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NSE Round LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE is a professional manufacturer in China. especially for creating design solutions including events, exhibitions, retail advertising, stage background, bars, and many more. NSE round LED display is also suitable for displaying magic and fantasy effect.

  • Classic & Exquisite Round Design for Vibrant Visuals
  • Multiple Playback Formats & Smart Control
  • Easy & Fast Installation
  • Customizable Services Available

NSE Round LED Display

A round LED display maintains the exquisite design of round logo signs but utilizes the new LED technology. This elegant round LED display can help you capture viewers while delivering the first impression of your brand and services. Our round LED display has different specifications and features such as displaying symbols, images, and videos.

We offer a round LED display in different types, uses, designs, unique features, and technologies that fit your requirements. Some round LED displays are used in signage, billboards, or video walls.

Customized round LED displays are available at NSE. Just message us now!

Round LED Display

indoor round led display

NSE has created an indoor round LED display with reasonable brightness to see clearly indoors from any viewing angle. Our indoor screens are designed with up to 1,000 nits of brightness to win the battle with any glare indoors.

outdoor round led display

Our outdoor round LED display is built to withstand harsh conditions outdoors. Outdoor screens developed by NSE have a strong IP65 weatherproof rating and strong brightness with automatic brightness adjustment.

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Round LED Display By pixel pitch (2)

  • Our P4 round LED display facilitates simple installation and maintenance. It can deliver you an instant and crisp image from a viewing distance of 4 to 100 meters.

  • p8 round led display

    NSE manufactured the P8 round LED display with a relatively high contrast and color purity. This lightweight round display levels up your space with its always-on ability.

Round LED Display Options (2)

  • single side round led display

    We designed a single-sided round LED display that allows you to display content on only one screen. NSE always cares about niche needs. Contact us to customize your screen at NSE!

  • double side round led display

    NSE offers a standard double-sided round LED display that reproduce completely different content on both sides simutaneously. Our double-sided round LED display doubles the chances of reaching your potential consumers.

Round LED Display Advantages

Long Lifespan
Long Lifespan

Our round LED display offers a long lifespan, and durability which is enough to compare other lighting sources that are used in different sectors. The LED can stay for up 50,000 hours.  Moreover, some round LED displays can reach 100,000 hours.


NSE round LED display is programmable. You can stay this in any location with the use of internet connections and devices. You can program your LED display everywhere. It is best to achieve a more efficient and time-saving application for different advertising.

Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly

The round LED display is environmentally friendly. It can limit energy consumption to reduce environmental impact in any business. Our LEDs emit light instead of UV and IR radiation, and that why it is environmentally sustainable.

High Quality Images
High Quality Images

We manufactured LED displays which are commonly used for broadcasting businesses to give information with the color range and unbeatable definition. Our LED can be adjusted to add lighting effects to get high-quality images or videos. Thus, you can able to give a perfect viewing angle.

Why Choose NSE Round LED Display

NSE is a leading source of round LED displays depending on your need. Our round LED display can create a welcoming atmosphere with its crisp and captivating picture quality. It supports multiple playback formats and is super easy to manage. Everything is controlled at your fingertip! With its thin and lightweight design, you can install this round LED screen stably on the wall with a few screws. Much easier than you think it is!

In addition, round LED displays are the ideal instrument to improve corporate reputations. This product is prone for big businesses for giving commercial videos to serve and give information to the customers. We provide round LED displays that only allow simple maintenance. NSE is the trusted round LED display for business advertising applications.

If you need a round LED display or even a customized round LED display, don’t hesitate to contact us!

why choose nse round led display
round led display

Outdoor and Indoor Round LED Display

Our round LED display has a unique design including visual power geometric series which is useful in stage design for any events, LED billboards for advertising, and so on. Below are the two common applications of our round LED display:

  • Outdoor Round LED Display. Our round LED display is designed to use in outdoor applications. It has a customized side and put your imagination to reality using pixel resolution. NSE makes an LED display that is weatherproof with strong brightness contrast that can automatically adjust the daylight.
  • Indoor Round LED Wall Display. Mostly the round LED wall display is used indoors as you see in a shopping mall, restaurants, and other businesses. It is the option for having no bezels just to deliver a seamless display. We can customize LED displays to different sizes, designs, and colors.

Besides, our round LED display is great for mobility.  It can provide dynamic videos that are commonly used for product promotion, musical and concerts, festival events, weddings, and so on.

