High-Tech Enterprise Identification

NSELED is a high-tech enterprise. High-tech enterprises refer to enterprises registered in mainland China that are committed to R&D and promote the viable application of technological research in the high-tech field to achieve independent intellectual property on which the business of the enterprises are based.

High-Tech Enterprise Certificate

ISO9001 2015

NSELED complies with ISO9001 2015, an international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system, which proves we deliver quality products and services that meet customer and regulatory demands.

NSELED is granted 12 patents for inventions and utility models, of which 6 are for the Taxi LED Display, 2 for the Digital LED Poster, and the rest for outdoor LED display products. 10 more patents are filed and are to be approved soon. Also, we have been registered with 5 software copyrights. We are a company with core technology and a team of experts specializing in LED displays and are committed to providing innovative products and excellent services.

We are verified by CE, SGS, RoHS, etc, signifying that the products sold to the global market manufactured by NSELED have been inspected to meet the strict standards on health, safety, and environmental protection regulated by the EU, the USA, and Canada, etc.


NSELED is registered with 5 Software Copyright, which enables more user-friendly apps with smarter control of your devices, bringing a superior user experience for our customers.

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