Trade Show LED Display

Create dynamic digital displays for setting your brand to make an impact for any tradeshow using our trade show LED display. It can be installed or placed on every surface such as arches, islands, walls, columns, etc. LED video panels’ modular construction allows for infinite scalability and distinctive design possibilities that may be effortlessly included in the exhibit’s construction.

Trade Show LED Display - NSE

Different organizations employ trade show LED displays, which are cutting-edge digital booth displays, to raise visibility, increase trade show sales, and highlight the newest products. Trade shows are also known as exhibitions, trade affairs, or exposure. This event allows various participants from the industry to interact with each other.

To reach their target audience, these displays broadcast entertaining, eye-catching, rich content and educational video displays. It uses a novel, cutting-edge video wall display approach to convey its message. Experiencing a high-resolution LED solution’s bright, flawless image under ambient light situations. Additionally, it is adaptable, durable, low maintenance, and affordable LED video walls.

LED video solutions for trade exhibitions, exhibitors, and display houses are NSE’s area of expertise. We offer a dynamic range of LED display solutions including indoor rental led displays, outdoor rental led displays, trade booth banners, ultra-fine pitch and curving LED displays, and many more. These LED products are built to complement any booth design. Available in flown, wall-mounted, floor-standing installations, etc. Our team also offers custom-designed LED technology for your specific requirements. We will help you develop a solution that best suits your application.

Creative Trade Show LED Display

Create various creative shapes. Durable, super soft module and panel. Deliver vivid, ambiance, and creative staggered displays.

Curve LED Display

Allows you to create 360° aerial LED displays that might attract potential clients.

Indoor Rental LED Display

Perfect structure with dual front and back maintenance features. comes in various sizes, shapes, pixel pitches and resolutions.

Large Format LED Video Walls

High-resolution and crystal-clear images and videos. Wall mounted, hung from the ceilings, stage background, etc.

Outdoor Rental LED Display

Waterproof and dustproof properties. If the trade show is outside, no worry about weather conditions.

Trade Booth LED Banners

Simple to use and install trade booth LED banners. Visible enough to get noticed. Leave positive impression on different projects.

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How NSE Can Help Your LED Business?

Design and Build
Design and Build

The NSE technical sales team can assist you in developing an LED video display system that meets your requirements.


We can assist with full setup and disassembly on-site. Our team will help you optimize your screen to capture every possible consumer.

Technical Support
Technical Support

Provide 24-hour technical support. as well as on-site tech assistance to ensure that your show runs smoothly.


All our LED products are offered at reasonable prices. High return on investment, reduce costs in installations nd shipping.

Professional Design LED Display for Tradeshow

NSE specializes in supplying state-of-the-art tradeshow LED designs with excellent function, advanced tools, and innovative services. We can create the following trade show led display form:

  • Scenic/LED Combination
  • Concept Based Booths
  • Immersive Designs
  • Experiential LED
  • LED Floors
  • Columns, etc.
Trade Show LED Display

Advantages Incorporating Tradeshow LED Display

Some are the advantages of using LED displays in trade shows:

  • Captures and catches the viewer’s attention – LED displays offer eye-catching exhibits and booths at trade shows. The first thing a customer perceives is the general layout of the space and booth.
  • Helps in leaving a lasting good impression – Using a personalized and creative LED display in your exhibitions will firmly make your brand stand out. If you want to impress distributors, clients, or even your competitors, LED display can help you develop business connections.
  • Involve the audience – An interactive LED trade fair display can amuse and involve the audience. It may help promote products and services whilst generating more revenue and business.

Creative in Customized Trade Show LED Display

Trade show LED display is a large high-resolution wall, with a perfect and clear view angle. It can be tailored to your specifications.

  • You can choose from our flexible LED display, indoor or outdoor, rental or fixed installations, LED posters, transparent LED display, etc.
  • We offer various pixel rates such as P2.5 to P10 for indoor LED rental, P4 to P20 for outdoor rental, transparent and flexible LED displays.
  • Customize the size and installation on various surfaces including walls, arches, floors, columns, islands, etc.

