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Car Window LED Display

NSE car window LED displays are thin and light in weight. They are about 20mm in thickness and up to 5kg per unit. Due to their slim and lightweight design, they can be installed in the car even if there is insufficient space in the back.

The frames of our car window LED displays are made from high-quality aluminum alloy and encased in a high-quality acrylic material to protect the LED displays from collisions and impacts caused by rough terrain. They adopted electrostatic protection to prevent the driver IC and LED lights from damaging.

Product Models by Pixel Pitch

P2.8-5.6 Car Window LED Display

NSE P2.8-5.6 car window LED display features high resolution, high grayscale, and ultra-thin design. It is built with an automatic brightness adjustment, making it more energy-efficient. Our car window LED display can reproduce lifelike and crisp images or videos that will make a great impression on your clients.

P3.9-7.8 Car Window LED Display

Our P3.9-7.8 car window LED display has ultra-high transparency of over 70%. So it can present instant and realistic images or videos without sacrificing the natural light inside the car. It is the perfect device for mobile advertising. Help you grab customers’ attention instantly!


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Surface Protection

To avoid collisions from the outside environment, NSE designed an acrylic surface to protect the transparent car window LED display.

We attach great importance to choosing acrylic material to ensure the effect of screen playback remains unchanged.

Surface Protection
High Brightness

High Brightness

Using high-brightness outdoor power supplies, the display can compete with direct sunlight exposure at peak times of the day. Enable vertical see-through effect, extraordinary experience.

Transparent LED screen, transparent, bright, beautiful, ultra-high refresh rate display screen floating, magic color, attracting people’s attention.

Intelligent Control System

Smart control by 4G and WIFI, and support for the USB interface, GPS real-time positioning.

Easily controlled by mobile app anytime and anywhere.

Intelligent Control System

Car Window LED Display
Ultra Light & Thin
Model Type P2.8-5.6 P3.9-7.8
Pixel pitch 2.8-5.6mm 3.9-7.8mm
Pixel density 61952 dots/㎡ 32256 dots/㎡
SMD SMD1921(Anti-UV) SMD1921(Anti-UV)
Pixel type(R / G / B) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1)
Cabinet size (W*H) 1000*375mm 1000*375mm
Cabinet resolution 176*132dots 128*96 dots
Transparentcy ≥52% ≥70%
Cabinet materials Section aluminum Section aluminum
Screen weight 8 kg 8 kg
Driving IC ICN2038S ICN2038S
Viewing Distance ≥3m ≥4m
Brightness 5000 cd/㎡ 5000 cd/㎡
Viewing Angle H140°,V140° H140°,V140°
Refresh rate >1920HZ >1920HZ
Frame Frequency 60 HZ 60 HZ
Input voltage DC 9-36V DC 9-36V
Power consumption(Max/Avg) 400/140W/set 400/140W/set
Control System 4G/WIFI/Network 4G/WIFI/Network
Temperature Operating (℃) ﹣20℃~+60℃or﹣40℃~+60℃ ﹣20℃~+60℃or﹣40℃~+60℃
Working Humidity 10%-85%RH 10%-85%RH
IP Rating IP43 IP43
Life span ≥100,000 hours ≥100,000 hours
How do I connect the screen with the car?

Like the taxi top LED display, the transparent car window LED display needs to be led to the car battery to work as well.

How to install the screen on my vehicle?

We have different brackets for installation.

How can I send the program to your screen?

The built-in software supports 4G, WIFI, USB, and GPS. The 4G function enables remote control. You can send programs according to your preference.

What is the warranty?

We have a two-year warranty. Within two years, we offer free spare parts and any technical support. After two years, we also offer technical support and ask for some cost for replacing spare parts.

I am interested in your taxi top LED display and transparent car back LED display, do you have any suggestion on which one is better?

Both products are good to install on the vehicle and do advertising. Due to the restriction of local government regulation, some countries may not allow taxi top LED display or transparent vehicle LED display, you can choose the allowable one.

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