P2 LED Wall – What is It & Why Buy the Display?

P2 LED Wall – What is It & Why Buy the Display (2)


As technology advances in digital signage, the demand for quality displays has increased significantly.

In fact, the P2 LED wall display is becoming very popular.

A reason, this guide explores fundamental aspects of P2 LED wall display.

What is P2 LED Wall?


First, LED refers to light-emitting diodes.

Second, an LED wall comes as either a flat or curved screen. It uses LED to form pixels.

Remember, the pixels are the fundamental units for producing digital images or videos.

The “P” simply standards for pixel pitch. Therefore, these wall displays have a 2mm pixel pitch.

P2 LED Wall – What is It & Why Buy the DisplayWhy Consider Pixel Pitch When Choosing LED Wall Display

Pixel is the smallest unit forming a digital image. While pixel pitch is the distance between two pixels. You should measure the distance between the two adjacent centers in millimeters.

Therefore, in P2, the distance between two adjacent pixels is 2mm on the wall display.

Now, the pixel pitch will determine:

  1. P2 LED screen price – low pixel pitch ensures higher image resolution. As a result, the LED video wall will be more expensive.
  2. Optimal distance from where you can see videos or images on the screen clearly
  3. Display visual performance – with a low pixel pitch, expect high-resolution images within the recommended range (about 4 meters).
  4. LED wall display applications – P2 is a perfect choice for most indoor applications.

Even as you strive to get a better display from the P2 LED video wall, the content type or image quality also plays an important role.

When you render low-quality images, expect low resolution.

With this information, certainly, you can tell why “P2” is important.

Where to use P2 LED Video Wall Display

You will find these modern digital displays in virtually any industry such as:

You can use the LED wall display for virtually all public announcements and retail advertising.

Factors Determining P2 LED Screen Price

First, even before exploring other factors, you will pay more for the pixel pitch density. It offers superior image quality.

Other factors that determine P2 LED wall prices are:

  • LED display size
  • Video processing system
  • Installation requirements
  • LED wall display brand and model
  • LED display design – you can choose flat or curved. Of course, it may have additional features you have to pay for.

Other P2 LED screen specifications and features such as:

  • LED type
  • Light intensity/brightness (800 to 1200 Nits)
  • Contrast ratio
  • Refresh frequency
  • Additional technology
  • Type of construction – there are standing construction and hanging construction

All these will determine the P2 LED wall price. On average, from USD 200, you can get a P2 LED wall display.

Comparing P2 LED Wall Vs. P3 LED Wall

Today, the P2 and P3 LED wall displays are in high demand more so for indoor applications. Let’s compare the two:

  • Pixel pitch – P2 has 2mm on the other hand P3 has 3mm.
  • Image quality – P2 display detailed and clearer images than P3
  • P2 displays are more expensive than P3
  • Viewing distance – P3 had a larger viewing distance than P2

Basically, these are the fundamental differences between P2 and P3 LED wall displays.

P3 LED Screen – The Ultimate Guide

P3 LED Moudle

Advantages of P2 LED Wall Display

In today’s advertising industry, P2 LED video walls offer many advantages to businesses. Remember, every business is looking for a dynamic, portable, and adaptable advertising solution.

That is exactly what P2 LED wall offer alongside:

  • Easy to operate and maintain features
  • Superior image quality
  • High refresh rate – it can be up to 3,840 Hz depending on the processor and model
  • Flicker-free content display
  • Easy to customize
  • High contrast ratio more so with the black LED system
  • Minimal reflection
  • Viewing angle is wide
  • Durable and reliable

The P2 LED display screen offers many benefits. In fact, the initial buying prices are the only challenge.

Outdoor waterproof screen

P2 LED Screem

Otherwise, you will get value for your money.


At NSE, we design and manufacture FCC, RoHs, and CE-compliant LED wall displays with custom options available.

Our product range includes:

  • P2 flexible LED video wall
  • P2 GOB LED video wall
  • P2 fixed installation LED video wall
  • P2 rental LED video wall

Whether you want curved or flat P2 LED video walls, NSE has the perfect solution for you. The LED video walls are energy efficient, durable, and have passed all required quality tests.

outdoor LED video walls

P2 LED Wall


If you are looking for high image quality, reliability, and a modern advertising platform, then P2 LED wall displays it the best bet.

Contact us today for all digital advertising platforms.

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