Security & Control Room LED Solutions

NSE provides a wide selection of the best LED visual solutions for control and security applications. Delivering the ideal balance of performance, dependability, and environmentally friendly display.

  • Finest pixel pitches
  • High definition and refined display
  • Advanced video wall processing and management
  • Self-adjusting alignment and models

NSE Security & Control Room LED Display

NSE manufacture the latest display technology for control rooms. LED displays efficiently monitor various information streams, and provide information that is crisp and clear, and delivered with the highest level of detail for the best results. When monitoring, command operations, emergency response, or process control depend on the most dependable and potent technology, LED display solution provides a clear and secure visual experience. Large format LED displays are versatile, ultra-high resolution video walls offer clear visibility of data and the freedom to display various information. It can process, control, access, and display multiple signals as well as complex signals thanks to its high definition, and refined display.

Being a leader in this industry, NSE can provide the modern display of your choice. We have a decade of manufacturing experience, skilled engineers, and technicians. No matter what size and shape you require, NSE got you covered, Message us immediately!

Commercial LED Display

Commercial LED Displays surely improve communication efficiency and realize efficient use and sharing of information. Worth the investment, cost-effective and long lasting.

Creative LED Display

Creative LED displays can manage and display the information from real-time large format images. It includes satellite cloud images and panoramic videos, geographic information, road network maps, etc.

Custom LED Screens

NSE provides thin and lights custom LED screens for security and control room applications. Ultra-high resolution and large format wide-viewing display.

Indoor LED Display

NSE manufactures excellent indoor LED display with stability, reliability, durability and easy maintenance. Convenient to assemble and disassembled.

LED Video Walls

LED video walls have low noise and heat dissipation, high grayscale reproduction display in low brightness, and offer better lasting comfortable viewing experience.

Small Spacing LED displays

Smaller and smarter spacing LED displays. Offer high-resolution display, high refresh rate, high consistency and uniformity.

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Security & Control Room LED Display Features

High Resolution Display
High Resolution Display

Video walls and displays that are clear and bright increase the visibility of crucial data, enhance interpretation and accelerate and effectively take action on it.

Clear View of The Mission
Clear View of The Mission

Experience real-time visual analytics optimized for clarity and comprehension, and suitable for long-time viewing LED displays in the control room.

Optimize Operations
Optimize Operations

Our big screen LED display can access, process, control, and display multiple and complex signals. It has 24/7 uninterrupted operation, with high stability and reliability.

Full Customizations
Full Customizations

We have a solution for your application regardless of the size or shape of the display you’re considering. Custom and creative LED design for your operations.

Maximum Clarity & Ultimate Reliability

Downtime is not an option when the operation is crucial and when safety and security are at risk. Control Room engineers need tried-and-true technologies and systems they can rely on for this reason. Operations are totally safe and always continuous thanks to high-performance LED displays built with redundant power supplies. These are intended for 24/7 use, durable and reliable. Data, maps, and detailed sources are abundantly crisp and visible from anywhere in the room with high-resolution LED video walls and large format displays with wide viewing angles.

Security & Control Room LED
Security & Control Room LED

LED Signage Boards in Security & Control Room

As the high-end market for big-screen display applications. The control room is the core part of daily business management, decision-making, and emergency handling. It plays a key role in transportation, public safety, command & dispatch, and finance industries. As a control room professional, you know the value of data gathering, distribution, and monitoring. Having the right information available provides complete situational awareness at any time. helping you and your stakeholders to take optimal decisions.


