Shopping Mall LED Display Manufacturer

NSE, specialized in providing creative multimedia display systems in shopping malls, giving comprehensive commercial advertising effects, creative applications and more.

  •    Individualized design
  •    Space art effect display
  •    Complex and changeable modeling
  •    Customize different installation methods.


Shopping Mall LED Display

Shopping mall LED display is widely used to deliver entertainment, information, alerts, and digital advertisements. NSE offers higher contrast ratio displays capable of providing general illumination in inclusion to visual display, as when used for shopping mall LED display purposes. They can be present uninterrupted, with colorful and vivid display effects.

The NSE Shopping mall LED display system offers flexibility, color, and brightness matching, performed across an entire array inclusive of other functions. We produce customized Shopping mall LED displays, capable of fulfilling all your display necessities with incredible flexibility.
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NSE Shopping Mall LED Display

creative led poster in shopping mall

Our digital poster creative shopping mall LED display is designed with high-end atmosphere, fashionable design, and innovative, flexible installation design, to meet the needs of a variety of application scenarios. It can combine or insert at will, thus more eye-catching, and further viewing angle, and the visual impact is also well.

Double Sided Shopping Mall LED Display

The frame enclosure is made with high-class and durable steel, aluminum, and stainless steel metal. Equipped with commercial quality Grade A brand LED panel Support High Definition Resolution System. The product dimensions can be customized according to the customer’s request, to meet the use requirements of the product in various scenarios.

Specialty Store for led display

Our fixed installation shopping mall LED display features tensile and quake proof with a strong cabinet reinforcing rib, energy-saving design, and can reduce 25% of consumption. The material protection level as high as IP65 can resist any awful environment. NSE ensures the consistency of color and illumination.

Digital Signage Shopping Mall LED Display

The digital signage shopping mall LED display has a cabinet made from the shockproof and waterproof aluminum cabin, clearly visible, colorful, long-life span, and power-saving materials. The product is also certified by CE ROHS, FCC, ETL9, and other certificates. For quick installation, it has a fast side lock for quick assembly and disassembly

creative led display in shopping mall

The NSE Creative Shopping Mall LED Display is perfectly combined with text, pictures, video, and sound, with the advantages of high resolution, high brightness, and full color. It offers an ultra-wide distinctive impression, with maximum coverage of 360 degrees. Perfect for broadcasting to expand the audience’s viewing experience and improve the effects of advertising.

round led display for shopping mall

NSE Indoor Round Shopping Mall LED Display features to achieve amazing display effects created for the highest quality performance and provide the perfect display. The beauty of advertising at 140°viewing angle curved modules with high refresh rate high grayscale level present excellent quality picture output in every condition.

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NSE Shopping Mall LED Display Advantages

ICON Wide View Angle
Wide View Angle

Due to its wide viewing angle, our Shopping Mall LED display allows the audiences to see the displayed information from different angles. Thus, allowing unlimited space to advertise.

Easy Installation
Easy Installation

Our Shopping Mall LED display offers precise, fast, and flexible installation types. These are easy to install in any location with different environmental conditions.

ICON Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

We provide industrial standard indoor and outdoor LED displays with high brightness, high-quality images with excellent contrast ratio and refresh rate with low power consumption and long working life.

ICON High Protection Level
High Protection Level

NSE offers a protection level of IP65 to prevent moisture and dust effectively. We use high standard waterproof design suitable for any bad weather conditions, for indoor or outdoor use.

Shopping Mall LED Display Benefits

Shopping Mall LED displays are a necessity for many shoppers. You can communicate with your customers with just a customized message at the right time.

NSE Shopping Mall LED Display offers many benefits and advantages such as:

  •    Effective advertisement
  •    Entertainment
  •    Informative
  •    Market Oriented
  •    Increase Sponsorship Revenue
  •    Unique Content Opportunities 
  •    Attention Grabbing-Display
  •    Low Maintenance and High Durability etc.


Shopping Mall LED Display Benefits
Worry free with our NSE Shopping Mall LED Display

Technical Aspects of Our Shopping Mall LED Display

Add a charm factor to your shopping malls, bringing different shopping mall LED display experiences to customers. Below are the technical aspects of our shopping LED mall display:

  • A flexible video wall, instead of a flat or fixed one.
  • A 360-degree viewing angle column.
  • A concave or convex video display.
  • A lightweight ceiling display.
  • A Ribbon-liked display sculpture.
  • Custom your shape with our flexible LED tiles.


