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Mobile LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE is a leading supplier of mobile LED displays for outdoor and indoor applications. Our mobile LED display provides state of the art for major sporting events, political rallies, corporate gatherings, product launches, festivals, charitable events, fairs, special events, and much more. We provide a Mobile LED screen that offers high resolutions features.

  • Comes in full accessories
  • With ingress protection
  • Super sleek, stylish, and slim design
  • Customizable LED screen

NSE Mobile LED Display

Our mobile LED display is movable and convenient to use. NSE fabricates mobile LED displays from superior quality materials to enhance the durability of our products. We provide a mobile display that can cater brand promotion and advertising which is good for your business.

NSE mobile LED display can be mounted on any truck and is easy to move from one place to another. Our team makes customized mobile LED displays using efficient and high-performance components.  Its components include sound, onboard power, and much more.

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Mobile LED Display

taxi led display

We offer taxi LED displays with crisp images and automatic brightness adjustment for perfect visibility in any light condition. Our taxi LED display occupies the market share of the first worldwide. Message us and get your business seen by more people than ever.

car back window led display

Our transparent car back LED display is characterized by incredible high brightness and high picture quality. We designed an acrylic surface to protect the screen from any collision. So why not showcase your brand personality in a memorable way!

Outdoor LED Screen Trailer

We offer Outdoor LED Screen Trailer that features an independent power supply reliable, safe, high-performance, and environmentally friendly.

bus led display

NSE bus LED display series features improved visibility and legibility. It has intelligent control and stable performance. You’ll be able to attract more customers with an impressive and high-definition display.

truck led display

NSE offers a mobile truck LED display advertising publicity screen that features a wide viewing angle, perfect color mixing, energy efficiency, long lifespan, and IP65 rating.

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Mobile LED Display Advantages

Easy to Transport
Easy to Transport

Our mobile LED display is easy to transport using a trailer truck. Our trailer mobile LED screen allows us to drive you to the location of an event. It can be simply hitched on the back of your vehicle. It is easy to set up and can save your money and time for labor charges.

Versatile and Durable
Versatile and Durable

NSE mobile LED screen is durable and offers versatile features. It can withstand bends and bumps during transportation.  It is ideal to use in different events and locations including car parks, school ovals, public parks, foreshores, piazzas, and more.

Value Added Features
Value Added Features

The mobile LED screen is cost-effective and time-efficient. It gives a positive and long-lasting impression to your visitor or guest at events.  Having a mobile LED screen in your events, can add quality and provides a beautiful viewing experience. `

Outdoor Applications
Outdoor Applications

We manufactured a mobile LED display that can withstand different environmental elements. The quality of our mobile LED screen is glare-resistant that allowing the audience to see brightly and clearly even in a rainy season or full sunlight.

Mobile LED Display Features:

Our mobile LED display offers excellent portability and picture quality. They are water and weatherproof and can easy to transfer at any time to other locations. Below are our mobile LED display Features:

  • Free-standing LED Display Sign.
  • LED Video Display Boards
  • Temperature Display and LED Clocks
  • LED Information Display

However, this feature helps you choose LED displays used for presentations, graphics and animations, promotional firms, simple to program, and many more.

Mobile LED Display Classifications
car window led display

Mobile LED Display Application

Our mobile LED displays are used for a wide range of applications including indoor and outdoor events such as shopping malls, airports, bus stations, train stations, and so on. Below are also the popular use of our mobile LED display:

  • Tailgates and Concerts
  • Marathon & Golf
  • Events Fairs and Festivals
  • Religious Events
  • Trade Shows and Watch Parties
  • Fundraiser and Parades
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Marches and Rallies

Customized Mobile LED Display Solutions

NSE offers customized mobile LED display solutions to meet specific applications including movie nights, watch parties, weddings, races, and much more. Each mobile LED display can be customized up to a 360-degree rotating angle to achieve a wide viewing angle for the audience.

Additionally, NSE can help you find the right types, pixel pitch, sizes, and shapes of mobile LED screens to meet your specific project requirements. We will work together with you during the design process to make sure that the final mobile LED display matches your needs.

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NSE – Professional Mobile LED display Manufacturer in China

mobile led display manufacturer in china

As a professional manufacturer and leading source of mobile LED displays, we make sure to help you find the best mobile screen for your needs. Our team also help you to install and deliver outdoor and indoor mobile LED screen for events and advertising applications.

NSE help you to find and expand your business with our mobile LED display products. Each mobile LED display is available in different pixel pitches such as 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, and so on. Our mobile LED screen can be customized in different sizes up to 30 square meters.

For your customized mobile LED display, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Mobile LED Display

truck led

NSE can manufacture mobile LED screens with complete details such as:

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Lightweight Aluminum alloy cabinet
  • High-quality cooling fan
  • Can work in rainy situations
  • Protection against anti-static electricity
  • Wide voltage design
  • Safe to use

Our mobile LED display comes in full accessories including:

  • Electrical Distribution
  • Control computer
  • Video matrix
  • Amplifier
  • Video processor
  • Software
  • High-power column

Custom Mobile LED Display to Boost Your Business

Full Color P6 Outdoor Trailer LED Advertising Display Screen

We offer an outdoor trailer LED display that features full color and 6mm pixel pitch. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as stadium perimeter, commercial advertising, shopping mall, airport, rate shows, bus stations, telecommunication, etc.

Commercial Advertising Outdoor Mobile Led Screen

Our commercial advertising outdoor mobile LED screens are designed with 360-degree rotation. It also features a hydraulic lifting, enhanced communication effect, and a wide viewing angle. These are ideal for crowded occasions, assembly, and more applications.

indoor rental led display

NSE offers a full-color mobile installation indoor rental LED display with HD images, seamless stitching, aluminum alloy materials, good heat dissipation, easy installation, connection with an aerial plug, and more.

taxi mobile led display

Our truck-mounted video display features an 3.33-5mm pixel pitch, high resolution, low power consumption, high brightness, high refresh rate, and broad working temperature. It also features wide viewing angles and long viewing distances.

Leading Mobile LED Display Manufacturer in China

Our company used advanced technology for mobile LED screen production. We offer custom services, a 2-year warranty, after-sales services, and installation support. We also offer fast delivery, low MOQ, affordable for your needs

  • Thank you so much, NSE for giving me the opportunity to purchase your products for my business applications. It is very durable, easy to use, and programmable mobile LED display. High five for you and for your team.”

  • “Mobile LED display is really useful for my outdoor and indoor application including graduation ceremonies, wedding parties, and so on. Thank you NSE, I will choose you as my supplier.”

  • “Thank you, NSE for giving a safe towing mobile display which is good to use in small to medium events. It is very stable and in good shape looking for my customers. I will give five stars to your team.”

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