Characteristics of Round LED Display

Our round LED display has a lot of characteristics for a range of devices and marketing purposes.  Here are some common characteristics of round LED displays

  • Perfect image. NSE LED display products use special IC for LED screens to achieve no shadows and a high refresh rate.
  • Lightweight. The main material used to make our round LED displays are aluminum to make sure it is light and non-corrosive.
  • Standard sizes. We have professional engineers to design and give standard modular panels that can snap easily. Also, we provide customized services depending on your requirements.
  • Gorgeous pictures. It has a non-reflective screen that brings a better viewing experience.
  • Elegant appearance. We used the CNC process to get an elegant appearance and to produce a cabinet that is seamless and easy to assemble.
  • Energy savings. It can save voltage and offer high efficiency for LED advertisements.
  • Easy to set up. The round LED display is easy to set up using your devices and internet connection.
round led display system

NSE – Trusted Round LED Display Supplier

round led display manufacturer
round led display in stock

NSE round LED display is famous due to its unique features, structure, and effectiveness.  Our team made this LED display with customizable pixels and sizes depending on your requirements.

We can say that our round LED display comes in double usage that can easily use on signboards. It has a beautiful shape to get the attention of passersby. Because of that, you can bring more business brands. The round LEDs display comes with auto-brightness to control the lights. This means, that all of our LED are aesthetical, valuable, and has a stylish design to be used in museums, government plaza, galleries, casinos, etc.

Send us your inquiry now!

Round LED Display

round led display for resturant

Our round LED display is designed based on your needs. It is widely used for public display to spread messages or information.  Here are some applications of round LED display in the following places:

  • Airport
  • Subway stations
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels and bars
  • Hospital
  • Bank
  • Railway station
  • Entertainment plaza & stadium
round led display case

We used advanced technology to make our round LED display. Below are considered the qualities of our LED display including:

  • Sleek design
  • Easy for transportation and seamless assembly
  • It is thin structure and lightweight
  • Has built-in features to adjust brightness
  • Show visual clarity and offers a high pixel display
  • Ability to make advertisement attractive

Custom Round LED Display to Enhance Your Business

custom round led display

The Custom module panel round LED display are suitable to use in chain shops, clothes shops, large building glass wall, carnival concert, exhibitions, showcase, stage background and etc. It is low and high resistant, has good toughness, UV resistance, and so on.

round led video wall

NSE round video wall LED display has a cooling hole, base screw hole, hoisting hole, USB connector, and power connector. It is commonly used in advertising publish, exhibition halls, restaurants & hotels, retail stores, and much more.

round led sign

Our custom large dip round LED display is available in different colors. It is widely used in clocks, watch induction cookers, counters, signboards, weighing scales, purifiers, washing machines, buses, DVD players, and other electronic products.

starbucks round led display

We manufactured a customized sign round LED display that has a fashionable design, heavy-duty steel frame, supported by WI-FI or internet connections, and a controlled world brand system. It is used for indoor applications.

background for round led display
NSE – Professional Round LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE is a professional round LED display manufacturer in China with more than 12 years of experience. We have passed different industry standards such as ISO9001-2004, FCC, RoHS, CE, and more. Our team serves more than 500 customers and clients from around the world. NSE offers customization services, OEM, and ODM to meet your requirements.

Model Type P4 P8
Pixel pitch 4mm 8mm
Destiny 625,00 dots/m2 156,25 dots/m2
LED Type SMD1921 SMD3535
Pixel type(R / G / B) 1R1G1B 3-in-1 1R1G1B 3-in-1
Screen Resolution 104*104 64*64
Diameter 60cm 60cm
Thickness 10cm 10cm
Case Material Aluminum Aluminum
Weight 9.5kg 8.5kg
Drive mode 1/13 scan 1/8 scan
Viewing Distance 4-100m 8m-100m
Brightness 4500 nits 5000nits
Viewing Angle 160°(H) 120°(V) 160°(H) 120°(V)
Refresh rate ≥1,920 Hz ≥1,920 Hz
Input voltage AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 500w double-side 200W double-side
Average Power Consumption 150w double-side 60W double-side
Control method: Asynchronous (Wifi/USB and 4G optional) Asynchronous (Wifi/USB and 4G optional)
Temperature Operating (℃) ﹣25℃~45℃ ﹣25℃~45℃
Working Humidity 10%~95% 10%~95%
IP Rating IP65 for both sides IP65 for both sides
Application Indoor&Outdoor Indoor&Outdoor
Certificate CE,ROHS CE,ROHS
  • “NSE never failed to provide me with reliable, waterproof, and lightweight round led display. The display also has a wide viewing angle. Plus, the services and after-sales supports are really good. Thank you, NSE!”

  • “I really liked NSE’s round LED display because of its wide viewing angle that is perfect for a wide audience perspective up to 360-degree. Thank you, team NSE for the quality and affordable round LED Display!”

  • “NSE round LED displays to have good presentation effect, beautiful appearance, and thin structure. I also admired its high installation precision features. It makes my advertising more attractive and eye-catching.”

NSE Circle LED Screen is a high-quality LED display that’s perfect for businesses to promote their brand, showcase the offers and services in an attractive way, and make an impact with the vivid colors and dynamic content.

