Your LED Advertising Screen Manufacturer

Your LED Advertising Screen Manufacturer

NSE valued patron’s increasing demand for LED display effects stimulating LED screen technology for advertisements growth in recent years. We have made significant progress with its proprietary LED advertising screen as a national high-tech company that has earned over 22 patents.

  • Easy installation procedure
  • Accurate display output
  • Exported to more than 100 countries worldwide
  • Obtained ISO quality system accreditation 

NSE LED Advertising Screen

LED advertising screens are one of the most prominent marketing tactics in late few years throughout the world. Additionally, there is a gradual decline in conventional marketing appeal. Both of these causes indicate how LED screens for advertising are becoming much more popular. Its also useful for massive, continuous video walls for efficient marketing.

NSE LED screens for advertising applications are widescreen multimedia displays with an arrangement of light-emitting diodes called pixels. They are advantageous outdoors because of the display settings, making it viewable in the sun. LED advertising displays have greater luminance levels than projectors, making them a viable alternative to classic projection advertising panels.

The NSE’s primary mission is to produce, develop, and market the best-LED advertising display screen solutions at the most affordable costs. We include various specialized and distinctive services to our customers. Please send us an email right now to suffice your LED advertising screen needs.

Custom LED Advertising Screens

indoor front maintenance led display

The digital advertising video screens have industrial designs with stable performance. These screens feature high resolution, wide viewing angle, improved reliability, and high contrast. They have customizable dimensions to suit every particular location. 

outdoor led totem

The LED totem serves as a great alternative to static outdoor billboard and makes your advertising more effective delivered. Outdoor LED totem with high brightness can reach 5000nits which ensures better visibility and display effect.

Outdoor LED Poster

The outdoor slim LED poster adopts aluminum cabinet and ultra-thin frame to achieve a lightweight. Plug and play easy to operat, they are ideal for various locations, like airports, shopping malls, retail stores, exhibition halls, etc.

1000*1000 Series

Outdoor LED Billboard are formed with robust resistance and high durability. NSE ensures improved stability of LED display installation for safety and easy maintenance. These LED screens effectively expose your brand and products.

P5 Stadium LED Screen

The perimeter LED display is designed with an aluminum frame. Ultra slim and lightweight design. LED cabinet weight is only 30kg, Only 120mm of thickness is used in the construction. 40% lighter than the traditional LED cabinets. It is widely used for rental, perimeter, and fixed installation.

curtain led display

LED curtain display owing to the characteristics of lightweight, which is 18KG/㎡, Installation and removal is also less costly than traditional rental led screen which makes it very popular in large-scale stage events.

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LED Advertising Screen Advantages

Less Maintenance Cost
Less Maintenance Cost

The LED advertising display screens are installed using modular LED panels. They have easy to assemble and disassembled components. That means replacing the broken parts is easy without disassembling the whole screen. It helps minimize labor costs and time.

Durable Structure
Durable Structure

NSE manufactures LED screens for advertising with high resistance and durable structures. The completed screens are made from high-quality steel materials- unlike the traditional LED displays that use fragile materials that are damaged easily. NSE provides the most durable ones.

Vivid Display
Vivid Display

Vivid screen displays are essential, especially when advertising your business or brands. NSE customize them with eye-catching videos and image displays, making them show off realistic visual effects. These vivid effects easily let the passersby stop and catch their attention.

High Stability
High Stability

NSE assures high stability of LED advertising screens wherever they are installed. It is one of the most crucial considerations when installing LED displays. Otherwise, falling components are dangerous occurrences. They are also designed with weather and temperature resistance.

LED Advertising Screen Investment

Digital advertising portrays the modern marketplace and is ably worth exploring by the investors. Promoting business using LED advertising screens is a cost-effective technique-the marketing slots, campaigns, and hardware matter to achieve effective brand or product advertisements. 

Investing in LED advertising display screens indeed helps improve business and at the same time brings back the spent money. That acquires screen affordability and inventories. Moreover, LED screens and their particular locations are significant assets that increase as the market develops.

Contact NSE for further investment information and assistance!


