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NSELED Rental LED Display - RS Series

  • The rental LED display – RS Series is lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble for rental use. In general, rental LED displays – RS series feature quick installation and transportation and provide a fantastic visual experience to attract the crowds during an event.
  • Based on its use environment, the rental LED display – rs series includes indoor rental LED display – rs series and outdoor rental LED display – rs series. Normally, you can recover your investments within several events depending on the screen size and renting period.
  • Compared with other rental LED display suppliers, NSE rental LED display – rs series presents an unbelievable performance thanks to its high resolution and high color contrast.
  • The quick and simple assembly mechanism and multiple installation methods make NSE the ideal brand you can rely on.
  • The NSE RS series offers front and rear serviceable screens in 1.9, 2.976, 3.91, and 4.81mm pixel pitches. This product line perfectly combines versatile and economic solutions for indoor and outdoor applications, ensuring the high-quality images you expect from NSELED.

Usage and applications of LED display for rental

Rental LED displays – RS series are widely used to display your custom images and videos to captivate your target audience, making you stand out from your competitors at any event. It is portable and easy to install with a unique design, which ultimately saves your labor and time costs. No wonder it is the first choice for a variety of indoor and outdoor events, such as presentations, concerts, sports, exhibitions, weddings, etc.

Rental LED Display - RS Series By Indoor & Outdoor

indoor rental led display

If you are preparing for an exhibition or conference, the indoor rental LED display rs series is a must in order to achieve a surprising display effect. It has the advantage of being high resolution and inexpensive, but its brightness and waterproof rating are relatively low.

With its high picture quality with an IP43 rating and a brightness of 1000 nits, the RS series is suitable for diverse indoor environments.

Outdoor Rental LED

An outdoor rental LED display RS series is the best way to go when you need to present videos or images during the daytime. It is built to provide a high IP rating and brightness to fit in the outdoor conditions, hence the price should be higher than indoor ones.

Rental LED Display – RS Series is characterized by an IP65 rating against adverse weather and a brightness of 4500 nits for clear viewing even with the bright sunlight.

2 Products Found.

RS Series Indoor By pixel (4)

  • P1.9 rental led module

    The P1.9 indoor rental LED display RS series presents an extremely high density of 262,114 dots/m² to ensure high resolution and clear images for any indoor event that requires high-quality images at a closer view distance.

  • p2.6 rental led display module

    The P2.6 indoor rental LED display rs series is designed with a high resolution of 147,456 dots/m2. Even at low brightness, you are able to enjoy intriguing content in any indoor environment from a viewing distance of more than 2 meters.

  • p2.976 rental led display module

    The P2.976 indoor rental LED display RS series has a density of 112,896 dots/m², which is prevalent in the indoor rental LED display market. It is economical and greatly ensures a high-quality image and reading experience at a view distance greater than 2 meters.

  • indoor rental led display module p3.91

    The P3.91 indoor rental LED display RS series features a density of 65,536 dots/m². It is cost-effective while ensuring an excellent visual experience at a relatively large view distance, usually greater than 3 meters.

RS Series outdoor By pixel (2)

  • outdoor rental led display p3.91module

    The P3.91 outdoor rental LED screen RS series provides a density of 65,536 dots/m², ensuring clear and flicker-free images. It is professional and high-end for your outdoor events at a viewing distance greater than 3 meters.

  • outdoor rental led module p4.8

    The P4.81 outdoor rental LED screen rs series resolution is 43,264 dots/m2, allowing for unexceptional visual experience from a viewing distance greater than 4 meters.

RS Series By Size (2)

  • 500 500 rental led display

    The 500 * 500mm cabinet is specially built for the high requirements of rental LED displays rs series, and can be freely mixed with the 500 * 1000mm cabinet to meet your customized project.

  • 500-1000 rental led display rs

    The 500 * 1000mm rental led display RS series cabinet serves as a complement to be free mix splicing with the 500 * 500mm cabinet to meet the custom size of your event.

Rental LED Display - RS Series By Features


1000 nits for indoor; 4500 nits for outdoor
-Provide adequate brightness to harmonize the visibility of a screen and the visual experience of audiences.
-Enjoy yourself in the event without being distracted by strong light.


500 * 500mm cabinet: available in 256*256, 168*168, 128*128 pixels for indoor, and 64*64, 52*52 pixels for outdoor.
-Built for high resolution to fit different viewing distances
-Ensure you have an unbeatable visual experience.

Refresh Rate
Refresh Rate

-Regular refresh rate for most events.
-Offer stable and smooth performance and flicker-free images


Fast & easy assembly mechanism
-Easy to install and transport.
-Support hanging, wall-mounting, and stacking installation.
-Meet your easy and quick installation needs .

