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NSE is manufacturing a wide selection of car window LED displays that can be installed on buses, cars, modified vans, taxis, and other vehicles. Car window LED displays are a new platform that will undoubtedly capture the attention of the entire market. They are used in the field of mobile advertising.

  • Manufacturing since 2011
  • Providing OEM and ODM services
  • Trusted by over 2,000 happy customers
  • Approved by the ISO, CE, FCC, UL, & RoHS

Car Window LED Display

The car window LED displays are transparent LED displays that will be placed on the back window of vehicles such as buses, vans, cars, and so on. They are used for delivering both non-for-profit and commercial messages. Also, they can display other content such as videos, images, and texts.

Since the car window LED displays are transparent, that means that the back view of the driver is not blocked and natural sunlight also enters. Both passengers and people outside the vehicle can see through the LED display.

Moreover, the car window LED displays are one of the most effective advertising mediums. They can help small retailers to promote their brands and increase sales. They are lightweight, slim, energy-saving, ultra-bright, and can be easily controlled using various methods.

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NSE Car Window LED Display

P2.8-5.6 Car Window LED Display

NSE P2.8-5.6 car window LED display features high resolution, high grayscale, and ultra-thin design. It is built with an automatic brightness adjustment, making it more energy-efficient. Our car window LED display can reproduce lifelike and crisp images or videos that will make a great impression on your clients.

P3.9-7.8 Car Window LED Display

Our P3.9-7.8 car window LED display has ultra-high transparency of over 70%. So it can present instant and realistic images or videos without sacrificing the natural light inside the car. It is the perfect device for mobile advertising. Help you grab customers’ attention instantly!

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NSE Car Window LED Display Features

Low Power Consumption
Low Power Consumption

The car window LED display has a low power consumption thanks to its built-in auto-brightness adjustment. Their average power consumption is less than 280W per square meter or 110W per panel.


The car window LED displays have a slim and lightweight design. As a result, you can install them easily. Moreover, you will have fewer transportation costs. You can also carry them around easily.

High Transparency
High Transparency

The car window LED display from NSE is designed with high transparency for a wonderful aesthetic. ln fact, their transparency is up to 75%. As a result, the drivers can still observe the back traffic situation.

Easy to Control
Easy to Control

There are many ways of controlling the car window LED displays. The LED displays can be controlled easily by USB, WIFI, 4G, etc. Also, the content can be edited easily by logging into the software.

Flexible Control Options

The car window LED displays to have an intelligent control system. For the convenience of operation, the built-in software of the LED displays supports the following:

  • Smart control via 4G & WIFI
  • GPS real-time positioning
  • USB plug and play

They can be controlled using a mobile app in order to upload or send content remotely. Moreover, you can also use your tablet, phone, or personal computer to edit the content that you want to publish by logging into the software that controls the device.

Flexible Control Options


The car window LED display is designed with a light sensor that detects the ambient lighting and automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED display accordingly. For example, the screens do not have to be very bright on cloudy or rainy days. You don’t have to constantly change the brightness manually.

A light sensor is a better judge of the brightness of the ambient lighting than a human eye. The auto-brightness technology of the car window LED displays helps them save more energy because they are not always at maximum brightness. Their service life will also be extended because the light-emitting diodes do not have to be overly bright.

Why Choose NSE

  1. Rich Experience – NSE has been manufacturing car window LED displays since 2011. We have 12 years of experience which is longer than most manufacturers in the market.
  2. Fully Certified – All of our car windows LED displays have been certified by FCC, UL, CE, ROHS, etc. We have also passed ISO 9001-2004 quality system certification.
  3. Excellent Services – We provide OEM and ODM services to help your business. Customization services are available to meet your specific project needs.
  4. Quality Control – NSE prioritizes quality. We follow strict quality control, from the selection of raw materials to the final production of car window LED displays.
Why Choose NSE

Leading Car Window LED Display Manufacturer | NSE

Leading Car Window LED Display Manufacturer
Leading Car Window LED Display Manufacturer 1

NSE is an ISO-certified manufacturer of car window LED displays for various types of vehicles. All of our LED displays are also certified to CE RoHS, UL, FCC, and other global quality standards. We also have done many tests such as corrosion test, brightness & illumination test, temperature test, waterproof test, low & high-temperature test, vibration test, and other tests to ensure their quality, resistance, performance, and reliability.

To suit your exact needs in your business or project, we offer custom car window LED displays. We can customize the LED displays to your required sizes, pixel pitches, materials, and other specifications.

Our car window LED displays are offered with a minimum of a 2-year warranty. We can provide technical support and free spare parts within those years.

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NSE Car Window LED Display


The car window LED displays have a lot of features such as:

  • Low energy consumption
  • High transparency over 70%
  • High brightness up to 5000nits
  • Auto-brightness adjustment
  • Easy to install
  • Ultra-lightweight and slim
  • Impact-resistant
  • Multiple control methods
  • Easy to control
  • High refresh rate

The car window LED displays from NSE are thin and light in weight. They are about 20mm in thickness and up to 5kg per unit. Due to their slim and lightweight design, they can be installed in the car even if there is insufficient space in the back.

