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Traffic LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE as a extensive experience and professional knowledge manufacturer. We use an international standardized production process and strict quality control testing to make sure that all traffic LED displays are working perfectly.

  • Highest quality with excellent stability and a long life span
  • Sunlight reflects a brighter color
  • Weatherproof for outdoor application
  •  Low power consumption

NSE Traffic LED Display

NSE traffic LED displays are being used in intelligent transportation systems in a number of locations across the world. These multipurpose displays are often used for roadway and highway messages, overhead traffic signs, tollbooth queuing information, and many more. Almost every sort of roadside can benefit from traffic LED displays.

Traffic LED display programs can be updated remotely. There is no need to deploy workers to modify the LED display on-site, which saves money on running costs. With increased visibility and strong brightness traffic LED displays both day and night are more effective than any other form of sign. 

NSE high-quality traffic LED displays can meet all of your traffic signage requirements. Contact us now for customization.

Traffic LED Display

p10 traffic led lights

P10 signal light has multiple seals and a high waterproof level. A wider viewing angle reminds the drivers to be safer. Plus unique optical system, average light color, long visual distance.

p16 traffic led display

The P16 traffic light display which is high brightness, is very suitable for the production of a traffic light system. Applicable for analog traffic signal system, teaching demonstration, indication sign.

p25 traffic led display

NSE P25 LED traffic light solutions to use ultra-bright LEDs that enable exceptional visibility in bright sunlight. They are completely encased in epoxy resin, offering great resistance against water and dust infiltration. Safe, dependable, and environmentally friendly.

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Traffic LED Display Solution (5)

  • Airport & Airlines

    Queuing to check in. And sometimes even being delayed were all regarded as part of the ‘airport experience’. Playing some interesting content on the screen not only helps reduce perceived waiting times. Speed up processes of check-in. Also helps reduce confusion by directing, informing, and updating travelers.

  • Petrol Station led display

    Digital displays, for pumps or in-store, offer an effective advertising digital solution to gas stations to drive promotions and sales. And you can remotely manage and control your screen content. Make real-time updates or pre-schedule ads and campaigns. Or even media to play on specific times and days and dates.

  • bus station led display

    A bus stop is a good tool for advertising because it provides service for waiting for the bus and at the same time showing the AD. The bus station support opens 24 hours a day to display advertising. This bus station screen has can be excellent visibility in all weather conditions. And excellent legibility even at long distances.

  • high way led display

    Road signs are part of the high way traffic system. and of great importance to vehicle flow and safety on the highway. Gantry digital message boards, LED speed limit signs, LED arrow boards, etc. distinguish highway applications from other applications. It can be seen on almost every road nowadays.

  • city transport

    The appearance of LED traffic sign is bright and clean, high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, no fading, no cracking, no embrittlement. It has become the most decorative effect of the transport facilities boutique and suitable for urban roads.

NSE Traffic LED Display Advantages

Intelligent Control System
Intelligent Control System

An intelligent control system that allows for autonomous road information processing and release, brightness control, and humidity adjustments, as well as monitoring and warning for circulation circumstances.


NSE takes quality as the first belief; see it as our responsibility to work on intelligent traffic light and security projects to be outstanding works. Our goal is to establish a full range of services for our clients.

Easy Installation
Easy Installation

Using convenient servicing, and source compatibility. Durable for outdoor applications. The screen’s design fully considers outdoor usage and adopts industrial standards.

High Contrast
High Contrast

First-class LED chip, clear vivid image quality even in direct, full-on sunlight. Long-term brightness capacity throughout the product lifetime. Can see clear even in not good weather.

Good Visibility Traffic LED Display

The NSE traffic LED display features a super bright design that can deliver valuable information to drivers even in rainy weather. Even under bright sunlight, rain, dust, and other adverse weather situations, traffic LED displays can maintain good visibility and performance.

Traffic LED display has a lower consumption, being the most significant benefit of LED light sources in terms of energy savings, which makes sense in lighting applications. NSE rapid growth and development have helped us build such a positive reputation in the market that our name has become synonymous with client trust.