Modular design, free splicing

The LED module adopts a modular design, and the LED module can be assembled arbitrarily regardless of left and right, which can save maintenance costs.
The whole cabinet is non-screws and non-wires designed to ensure the screen stability.

P3.91 Rental LED Display Screen

Ultra lighweight and super slim

500*500mm and 500*1000mm standard rental led display rs series cabinet sizes can be free mix splicing to meet the size for different projects and shaps.
Ultra-Lightweight die-casting aluminum with high precision when splicing. And the ultra-thin thickness is only 75mm. Easy to transport and Portable.

Dual service with front and rear maintenance

NSE Rental LED display rs series adopts magnet adsorption LED panel to make the cabinet is accessed with front & rear design. Front and rear maintenance is available for LED panels and power boxes. Perfect design with new technology can save time and cost for future maintenance.

dual services
Various Connection Options

Multiple Installation

Multiple creative shape splicing can be applied in varied situations. The curved design is preferred for both stage rental used or fixed installation.
Various installations include hanging, wall-mounted, ground stacking, or curved.
Meet the needs of different projects and add value to the product.

Fast Assembling Mechanisms

LED screen rental should be easily and quickly assembled and disassembled many times by nature.
Fast locks on the left and right sides enable fast and easy assembly and disassembly regardless of the orientation.


Your Best Partner - Depends on your demands.

rental led display case
rental led display
  • As one of the leading rental LED display manufacturers, we are committed to innovating LED technology for our customers with unparalleled visual solutions.
  • So far, we have had numerous impressive cases in presentations, stages, exhibitions, and other live events worldwide.
  • Once we receive your inquiry, we will offer you a customized visual solution and quotation based on your project.
  • Our knowledgeable sales team excels at providing innovative solutions, suitable products, and active service for any customer.
  • We always know how to help our customers maximize their revenues in the short term. NSE will always be your trustworthy rental LED display supplier.

Fixed or Rental LED Display screen: What is better ?

fixed led display

Fit for customers in the industry of shopping malls, stores, hotels, banks, supermarkets, theaters, etc.

A fixed LED display is installed in a certain place and cannot move. It serves as an irreplaceable device to display personalized ads to boost your sales. However, the fixed LED display is heavier in weight, and its installation and maintenance are not simple and fast as rental LED displays. To buy or to rent completely depends on your demands.

To achieve your goal, you’d better choose the right fixed LED screens among diverse fixed LED screens based on your requirements.

rental led screen

Especially for customers to make profits from renting LED displays.

Rental LED displays rs series are lightweight and can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily for events. Compared with fixed LED displays, the rental LED display rs series can be moved here and there owing to its unique design, making it an ideal screen to generate revenue from renting.

If you seek opportunities in renting business, investing in NSE rental LED screens rs series will definitely guarantee and maximize your revenue in return.

Where to install Rental LED Display?

Fairs and Congresses1

Fairs or conferences are naturally short-time projects that require custom screen size each time. Rental LED screens rs series are built for flexibility and novelty to meet your innovation needs. It makes more sense for exhibitors or organizers to hire a rental LED display rs series than purchase one.

Presentations and events1

Presentations and live events can be greatly enhanced by rental LED displays rs series that will keep your audiences completely immersed in the events. That’s why customers in such an industry consider renting LED displays as a wonderful way of attracting audiences at any event.

Presentations and events1

The stage should be the most precise application of rental LED displays rs series. Under such circumstances, LED wall rental is built to provide advanced features that allow you to add personality to the performance and further involve more engagement of the audience.

Matches and games

For games, LED screens are required for limited hours per week. It is comparatively economical for organizers to rent LED screens to update the real-time scores and entertain the audience during the game.