Where to Install Your LED display in Shopping Mall

The Shopping Mall LED Displays come with amazing usage and installation methods that help in uplifting the overall interior of any commercial store. It can be installed in different Shopping mall locations such as:

    • Outdoor advertising walls
    • Central mall lobby
    • Shopping mall activity center
Where to Install Your LED display in Shopping Mall

NSE -For Remarkable Shopping Mall LED Display Experienced

NSE -For Remarkable Shopping Mall LED Display Experienced.2
NSE -For Remarkable Shopping Mall LED Display Experienced.1

NSE specializes in creating unforgettable customer experiences for shopping malls. 

Interior Design

Differentiate your mall from the cluster, and wow your audience with a unique shopping experience using custom-fit, ultra-large LED shopping mall displays and creative installations.

Advertising and PR

The NSE Shopping mall LED display is rentable to other brands present in the mall to ensure a steady stream of advertising revenue.

Digital Chandeliers

Create new advertising real estate for your mall with NSE shopping mall LED displays digital chandeliers. These beauties are sure-fire to convey a peculiar impact on your shoppers.

Events and PSA

Use indoor shopping mall LED displays promoting special holiday events, workshops, or upcoming food or shopping festivals, or fulfill your corporate social responsibility by displaying public service announcements.

Gaming Zone

Transform your play area and gaming zone through our vigorous shopping mall LED display to create an irresistible and high-tech entrance, guaranteed to lure in children and visitors.

Food Court

Designed digital menu boards to impress impulse buy and increase diner sales. You can display digital menus in the entertainment sections of the mall to captivate visitors to the food court.

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NSE Shopping Mall LED display

2 NSE Custom Shopping Mall LED display

The NSE Shopping Mall LED displays to come in handy whenever you wish to show information or service. Here’s why :

  •    No bezels for seamless experience display
  •    Cost-effectiveness
  •    High resolution
  •    Low energy consumption
  •    Lifetime color compatibility
  •    Optimal viewing angles
  •    Emits high-quality images
  •    Authentic video quality etc.


1 NSE Custom Shopping Mall LED display

NSE Custom Shopping Mall LED displays also offer different specifications according to your needs:

  •    Digital signage
  •    Flexibility through modularity
  •    Wider viewing angle
  •    Luminous Intensity
  •    Color Temperature
  •    Peak Wavelength
  •    Commissioning/functional testing
  •    Warranty and availability of replacement parts etc.


NSE Shopping Mall LED Display for Different Use

Flexible Curtain Shopping Mall LED Display for Outdoor Presentation

NSE Flexible Curtain Shopping Mall LED Display equipped with best cost performance. With its high brightness and color depths, good refresh rate. It is also an anti-vibration fly case package, covered with protection film.

outdoor P3.91 led moudle

Our NSE Customized Full Color Shopping Mall LED Display is the best choice used for outdoor advertisement purposes. It has an excellent heat dissipation design, and fans for heat dissipation. It is made from a strong die-casting aluminum cabinet, thus it is featured by high strength, precision, and hard to deform.

indoor rental led display for concert

NSE offers one of the best remarkable Giant Wall Shopping Mall LED Display, to attract shoppers, diners, tourists, and residents. It is made of a steel cabinet, easy to protect inside components and full IP65 waterproof with power cables under it.

p16 traffic led display

It has a high refresh rate 2400Hz, the best scan method for energy saving, perfect 16bits gray level, exclusive technology on driving IC to remove ghost shadow and more patterns, good effect on photographing, etc. it is perfect for indoor advertising NSE Shopping Mall  LED display solution.

shopping mall banner
Custom Shopping Mall LED Display Expert

We are your ingenious manufacturer that continues to give remarkable experiences with the Shopping Mall LED Display Advertising industry, best cost performance with the best quality for the same price.


  • “I feel great, NSE Shopping Mall LED Display gives us more sales every day, I can’t wait for more projects… Thank you, NSE”

  • “Whenever I have a project for my Custom Shopping Mall LED Display I relay it to NSE professionals, they help me to improve the ambiance of my store… thanks a lot NSE”

  • “NSE Custom Shopping Mall LED Display give access to the digital advertising world, I am satisfied and overwhelmed to NSE, see you guys for another planned project”

How to highlight advertising effect in shopping malls with LED display board

Help make these digital visual display experiences reality in the shopping mall by creating immersive environments and adding architectural elements that transform the space throughout the mall and strengthen. The brand connection with the customer through the use of custom led display board for the mall.

LED panels can capture the attention of customers and help Shopping Mall a company’s marketing efforts and brand awareness. You can also offer real-time promotions. Which will make the shopping experience more enjoyable and encourage shoppers to stay longer to take advantage of your current deal

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