The frames of our car window LED displays are made from high-quality aluminum alloy and encased in a high-quality acrylic material to protect the LED displays from collisions and impacts caused by rough terrain. They adopted electrostatic protection to prevent the driver IC and LED lights from damaging.

Custom Car Window LED Display for Various Applications

Car Window Full Color LED Display

The car window full color LED displays are featuring low power consumption, easy installation, full-color display, slim design, and lightweight design. They are dustproof, impact-resistant, and clearly visible in sunlight.

bus window led display

The bus window LED displays are commonly used for advertising, weather forecasting, getting timely news, and other information through wireless. They are capable of synchronizing the display of station information as well as other comprehensive information.

taxi window led display

The taxi window LED displays are more creative in displaying content than the usual LED displays. As the taxi is moving on the road, the content will be displayed clearly and brightly. They are energy-saving, easy to install, lightweight, and ultra-bright.

car window led banner
NSE | Your Trusted Car Window LED Display Manufacturer

Since 2011, we have been focusing on providing high-quality car window LED displays that suits your needs and budgets. We can deliver them to more than 80 countries around the world. Moreover, we offer ODM and OEM services to help you skyrocket your business.

Model Type P2.8-5.6 P3.9-7.8
Pixel pitch 2.8-5.6mm 3.9-7.8mm
Pixel density 61952 dots/㎡ 32256 dots/㎡
SMD SMD1921(Anti-UV) SMD1921(Anti-UV)
Pixel type(R / G / B) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1)
Cabinet size (W*H) 1000*375mm 1000*375mm
Cabinet resolution 176*132dots 128*96 dots
Transparentcy ≥52% ≥70%
Cabinet materials Section aluminum Section aluminum
Screen weight 8 kg 8 kg
Driving IC ICN2038S ICN2038S
Viewing Distance ≥3m ≥4m
Brightness 5000 cd/㎡ 5000 cd/㎡
Viewing Angle H140°,V140° H140°,V140°
Refresh rate >1920HZ >1920HZ
Frame Frequency 60 HZ 60 HZ
Input voltage DC 9-36V DC 9-36V
Power consumption(Max/Avg) 400/140W/set 400/140W/set
Control System 4G/WIFI/Network 4G/WIFI/Network
Temperature Operating (℃) ﹣20℃~+60℃or﹣40℃~+60℃ ﹣20℃~+60℃or﹣40℃~+60℃
Working Humidity 10%-85%RH 10%-85%RH
IP Rating IP43 IP43
Life span ≥100,000 hours ≥100,000 hours
  • “NSE is truly a trustworthy manufacturer! They are always supplying us with high-quality and durable car window LED displays. The LED displays are also delivered quickly and arrived with no defects. Because of that, I would like to recommend NSE to anyone in need of car window LED displays.”

  • “We tested the car window LED displays from NSE and they have great performance and consume less power than other LED displays from other suppliers. Aside from that, they are really easy to install, lightweight, and thin! We will definitely work with NSE again for our next projects!”

  • “For many years, we have been working with NSE. NSE never disappoints us when it comes to the quality of car window LED displays. They always deliver high-quality LED displays. Moreover, they are really an expert in customization services. Their services helped my business improve.”

How do I connect the screen with the car?

Like the taxi top LED display, the transparent car window LED display needs to be led to the car battery to work as well.

How to install the screen on my vehicle?

We have different brackets for installation.

How can I send the program to your screen?

The built-in software supports 4G, WIFI, USB, and GPS. The 4G function enables remote control. You can send programs according to your preference.

What is the warranty?

We have a two-year warranty. Within two years, we offer free spare parts and any technical support. After two years, we also offer technical support and ask for some cost for replacing spare parts.

I am interested in your taxi top LED display and transparent car back LED display, do you have any suggestion on which one is better?

Both products are good to install on the vehicle and do advertising. Due to the restriction of local government regulation, some countries may not allow taxi top LED display or transparent vehicle LED display, you can choose the allowable one.

High Brightness

Using high-brightness outdoor power supplies, the display can compete with direct sunlight exposure at peak times of the day. Enable vertical see-through effect, extraordinary experience.

Transparent LED screen, transparent, bright, beautiful, ultra-high refresh rate display screen floating, magic color, attracting people’s attention.


High Brightness

Surface Protection

To avoid collisions from the outside environment, NSE designed an acrylic surface to protect the transparent car window LED display.

We attach great importance to choosing acrylic material to ensure the effect of screen playback remains unchanged.


Surface Protection

Ultra-Light & Thin

Only 5kg/pcs for easy shipping and fewer transportation costs. 20mm thickness for stable installation on the car window.


Ultra Light & Thin


Surface Protection

To avoid collisions from the outside environment, NSE designed an acrylic surface to protect the transparent car window LED display.

We attach great importance to choosing acrylic material to ensure the effect of screen playback remains unchanged.


Car Window LED Display

Intelligent Control System

Smart control by 4G and WIFI, and support for the USB interface, GPS real-time positioning.
Easily controlled by mobile app anytime and anywhere.


Intelligent Control System

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