners in large conferences. And can also be used as a digital billboard in small conference rooms. Multiple uses can better maximize product benefits.

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