Stadium LED Screen Manufacturer in China

NSE is a professional stadium LED screen manufacturer in China. We produce multi-functional sporting stadium LED display screen, stadium LED display scoreboards, ball game perimeter LED display screen, stadium LED ribbon board, etc.

  • 5,500 to 6,000 NITS brightness
  • Indoor and outdoor solutions
  • IP65 rated displays
  • Custom system lengths, pixel pitch

NSE Stadium LED Screen

Stadium LED screens are used to show advertisements or important messages in sports events, arenas or stadium areas, pitches, pools, etc. Events include football, volleyball, boxing match, basketball, etc. LED screen from NSE has durable and unique structures. It delivers high-definition images and videos with perfect visual enjoyment.

Our team has rich knowledge in creating stadium LED screens that can be widely used as a stadium LED display scoreboard, ball game perimeter LED display screen, multi-functional sporting stadium LED display screen, and more.

lt comes from a wide range of dimensions depending on the advertising area, field size, and the distance between the screen and the audience. We supply 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, or customized pixel pitches screens. No matter what length and pixel pitch your desire, NSE is your ultimate manufacturer that can satisfy your custom request.

For more details, message us immediately and receive an instant quote.

Stadium LED Screen

P4 Stadium LED Screen

P4 stadium LED screens can be installed in hanged and attached to a steel bar and hanging beam. You can choose the best-LED display according to installation.

P5 Stadium LED Screen

P5 Stadium LED Screen offers multiple applications. It serves as a medium communication channel, entertainment screen, brand advertising, live video monitor, etc.

P6 Stadium LED Screen

P6 stadium LED screens are easy-to-use technology. It is wire-less, offers a high refresh rate, weather-resistant with an easy and dual control system.

P8 Stadium LED Panel Screen

P8 Stadium LED Panel Screen produces vibrant colors and imaginative effects. Audiences, players, and game spectators will experience better viewing solutions.

P10 Stadium LED Display

Our P10 Stadium LED Display is used to display the game score, game clock, live performance, player’s profile, and other game-related information.

P16 Stadium LED Display

P16 outdoor football LED screen works as a rental LED display or LED scoreboard. It adopts ultra-thin cabinets, versatile, lightweight, and has fast installation.

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NSE Stadium LED Screen Advantages

Adjustable Angle
Adjustable Angle

A stadium LED screen has an adjustable back mount that allows it to lean at any inclination allowing for a better view and reaching a larger audience. It maximizes advertising performance and increases the delight of sports fan.

Easy to Install
Easy to Install

A high-precision stadium LED screen can be assembled and connected easily. With such a cabinet design, it is simple to set up and maintain. There is no requirement for expert technicians or equipment.

IP65 Protection
IP65 Protection

The stadium LED screen is entirely IP65 dustproof and waterproof. It is a special cabinet for indoor and outdoor applications. High durability guarantees a long service life even under the most adverse conditions.

Lightweight and Slim
Lightweight and Slim

The stadium LED display screen is housed in a die-cast aluminum cabinet that weighs only 30kg per PC. Only 120mm of thickness is used in the construction. For such a versatile cabinet, it can be used in fixed, hanging, and rental applications.

Excellent Stadium Advertising

NSE stadium LED screens are manufactured from high-quality die-cast aluminum and steel materials. It follows strict quality standards and undergoes reliable product testing. These LED products come with complete free spare parts and 2 years warranty with continuous after-sales service.

At NSE, you can request higher resolution modules and scoreboard format options. We can provide a wide range of LED screens for various applications, range of resolutions, features, sizes, and shapes.

Programmable Screens

Programmable Screens

Stadium LED perimeter screens to come in programmable module format with front and rear maintenance access. It can be easily integrated to build LED systems of any long range. This has a brightness of 6000 nits. Thus it can produce vivid and bright images even in daylight. Perfect for indoor and outdoor advertising.

The NSE stadium LED screen lets you experience excellent contrast and color reproduction display. Each screen has an IP65 rating to resist extreme weather conditions.