Advertising Business Consideration

When planning to advertise business using LED screens, there are a lot of considerations you need to follow. The following states some of them:

  • Searching and ensuring the perfect LED screen billboard locations.
  • Securing planning consent 
  • Advertising ventures( for indoor or outdoor)
  • Pixel LED screens
  • Software, installation, and networking costs
  • Campaign types preferences(local or national brands)
  • Establishing, packaging services, and assessing profits
  • Catching audience attention techniques
  • Searching the suitable software for ads

LED Advertising Solutions

The NSE LED advertising display screens to feature flexibility and adaptability. They become part of multimedia campaigns. As professionals, we can customize your desired LED screens for advertising your business. Consider the following LED advertising solution options:

  • Hybris billboards
  • LED shop signage
  • Outdoor LED displays
  • LED shopfronts
  • LED ticker tape
  • LED augmented reality
  • Digital billboards
  • LED video wall displays
  • Custom LED screens

Choose NSE to Custom Your LED Advertising Screens


NSE is a prominent LED video advertising screen producer, focusing on premier LED video advertising screen technologies. We deliver premium quality ISO certified and highly favored LED advertising means. The offered product is beneficial for various purposes or applications and is customizable.

NSE acquired confidence from various clients globally due to our extensive LED screen product line, including high-resolution LED screens manufactured using innovative technology and competent workers. Our valued patrons favored NSE LED advertising screens due to their distinct features, making us a dependable brand of LED display screens worldwide. 

Have a question? Inquire with NSE’s devoted and enthusiastic staff. We will be more than happy to assist you in bringing your LED advertising project to life.

NSE Custom LED Advertising Screen

Prospective Markets

We aim to offer you the most relevant information so that you can make sensible purchasing decisions that meet your requirements. Identify your prospective market and maximize your LED advertising screen solution from the following options and applications.

  • Airport Terminal: An LED screen can swiftly modify and show flight details from the airport. It ensures that individuals have a pleasant voyage experience and showcases the brand’s possibilities.
  • Sports Complex: The large LED advertising display may generate a ferocious and hysterical ambiance during sporting events. The sleek broadcast allows the commercials to have a high impact and swiftly update sporting event statistics. And real-time event display.
  • Shopping Complex: LED advertising screens can readily showcase commercials and content, allowing brands to obtain wider reach and stimulating customer purchases. 

Moreover, these LED screens for advertising are also applicable for smart cities, stage production, house of worship, and more.

LED Advertising Screen Major Technologies

NSE is a well-known LED advertising screen manufacturer. We adopted innovative LED screen production to fulfill the needs of our diverse global client base. Our business also has a complete LED screen assembly machine that produces the following:

Our LED screens are made for both outdoor and indoor applications and effectively promote any brand.

Custom LED Advertising Screen for Business

fixed led indoor

Wall-mounted LED advertising displays are easy to install and have removable brackets. These screens have high strength and explosion-proof features. They are supported by high-quality aluminum profile frames, making them improve their stability and strength.

outdoor fixed led display

The big-screen outdoor advertising LED displays are suitable for advertising places, like government and enterprise, media, commercial real estate, stage rentals, sports, and tourism. They have waterproof strips, precise, and functional components to assemble.

p5 fine pixel pitch led display

LED double-sided advertising screens have double faces with customizable dimensions. They also have sturdy cabinets, supporting screens, and enhancing their reliability. These LED screens are designed for taxi tops, advertising products, and business brands.

500-1000 rental led display rs

The Advertising Indoor Rental LED screens are controlled with phones or computers. They are typically utilized for various advertising applications. These LED screens play high-visibility pictures and videos. NSE customizes your desired specifications, including their design structures.

LED Advertising Screen Supplier
Your Trusted LED Advertising Screen Supplier in China

At NSE, our professional workers collaborate to create a LED advertising screen installation solution that fits customer expectations. Our offered LED screen solutions and configurations meet ISO certification. Choose NSE as your go-to LED advertising screen maker right now.

  • “The NSE LED screen for advertising exceeded our heart’s desire. From the initial idea and discussions through the approval, we were really pleased with every part. Their personnel skills and technical understanding proved to be beneficial, and their commitment was unwavering! ”

  • “I would like to express my gratitude for meeting our LED screen demands at such short notice; our event went off without a hitch, and the LED display was quite useful. We would have no reservations in recommending them.”

  • “We would like to acknowledge NSE for providing us with their LED advertising screen. It looks fantastic in our event venue and creates a different touch for our attendees. It’s a great decision to do business with you.”

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