Double-sided & Sleek Design

NSE Round LED Screen is double-sided and appealing in design, which delivers impressive advertising to viewers on both sides, reaching more potential buyers. This round screen is sleek and can be easily mounted to the wall with its firm supporting frames while requiring no professional help.

Double-sided & Sleek Design

Dynamic Video Content

Besides displaying logos, text, and static images, the NSE Round LED Screen can also play dynamic video content to better engage with potential customers, highlighting your special offers and featured products and making for an eye-catching and informative display that is perfect for businesses of all types.

Dynamic Video Content

7/24 Unparalleled Brightness

Achieve optimal brightness at all times with the NSE Circular LED Screen’s full-time display. Even in direct sunlight, your content will be easily visible and attractive to passersby, and at night, the NSE Round LED Screen will continue to captivate viewers with its bright, clear images.

Unparalleled Brightness

High Refresh Rate & Color Contrast

The NSE Round LED Display boasts an impressive refresh rate of more than 1920Hz, which will not flicker or blur, ensuring smooth and clear images. Even in the evening with lights on, your content will be visible and easy to read thanks to our best-in-class color contrast ratio.

High Refresh Rate & Color Contrast

Smart control

Easy content update can be achieved with the Circular LED Screen by both WIFI and 4G network connection. You don’t need to be a tech expert to use our Round LED Screen; simply connect it to the internet and start uploading your desired content. And another way for the content to be automatically displayed is by plugging in the USB flash drive which stores the content.

Smart control

Built-in Video Storage Capacity

The Circle LED Screen has built-in video storage of 4GB, and it can be upgraded. This enables you to easily switch up your content, to display your latest promotions and announcements. Together with the remote control, you to easily change up the content without having to go outside of your booth or store.

Built-in Video Storage Capacity

Alway-on reliability

Anti-static. To minimize the chances of faulty soldering and static electricity, NSE uses superior SMT technology for production.

Anti-oxidation. The good quality aluminum cabinet is anti-rust, which can prevent the screen from aging and ensure long service life.

Water-proof & Dust-resistant. With IP65, the Round LED Display is designed to be all weather-proof which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Certificate. Certified by CE, RoHS, the Circle LED Screen is a reliable and long-lasting investment that will yield great profits for your business.

Alway-on reliability


The NSE Circular Display offers endless customization possibilities for your business’ operation and marketing strategies. Logo branding is available in various colors and you can choose between different aspect ratios (including 16:09, 15:08).

The standard size is 60cm in diameter, but customization in size is supported to suit your specific needs to fit your business and the desired advertising effect.


NSE Round LED Screen can be placed at a prominent location at the storefront or in the store to attract customers and create an impact for malls, retail stores, cinemas, restaurants, etc., utilized as an advertisement tool to display logos and other information such as store hours, discounts and new arrivals, etc. The round shape is eye-catching and grabs attention immediately.

What's the difference between the Circle LED Screen and the round LED lightbox?

The biggest difference between the Circle LED Screen and round LED lightbox lies in that the Circle LED Display is a multimedia device that can deliver multi-featured content. In addition to basic displays such as texts and pictures, you can play videos with them. With network and Wi-Fi connection, users could upload content from the internet via Smartphone or tablet PC, and content updates could be easily done by content managers. On the other hand, a round LED lightbox is just a simple sign holder to show text or static pictures, and it’s never easy to change content.

Besides, the Circle LED Screen can help you promote your business day and night by being optimally visible with its adjustable brightness. For the round LED lightbox, it’s not the case. Most often, it’s barely noticeable on a big sunny daytime and at night for being not bright enough.

Why choose NSE Round LED Screen?

NSE offers high-quality and reliable Round LED Displays for your business. Our LED screens are made with durable materials and certified by CE, and RoHS that can withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions. With a lifespan of over 100,000 hours, NSE Round LED Displays are perfect for continuous use.

In addition to the quality product, we offer excellent customer service with our team of experts who can help you with any questions or concerns you may have during the purchase and after the purchase.

And we provide endless customization possibilities to fit your needs.

What is the warranty on Circle LED Screens?

NSE offers a two-year warranty and 7/24 after-sale services.

How long will it take for my order to be shipped out upon purchase? And how much does shipping cost?

We have a large inventory prepared, so most orders can be shipped within one week after payment is confirmed. The shipping fee varies depending on location.

How to install NSE Circle LED Screens?

The Circle LED Screen is lightweight so it’s easy to install with a screwdriver and screws. A drill is needed and the installation guide will be provided by us for each screen upon purchase.

What kind of content can be played on NSE Circle LED Screens?

NSE round LED screens are compatible with all kinds of digital media, such as videos, pictures, and texts. You could upload contents via Wi-Fi and network connection with your phone or tablet.

Do you offer a customization service for Round LED Displays?

Yes, we offer a customization service for our Round LED Displays. We can have your logo printed on the cabinet, and the color of the cabinet, the size of the display can also be custom made to fit your needs.

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