Case/RS - Series Installation Process Details/Our advantage

Model Type IR-P1.9 IR-P2.6 IR-P2.976 IR-P3.91 OR-P3.91 OR-P 4.81
Pixel pitch 1.9mm 2.6mm 2.976mm 3.91mm 3.91mm 4.81mm
Destiny 262,114 Dots/M2 147,456 Dots/M2 112,896 Dots/M2 655,36 Dots/M2 655,36 Dots/M2 43,264 Dots/M2
LED Type SMD1010 SMD1515 SMD2121 SMD2121 SMD1921  SMD2727
Pixel type(R / G / B) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1)
Module size 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm
Module Resolution 128*128  Pixel 96*96  Pixel 84*84 Pixel 64*64 Pixel 64*64 Pixel 52*52 Pixel
Cabinet Size (H*W) 500*500mm 500*500mm 500*500mm 500*500mm 500*500mm 500*500mm
Cabinet Resolution (PX* PX) 256*256  Pixel 192*192  Pixel 168*168 Pixel 128*128 Pixel 64*64 Pixel 52*52 Pixel
Cabinet Size (H*W) 500*1000mm 500*1000mm 500*1000mm 500*1000mm 500*1000mm 500*1000mm
Cabinet Resolution (PX* PX) 256*512 Pixel 192*384 Pixel 168*336 Pixel 128*256 Pixel 128*256 Pixel 52*104 Pixel
Drive mode 1/32 scan 1/16 scan 1/32 scan 1/16 scan 1/16 scan 1/13 scan
Weight 7/13 KG 7/13 KG 7/13 KG 7/13 KG 7/13 KG 7/13 KG
Viewing Distance >1m >1m >2m >3m >3m >4m
Brightness 1000nits 1000nits 1000nits 1000nits 4500nits 4500nits
IP Rating IP43 IP43 IP43 IP43 IP65 IP65
Maximum Power Consumption 680W 660W 650W 600W 700W 740W
Average Power Consumption 200W 210W 195W 180W 210W 220W
Application Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor Outdoor Outdoor
Case Material Die-casting aluminum
Viewing Angle 140° (H)/140°(V)
Input voltage 110-220V
Grey Scale(bit) 16bit
Refresh rate(HZ) 1920 or 3840 optional
Control method: Sync&Async
Temperature Operating (℃) -20℃〜+ 80℃
Working Humidity 10%RH~90%RH
Services access Dual (Front and Rear)
Certificate CE/ROHS/FCC

The common installation methods of rental LED screens rs series include hanging and stacking.
While installing, make sure to protect the corners of each cabinets, adopt reliable support, and ensure a tight connection between cabinets.

  • Latest Equipment & Technology
  • Technical Expertise & Production Support
  • Custom Solution for Creative Production
What should I pay attention to when buying rental led display rs series?
  • Brightness: Considering the use environment, outdoor rental LED displays rs series require at least 4500 nits to be visible in the daytime, but indoor rental LED displays rs series need between 1000 to 3000 nits.
  • Refresh Rate: To achieve flicker-free, the refresh rate of a LED display should be at least 1000Hz. We offer 2 options for you, 1920Hz and 3840Hz.
  • Size: Screen size depends on the events and view distance of your audience.
  • Viewing Angle: As rental LED displays rs series are commonly used in events, the view angle needs to be at least 140° horizontally and 140°vertically to meet the needs of the audience.
  • IP Rating: The outdoor environment requires an IP65 rating to work stably in case of unexpected harsh weather, but the indoor environment is less strictly at IP rating.
  • Pixel Pitch: Pixel pitch is closely related to the resolution of a rental LED display rs series. If you look for a high resolution rental LED display rs series, you need a lower pixel pitch, and vice versa.
  • Resolution: It also relies on the view distance of the audience. A closer view distance requires better and higher resolution.
How to Monetize Your Rental LED Display rs series?

Please remember your ultimate goal is to monetize your return on investments in the rental business. It is essential to choose a reliable rental LED screen rs series supplier and purchase high-quality rental LED screens. Then, you need to know your target customers well, provide customized visual solutions and offer additional and professional services to them in order to earn a high reputation in your local rental digital screen market.

Rental LED display rs series pricing?

There are at least 4 factors that will affect the pricing of a rental LED display rs series.
1. Screen size. The price will go up as the size goes bigger.
2. Use environment. Usually, outdoor rental LED displays rs series require more of rugged construction to withstand adverse weather conditions, so the price tends to be higher than indoor rental LED displays rs series.
3. Resolution. It is determined by the pixel pitch of a display. The higher the resolution, the higher the price.
4. Components. The components of a screen, like wiring, and power supply, will also influence the pricing.

How to choose a LED rental screen rs series manufacturer?

First, check out the qualification and reliability of a LED screen manufacturer, such as the reputation, certification, quality control, etc.
Second, see if the manufacturer produces high quality rental LED screens rs series. Concern about the warranty and ask for quotation, videos of solution cases, production process, etc.
Third, check if the staff offers professional customer service and technical solutions to your questions.
Last but not least, check if the manufacturer strives for the innovation of LED screens.

Have a project coming up? We can help you.

NSELED aims to “create value and display infinity”. We offer the latest rental LED screen rs series technology to meet your individualized needs. Our sales team has extensive experience in rental LED screens rs series and can offer you the technical visual solutions targeting your issues. Their knowledge will assist you to reduce costs and generate revenues in the short term. Have a project coming up? We will be at your service.

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