Manufactured for indoor and outdoor applications, stadium LED screens are ideal for sports event advertising. It can be installed on ice hockey grounds, basketball courts, football fields, etc. These can bring the biggest exposure of your products and services to grand sports shows.

NSE offers pixel pitches such as 4mm,5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and custom pixel pitches. This provides a crisp image with an unmatched visual performance. Use LED screens to advertise products on match days, and generate cash from high-profile games and broadcasts.

Excellent Stadium Advertising1

NSE – Leading Stadium LED Screen Supplier in China

Excellent Stadium Advertising
NSE – Leading Stadium LED Screen Supplier in China

Starting in 2011, NSE specialized in creating high-quality LED screen and display products. We obtain trusted experience and knowledge in the research, development, and production of stadium LED screens. Equipped with an advanced metal fabrication factory, SMT, assembly line, and aging test facility, our team can control the whole LED production quality.

We offer the highest quality service not only in our country but throughout the world. Our company has a professional team, including designers, architects, and engineers, to support us. NSE company always participates in overseas famous exhibitions, such as VISCOM, ISE, PROLIGHT& SOUND, ISE, EUROPSHOP, etc.

You can guarantee to receive high-functional and durable LED solutions at NSE. It is built with an IP65 dustproof and waterproof rating and is corrosion-resistant. To satisfy your stadium LED screen special request, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately!

NSE Stadium LED Screen

Stadium LED Screen Features

Stadium LED screens are IP65 rated thus, used in all outdoor weather conditions.  It delivers clear and high-brightness images and videos even when daylight. We use the latest technology LED software for this system.

  • Anti-collision
  • Adjustable angle
  • Extra-long splicing
  • Easy and fast maintenance
  • Weather-resistant
  • High grayscale
  • High contrast ratio
  • High refresh rate
Customized Your Own Stadium LED Screen

Stadium LED screen can easily captivate the audience’s attention. You can request your own LED display in custom sizes, designs, resolutions, or pixel pitches. No matter what the application is, indoor or outdoor, viewing distances from P2.5 to P10, NSE can provide you with the best product to maximize your advertising based on your budget. Below are some of the stadium LED screens we offer:

Custom Stadium LED Screen to Boom Your Business

Custom Cube Stadium LED Screen

NSE can custom stadium LED screens in different designs such as a cube. It is ideal for displaying LED content in your applications and events. It is compliant with UEFA technical requirements with a dual signal, and dual supply solution.

Flexible LED Perimeter Board Stadium Screen

LED Perimeter Boards are a versatile and high-impact match-day advertising option. They’re the use where the brand’s website addresses and messages are displayed in a dazzling manner over all boards.

Stadium LED Ribbon Board

By showing digital messages or graphics throughout the location, an LED ribbon board display helps to enhance the game day. Stadium LED Ribbon Boards guarantee that your supporters have the best game-day experience possible. Whether you’re displaying sponsor commercials, game scores, or essential messages, you can use these LED screens.

Stadium Screen LED Scoreboard

Stadium Screen LED Scoreboard is also called electronic or digital scoreboards. It is long-lasting, energy-efficient, high-performance, and provides brighter displays. This screen provides more information than traditional scoreboards. It can display stats and advertising messages, displaying player names, and more.

Stadium LED Screen Manufacturer in China
Stadium LED Screen Manufacturer in China

12+ years OEM LED manufacturing experience, skilled R&D, and engineering team. Provide a one-stop provider for any type of stadium LED screen. Cost-effective, high-performance, and excellent water-proof structure LED solutions.

  • “NSE delivers the finest quality stadium LED screen for my event. These screens have excellent heat dissipation and ergonomic latch design. Flexible display that attracts audiences.”

  • “Thank you NSE for a cost-effective display. It is durable, energy-efficient and weatherproof. This company provides accurate understanding of customers’ requirements.”

  • “I choose NSE because of their excellent technical support, human-oriented mechanical design displays and ease to transport, assemble and disassemble that can saves labor cost. Thank you, NSE..”

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