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NSE manufactures high-definition LED displays for bank applications.

Using marketing technology and digital signage improves the in-branch experience, more effective customer experience, and communication.

It’s clear that the future is digital and the future of financial institutions is interactive banking technology.


LED Display for Banking - NSE

NSE manufacture high-quality and high-definition LED display for banking. Banks and customers can have a better relationship through these LED advertising displays. It improves the bank’s interactive capabilities and connects the physical world to the virtual digital world. To improve the perception of modernization and reassure customers that the bank is truly at the forefront of digital innovation, NSE creates a dynamic and flexible LED digital that can be used nowadays.

LED display can be used on displaying any type of information in the bank, including weather information, product information, price display information, stock information, performance display boards, etc. The data can be updated remotely, with simple controls and no hassle. You can request custom displays based on your projects. NSE has advanced manufacturing technology and skilled engineer that can create your imagination into reality. Message us immediately!

Window LED Display

Window advertising space is an excellent way to display vibrant images and animated videos.

Free Standing LED Screen

Free-standing LED screen great for mobility, very easy to set up and manage to make data interaction more convenient.

Interactive Touch Screen

Banks become more automated using interactive touch screen LED displays. Simply guide customers to the right banking.

Modular LED Display

Modular LED display can be installed inside or outside the bank, waterproof, available in any screen size or configuration.

Soft LED Module LED Display

Soft LED Module LED Display is available in a variety of pixel pitches from 2mm. Auto-adjust brightness available.

High Brightness LED Display

High brightness LED display ideal for indoor fixed installation. Full color brightness even in daytime.

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Choose Innovative Bank LED Display from NSE

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Easy to operate LED display, change the content quickly in just one click.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

All LED displays we supply are approved by FCC, CE, RoHS, ISO, etc.

Accurate Design
Accurate Design

NSE can offer accurate and precise design LED display based on your specifications.

Weather Proof
Weather Proof

Designed with IP54 and IP65 protection level, ideal for outdoor applications.

Bank LED Display Specifications

NSE provides a latest LED display with specifications:

  • Custom Resolution – P6, P8, 10, etc.
  • IP65 / IP54 Protection level
  • High brightness, High definition, high refresh rate
  • Integrated circuit with low power and voltage.
  • Low maintenance and low power consumption
  • A reliable, independent power source.
  • Self-management of energy
  • Automatic daytime and nighttime brightness adjustment.
Bank LED Display
Bank LED Display

Sophisticated Internal Communication Between Employees

LED digital signage keeps employees up to date on company news, HR announcements, and so on. With a single click, you can communicate and distribute a message to the entire company. Communicate procedure changes, improve company event attendance, welcome new hires, and share back-office productivity statistics. It also aids in streamlining purposes and maintaining open lines of communication with all bank employees.

Digital Signage and Advertising Messages in Bank Branches

Many bank branches now have LED screens that show news, welcome visitors, and outline the financial firm. It promotes the latest services offered by the bank and reduces wait time. Install an interactive digital directory to assist customers and guests in navigating the bank without having to contact front desk staff. The use of LED screens and video walls is to deliver the latest data from exchange rates, stock markets, stock quotes, etc. The LED display provides a higher sense of awareness, which aids salespeople in making decisions.

Bank LED Display

High-Quality Bank LED Display - NSE

Bank LED Display
Bank LED Display

NSE is a reliable LED display manufacturer for bank applications. We have 10+ years production experience, automated manufacturing lines and techniques. No matter what type of LED display you need, NSE has a perfect LED solution for your needs. Message us to request a quote on an LED display for your bank. We have dedicated and skilled employees that will assist you 24/7.

LED Digital Display Solution in Banking


Increase upselling with promotions on your digital LED displays. Easily manage and update your content as products, and services. or deals are released to reflect changes for your local audience. With just a few clicks you can define what to display and where.


Staff training in-branch can be done with the help of digital displays. The networked digital signage at the bank can easily show training videos. Reinforce existing training methods, keep abreast of new regulations, and inspire employees by sharing company news.


Digital led displays give advisors the ability to dynamically show the impact of specific products and how they compare to other products.


Digital LED Display helps you reduce the cost of printing. and distributing customer brochures and other collateral. In order to improve your work efficiency.


One of the main value propositions of digital signage is the possibility of updating. and managing the content of a whole network of screens in a simple way. without having to personally go to each branch to modify the content. which helps reduce costs and optimize resources.


Ideal prospects for your marketing exposure are bank customers who are waiting inside. Digital screens offer the chance to tie your in-store marketing into all of your online and TV campaigns, establishing trust, creating familiarity, or strengthening your marketing message. The choice is available from flexible free-standing digital displays or wall-mounted displays.

Digital Signale for Banking

It’s clear that the future is digital. and the future of financial institutions is interactive banking technology.

Video walls create energy that most bank branches lack. Motion graphics displayed on large format video walls add a dynamic element. that impacts the branch experience and increases awareness of new products.

Digital Signale for Banking

Digital LED Poster for Free Standing Application

The digital led poster is a good choice for banking. Our digital led posters are based on wheels. No need for any more installation structure, you can put it anywhere.

2 Digital LED Poster for Free Standing Application

Digital LED Poster for Wall Mounted Application

NSE digital led poster with buckles on the back, the installation of LED screen can be easy and convenient. There is no need to call a professional installation team to come and help. Because the installation could be finished yourself. Also, the installation damage to the wall is minimum.

 Digital LED Poster for Wall Mounted Application

Window LED Display

The window led display is designed specifically for storefronts. The window display series broadcasts promotions that people will see from far away, whether it is sunny or cloudy outside.

 Window LED Display

Wall Mounted LED Display

The wall-mounted digital display creates an incredibly modern and eye-catching display for any business. It is easy to operate via remote and supports both image slideshows and videos, with or without audio. With its highly sophisticated appearance, this digital display board can really attract attention to your digital screen advertising.

 Wall Mounted LED Display

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