Good Visibility Traffic LED Display
Fast Response Traffic LED Display

Fast Response Traffic LED Display

NSE traffic LED displays to respond faster than halogen lighting, resulting in a considerable reduction in traffic accidents. Traffic LED displays to ensure that travelers are kept informed in the most concise and effective manner possible, encouraging and boosting road safety. 

  • Information, advice, and warning signs about traffic.
  • Speed restrictions, road works, and diversions.
  • Variable speed limits.
  • Lane control, etc.

Traffic LED displays are important in urban traffic, and many outdated or inactive traffic displays must be changed or updated every year, resulting in a sizable industry. 

NSE Traffic LED Display Services Advantages

NSE has a 2500 square meter factory, mature SMT assembly line, and perfect aging test facility, allowing us to master the entire manufacturing quality. Below are some of our traffic LED display service’s advantages

  • LED display of the highest quality, durability, and dependability.
  • Installation and maintenance are simple.
  • Rigorous quality control of product testing
  • Quick shipping and a variety of warranties.
  • OEM and ODM production services.
  • International standardized production process.
  • Innovative technology, etc.
NSE Traffic LED Display Services Advantages

Customized Traffic LED Display for Your Business and Project

Customized Traffic LED Display for Your Business and Project
Customized Traffic LED Display for Your Business and Project

NSE is an experienced company with extensive industry understanding, we have expanded our product line to include a diverse range of products. NSE has formed partnerships with industry leaders and endeavors to provide the best and most reliable products that meet international standards.

Aside from that NSE has an advanced cutting-edge infrastructure, a strong logistical foundation, and a knowledgeable workforce that looks after our clients and suppliers. To enable our clients to get to know us better, we offer open policies that encourage everyone to exercise and respect their principles.

NSE has grown into a huge corporation, integrating product design, manufacture, sales, maintenance, and engineering. Contact us for more information.

NSE Traffic LED Display

Main Features of LED Traffic LED Display

NSE manufactures traffic LED displays with perfect features for all types of installing places:

  • LEDs of the highest quality were utilized, which have a long lifespan and are stable.
  • High brightness is visible in the sun.
  • Weatherproof for outdoor application.
  • With the pixel test function, more convenient for maintenance.
  • Excellent heat dissipation design on cabinet
  • Low power consumption.
NSE Traffic LED Display Benefits

Provide special benefits with a selection of LED options to match their project requirements.

  • They are more effective, both day and night, due to their tremendous brightness and visibility.
  • Messages and even artwork can be shown.
  • At any time, programs can be remotely updated. There is no need to send workmen to modify the LED display on-site, which saves money.
  • Energy-saving, because LED display uses much less power than conventional bulbs.

Traffic LED Display to Skyrocket Your Business

LED Display Traffic Speed

The LED Speed sign is showing the speed of the passing vehicles. Due to the wide range of detected speeds, it is convenient for city traffic and highways as well. When the driver is exceeding the speed limit. NSE is ready to manufacture modules that are designed to satisfy your requirements. Please contact our sales department for more information and pricing.

Traffic LED Light

NSE is a well-known company that provides a variety of traffic LED displays. Traffic LED displays are made with the highest quality raw materials and cutting-edge machinery. We provided traffic LED displays.Clients desire these traffic LED displays because of their effectiveness, dependability, and longevity.

Trusted Traffic LED Display Supplier
Trusted Traffic LED Display Supplier in China

NSE provides constant LED display supplies for your growing business. We serve our clients worldwide with OEM and ODM offers. Our supplied LED products are in-demand for various applications due to their high quality and cost-effectiveness. Negotiate with NSE now and expect a satisfying response from our team.

  • “NSE customizes well our requested traffic LED displays. They indeed suit our particular applications, resulting in easy installation and maintenance. From now on, NSE will be our continuous manufacturer.”

  • “We have finally received our requested LED display components. Truly, they are easy to assemble and safe. Edges are well polished, and the quality surely lasts. Thank you, NSE!”

  • “I appreciate the way NSE secures the packaging of our ordered LED display for traffic information. Their components are complete and function well. These LED displays are what we really need. Thanks to NSE for satisfying assistance.”

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