NSE has been helping customers for decades. We will provide you with complete service and technical support, and guide you on maintenance and installation.

Trade Show LED Display

Why Choosing NSE for a Trade Show LED Display Solution?

Trade Show LED Display
Trade Show LED Display

NSELED is a LED display manufacturer and one-stop solution provider in China. In the past 12 years, we have provided satisfactory solutions to hundreds of exhibitors from different countries, including end-users of listed companies, project contractors, and intermediaries who provide booth design solutions.

Different from other LED display manufacturers that specialize in providing rental displays. while providing rental LED display screens, NSE has continuously introduced new products that are suitable for trade shows based on user feedback. For example, we have designed and developed LED posters that are more convenient for end-users to use. In addition, we also provide creative LED display solutions. like flexible LED screens and transparent LED screens. Whether you have already cooperated with a booth design company but still want to use some LED displays wall or have no concept of which product to choose. Our team can guide you through every step of the process. and make your fantasy a reality.

Custom Trade Show LED Display for Your Projects

Digital LED Poster

Roll-up banners are often used in exhibitions. It is usually used to introduce the company’s main business and development history, and sometimes it is also used to introduce products. The LED banner is the electronic version of the roll-up banner. The LED poster has the advantage of high brightness, in addition to playing static text and pictures. it can also play full-color videos. exquisitely produced videos enable exhibitors to learn more about your company and bring you more customers.

There are multiple installation methods available for LED banners. such as floor-standing, wall-mounted, and hanging. also, the LED poster is designed to be linkable.

Flexible LED Display

If you have the experience of using LED display walls in the exhibition. also have a certain understanding of LED video walls, and the conventional LED display makes you find it difficult to be extremely creative in the booth. then you must consider our flexible LED display.

The LED video display does not have to be flat. it can also be a wave, column, ribbon, and S shape. The flexible LED display can be in almost any shape you want. We give suggestions, design drawings, manufacture flexible LED screens, and provide installation instructions. NSE is your reliable one-stop service provider of creative LED displays.

Transparent LED Display

A transparent LED display is able to make your booth more dazzling than other booths. it can separate your booth from other competitors without blocking the sight of exhibitors. The transparent LED display has lightweight, easy and convenient to be installed on-site.

The high transparency can be up to 80%, it’s not hard to create an eye-catching 3D display effect. more creatively, your product images or video are like floating in the air. more visitors can be enticed in your booth.

Circle LED Display

We understand that not all exhibitors have enough budget to use large-format LED display walls. From the perspective of customers, we also have LED video displays for customers with small booths and small budgets. Circle LED display is a creative LED display designed by NSE.

It can be used to display the client’s pictures, videos, time, and date information. The display of time information can attract some potential customers to see your company’s logo. Increase a certain exposure rate and make your exhibition more effective.

LED Display is the First Choice To Make Your Exhibition Booth Stand Out From The Crowd


One of the great advantages of LED display walls is the high grayscale. The feature enables the colors to appear on the screen purer. The highly saturated graphic has bright, delicate, and vivid colors. The LED video wall is more impressive than other monitors.
Transparent LED Display
There are big and small exhibitions, and so is the booth. No matter whether your booth size is a few square meters or dozens of square meters, you can always find a solution for your booth at NSE. The LED display is composed of LED modules, so it is more flexible in size.
With the maturity of LED display manufacturing technology. The LED video display has a long service life because any broken components can be easily replaced. A variety of LED display wall types provide more possibilities for booth design.
The size, shape, and pixel pitch of the LED video wall have more choices than ever before. Consumers and booth design companies can also choose a suitable LED wall display according to the specific project budget and requirements.
Flexible LED Display
LED display walls can appear in different forms at different periods of the exhibition you participate in. There is no need to communicate with the print house and buy a new poster every time.LED video display is like a one-stop solution to save your time and labor cost.
Circle LED Display
A variety of LED display wall types provide more possibilities for booth design. The LED video display has a long service life, because any broken components can be easily replaced. A variety of LED display wall types provide more possibilities for booth design.
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