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Rental LED Screen Manufacturer in China

Are you looking for a lightweight, high refresh rate, full color, and durable rental LED screen? NSE can provide for your needs. All our rental LED screens are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Excellent sleek designs
  • Ultra-thin features
  • IP65 rating for waterproof assurance
  • Adjustable height and sizes

NSE Rental LED Screen

NSE provides a LED screen that is quick to assemble and disassemble. It is lightweight and easy to transport to another place. NSELED rental LED Display has high resolution, which can bring high-definition display effect.

Rental LED display can help your business as it has excellent
color performance and brightness which is essential for different applications like conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, concerts, and any other events.
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Rental LED Screen

indoor rental led display

Rental LED displays – RS series are widely used to display your custom images and videos to captivate your target audience, making you stand out from your competitors at any event.

Rental led display rx

Rental LED screens RX series are born for renting, designed to enhance any event and offer you the best possible advertising. It is portable and easy to install anywhere at any time thanks to its modular design.

rental led display rx pro

Rental LED Display RX series are characterized by a fast assembly mechanism and multiple installation options, making them excellent choices for any outdoor or indoor event, such as weddings, concerts, trade shows, and other live events.

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Rental LED Screen Advantages

Offers High Resolution
Offers High Resolution

NSE rental LED screen provides high resolution. It depends on the number of pixels and displays meaning the higher the number, the higher the image quality.

Great Option
High Quality

NSELED rental LED display with high quality with Global standards. They pass CE, FCC, RoHS certifications. We will ensure the LED display with high contrast ratio, high uniformity, high flatness, and high alignment.

Screen structure
Muti-Installation Method

In order to meet various aspects of the event, exhibition. NSELED rental LED display design for different installtaion method. Which support ground support, truss mounting, wall mounting, hanging, Mobile installations.

High Performance
High Performance

We provide a rental LED screen that can be customized and offers high performance. It can be made in any size depending on the number of people who attend the events.

What is a Rental LED Display?

Rental LED Screens are an ideal way to display information, images, or videos in an event in an outstanding way. These screens are lightweight and have a quick-lock feature. It can be modified and configured according to your desired look.

Additionally, rental LED screens can be adjusted to your required sizes by assembling their frame. Therefore, it will enable you to build a huge screen for different events. These screens are time-saving due to their fast assembly and disassembly properties.

Rental LED screens are popular because of their high image quality resolution that gives the audience the best visual experience.

What is a Rental LED Display
Why Use Rental LED Display

Why Use Rental LED Display?

Rental LED screens offer a lot of advantages such as providing vivid color performance, excellent brightness, and more. It is widely used for different activities like events, singing, stadiums, exhibition, and more. These displays are designed with large screens with bright and high resolution for capturing customers’ attention.

NSE can provide rental LED screens for you. It offers a lightweight, manageable, fast assembling mechanism, and easy transportation. Plus, the NSE team can manufacture rental LED screens with customized features according to your specifications.

Rental LED Screen Applications

Rental LED screens are suitable for different applications because of their Because of their high display effect.

  • Fairs and congress
  • Shows
  • Presentation
  • Events
  • Advertisements, museums, exhibitions, and more

NSE can customize the rental LED screens for your specific applications considering installation location, desired shapes, and sizes.

Learn More About Our Rental LED Screens

NSE – Reliable Rental LED Display Supplier

Rental LED Display From Qingdao
NSE – Reliable Rental LED Display Supplier

NSE has more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality rental LED displays. All our rental LED screens can be installed on plazas, buildings, parks, communities, trailers, highways, traffic, sports, and more location. We can manufacture rental LED screens with sizes according to your requirements.

With our expert R&D team, rest assured that we can manufacture LED rental screens with easy maintenance, customized shapes, and material options. As a professional manufacturer, we serve more than 80 countries and 2000+ clients. We passed FCC, RoHS, CE, and more certifications from international industry standards.

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Rental LED screen features

NSE Rental LED Display Used Indonesia Samarinda

NSE is a professional rental LED screen manufacturer that offers the following features:

  • High transparency
  • Lightweight
  • Fast installation
  • High brightness
  • Energy-saving
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reliable, safe to use, stable
  • Wide range of applications
  • Environmentally friendly
P3 Rental LED Screen for South America (2)

Below are the most common structure of rental LED screens:

  • Handle (Left and right)
  • Fast lock, signal fast connector
  • Module handles
  • Sidelock (left and right)

These are also available in full accessories including receiving card, sending card, video processor, flight case, hanging bar, and more

Custom LED Screen Rental to Skyrocket Your Business

Custom Stage Background LED Screen Rental

Our customized stage background LED screen rental is commonly used in advertising publications, shopping malls, display dishes, restaurants & hotels, wayfinding, welcome display, and soon. We provide 2 years warranty for every product you need.

Custom Advertise LED Screen Rental

NSE custom advertises LED screen rentals are available in customized including black and white. It has a feature of stylish appearance, explosion-proof, waterproof design, full plane, android system, support windows, HD resolution, and much more.

Indoor Fixed Installation LED Screen Rental

The indoor fixed installation LED screen rental has a panel size that can be customized. It is used to broadcast different kinds of programs, has a control function and video compression, synchronous display function, and regulation range for up to 258 levels.

Waterproof Rental LED Screen

We manufactured a waterproof rental LED screen from die-casting aluminum. It has high-end components such as nationstar LED lamp with copper wire, PCB with short circuit proof design, passed the EMC Class, and provides the easiest maintenance.

Expert Rental LED Screen Producer from China
Expert Rental LED Screen Producer from China

NSE is a reliable rental LED screen manufacturer with a strong R&D team. We focus on designing, production, assembly, and installation. We can provide low MOQ, a 2-year warranty, and strict quality control.

  • “NSE has been a reliable supplier of rental LED displays for outdoor projects. They never failed to offer me consistent quality. Thank you, NSE!”

  • “Thank you NSE team for the best services and installation support of rental LED display. Your team is great to work with.”

  • “I highly recommend NSE as a professional rental LED display supplier. They offer a 2-year warranty and excellent after-sales services.

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