Various Types of Control Room Display Solutions

  • Wall-mounted LED Display – LED technology of the flexible video screen is currently the most energy-efficient way to produce light with the lowest possible power consumption and waste heat output. While preserving all the properties of a normal LED screen, the “flexible” module may fit into any shape. Custom size led screen is available.
  • Flexible LED Display – LED technology of the flexible video screen is currently the most energy-efficient way to produce light with the lowest possible power consumption and waste heat output. While preserving all the properties of a normal LED screen, the “flexible” module may fit into any shape. Custom size led screen is available.
Security & Control Room LED

Leading Security and Control Room LED Display Manufacturer

Security & Control Room LED
Security & Control Room LED

NSE is committed to delivering the highest quality LED display solutions for security and control room applications. The most accurate and effective interpretation of visual data is made possible by LED displays. Wide viewing angles and high-resolution video walls ensure that all of the room can see data, maps, and detailed sources in crystal clear detail. Our systems use built-in technologies and designs for longer life to maximize your investment. The control room is the focal point of daily business management, decision-making, and emergency handling. We manufacture high-end big-screen displays for these applications. LED display is essential to the industries of public safety, transportation, command & dispatch, and finance. It can show a variety of information and clear visual images.

NSE is dedicated to the success of a Control Room project. From design and installation to ongoing operation, we will support you and offer local technical consulting, installation, and post-installation technical support 24/7. Message us today!

Security & Control Room LED

NSE is dedicated to delivering monitoring solutions for demanding and mission-critical environments. Our LED solutions have industry-leading warranties and services to give you complete confidence in your system. It also offers advantages such as:

  • Ultimate reliability
  • High-resolution display experiences
  • Offers flexibility and scalability
  • Low-maintenance video wall display
  • Optimal clarity and extended lifetime
  • Complete service and support
  • Advanced monitoring capabilities and complete control
Security & Control Room LED

The LED display technologies provided by NSELED are vivid and extremely sharp, enabling the most precise and effective interpretation of visual data—especially at crucial times.

  • Command & Control
  • Traffic Operations
  • Network Operations
  • Real-Time Crime Centers
  • Emergency Operations
  • Utility & Energy Operations
  • Government and Defense
  • Telecommunications and Transportation

Custom LED Display Used for Control Room

Any Type of Content, Anytime, Aywhere
  • NSE control room solutions give you access to your information regardless of where it may be.
  • Cutting-edge systems’ flexibility and scalability allow a variety of input sources to be effectively distributed over many displays.
  • Simply and simultaneously view, listen to, and interact with the data while quickly and easily interacting with a wide range of information sources.
Obtain Excellent Visual Clarity
  • We have a solution for your application regardless of the size or shape of the display you’re considering.
  • We provide an extensive selection of low-maintenance video wall display solutions, including high-performance, LED panels and LED tiles, that provide unwavering dependability.
  • For advanced monitoring and total control, LED displays can be seamlessly integrated with our strong image processors and video wall controllers.
Scalable Solutions To Satisfy Your Needs
  • We have the adaptability and expertise to handle the particular difficulties posed by any size of the installation, whether we are setting up a new control room or retrofitting an existing one.
  • We are the only producer of control room goods that offers, creates, and delivers intelligent, cost-effective customized LED solutions.
  • Our team will support you with warranties and reliable services. One-stop solution that offers complete confidence in your system.

Digital LED Billboard for Security & Control Room



The integrated control system provides windows for signal images, applications, terminal operations, etc. All separated windows can be free switching, property setting, free zooming, overlaying, fade-in, fade-out, free-moving, etc


Central platform terminals support network division control and multi-user operation. Operation and control can be carried out by mouses or keyboards. Meanwhile, via software set-up, it can make remote control and interactive control


This is simply the maximum horizontal angle (180 degrees would be completely sideways), that you can still see and a bright picture. When you go beyond this angle the colors will start to shift toward two of the 3 RGB components, and you will get a yellow or purple ‘hue’.


Security & Control Room has a vital responsibility in public life and companies. The digital led display enables the visualization of all dynamic video data


Stability and reliability are the key features of the led screen. which can reduce the failure rate of displays and the investment of and finance for later maintenance


LED display video wall can be controlled through an integrated control system. Real-time control to all equipment and system by operation.

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