P2 LED Wall Manufacturer in China

NSE supplies P2 LED walls in various sizes, screen patterns, shapes, colors, and models. We provide customized LED solutions to match your specifications.


NSE offers a series of P2 LED walls that are ideal for different types of commercial and residential requirements. These devices can guarantee excellent quality, offering unmatched viewing experience, aesthetic appearance, and vibrant picture quality.

Our expert engineers and designers use advanced technologies and sturdy materials to produce P2 LED walls with higher durability. It can guarantee stable performance for years. NSE will satisfy your needs by providing different sizes, shapes, colors, and screen patterns of P2 LED walls. Different features can also be customized, such as heatproof, waterproof, and many more.

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  • SMD Rental Screen

    A high-quality module for high-quality display output. 2mm pixel pitch provides great output quality and makes it light. The compact design and light weight make it ideal for mobile and installation.

  • p1.667 small pixel pitch led display

    P2 fixed installation LED Video Wall is fabricated with high precision die-casting aluminum casing. Thus, it can ensure extremely lightweight.

  • P2 GOB LED Video Wall

    High protection, high reliability, high contrast, low power consumption, wide colour gamut, etc. GOB technology is able to eliminate the “visual experience disadvantage” of traditional LED screens.

  • P2 Sphere LED Display

    A variety of creative led displays are popping up all over life. We can also see various creative LED screens such as horn screens, Mitsubishi rotating screens, diamond screens, spherical screens etc.

Why NSE P2 LED Wall

Strong Stability
Strong Stability

Employs sophisticated processing technology and high-quality components that effectively minimizes LEDs death rates. It comes with a dual backup power supply to guarantee long-term consistent operation and 24/7 hours of work.

Low-Light, High Gray
Low-Light, High Gray

The P2 LED wall can guarantee an excellent grayscale performance even at 20% of brightness. The display of low brightness is close to perfect grayscale. Thus, the display effect ensures more vivid compared to the traditional display screen.

Good Consistency
Good Consistency

The fine-tuning technology has a high-intensity structure to ensure a seamless screen. Its fine tuning can reduce bright lines. Also, to keep excellent uniformity of screen color and brightness, the LED wall must perform point-by-point calibration.

Excellent Brightness Adjustment
Excellent Brightness Adjustment

Our P2 LED wall adapts light-sensitivity adjustment equipment. It does not affect the screen even in ambient light. NSE P2 LED wall can guarantee no loss of grayscale from 50 – 800 nit brightness.

P2 LED Wall Advantage

NSE P2 LED wall is highly effective for creative and branding purposes. They are serviceable and widely utilized in different ways because of the following advantage:

  • High Refresh Rate: There are no stripes for shooting using an HD camera.
  • High Contrast: It comes with high-quality ripple black and black LED sub-black mask. Thus, the color is bright and the image is sharp and clear.
  • Low Reflection: The LED wall adopts a corrugated absorber mask and black matte lights in a light environment. It provides a little reflection but is still clearly visible.
  • Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle: Available in angle 160 °/160 ° that can provide a clear and natural screen angle.
P2 LED Wall Advantage

Brilliant Quality

NSE is a leading LED solution in China that supplies high-quality P2 LED walls to meet the satisfaction of the clients. We use high-quality raw materials to guarantee durability, long-lasting, and reliability.

Also, NSE P2 LED walls have a brilliant color and image quality, ideally suited for pin-sharp advertising messages. They are also an ideal resolution for TV broadcasts.

NSE offers P2 LED wall with a high refresh rate of up to 3,840 Hz that allows flicker-free content playback. At NSE, we offer customized P2 LED walls to match your needs. Message us your specifications.

TUV Certified

The whole manufacturing process at NSE is certified and inspected by TUV Rheinland to guarantee the best quality. All our P2 LED wall complies with the low-voltage directive 2014/35/EU and EMC directive 2014/30/EU.

Due to its recognized test mark and certifications, NSE is able to supply P2 LED walls with reliability, safety, and quality. You can guarantee that all our LED walls are tested based on the specified criteria. We supply P2 LED walls at an unbeatable price to minimize your costs.

TUC Certified

NSE – Your Leading P2 LED Wall Manufacturer in China

NSE – Your Leading P2 LED Wall Manufacturer in China

For your P2 LED wall needs, you can rely upon NSE. We are providing numerous LED solutions for over 10 years to meet the different needs of our customers. NSE delivers P2 LED walls with unique features like IP65 waterproof, auto locking system, and many more.

Moreover, NSE provides customized solutions for your LED needs. We can customize them according to your specifications. You can specify the size, shape, screen pattern, or even feature of your ideal P2 LED wall.

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Hanging Construction

NSE provides a high-quality P2 LED video wall that adopt high quality and stable raw materials. It can quickly be hung below. To meet your different needs we can have P2 LED wall available in flying frame widths from 0.5m to 3.5m. It is always ready to use once you receive our LED wall.

Standing Construction

At NSE, we developed and designed P2 LED video wall with analuminum LSU Stacking System. Our P2 LED walls are accessible up to 6m in height. Thus, it can be easily built-in freely scalable widths in indoor applications. NSE is the best place for a LED solution in China.

Custom P3 LED Wall For Your Business

P2 LED Wall for Conference

NSE provides high-quality P2 LED walls for conference applications. It can guarantee seamless stitching, easy installation, long life, and good heat dissipation. They are fabricated from aluminum alloy materials to ensure lightweight.

Advertising P2 LED Wall

In order to comply with the trend of digitalization and informatisation, more and more showrooms or sample rooms are installing multimedia screens to display richer and more varied information content

P2 Flexible LED Video Wall for Museum

As life, art and technology become more and more integrated, the large shaped screens in museum design will bring about a more compatible synthesis of intelligent technology and stylish individuality in display style.

P2 LED Video Wall for Shopping Mall

Led displays are used to show advertisements from businesses to promote their products, such as services, catering food, cosmetics, etc. It stimulates the buying desire of passing customers.

P2 LED Wall
P2 LED Wall Supplier in China

Production Strength and Strong R&D to Support ODM and OEM Production Services. Customized P2 LED Wall and On-Time Delivery.

  • We have been working with NSE for our LED needs. And they never disappointed us to provide excellent quality, clear image, and reliable LED solutions which helped our business to grow.

  • Thank you, NSE for providing us with reliable LED solutions for our business. I have been working with many LED solution providers and yet, NSE is the best! Friendly staff, excellent customer service, and on-time production schedule.

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