• P5 Taxi LED Display (1)
  • P5 Taxi LED Display (2)
  • P5 Taxi LED Display (1)
  • P5 Taxi LED Display (2)

P5 Taxi LED Display

  • P5 Taxi Top LED screen lights the street and brings more benefits to the Taxi company
  • Taxi Top LED screens become one of the most popular adverting products for Taxi companies, They shuttle on every corner of the street together with taxis, bringing the latest advertising information to people on different corners, bringing more benefits to the Taxi company.
How the P5 taxi display is powered?

The P5 LED screen is mounted on a metal frame that is attached to the roof of the taxi, and it is powered by a connection to the car’s electrical system.

How to put advertising on a P5 taxi top LED screen?

Once you have found a company that provides taxi top advertising, you can contact them to inquire about their pricing and advertising options. They will likely provide you with a range of options, such as the duration of your ad, the frequency of display, and the location or locations where your ad will be displayed.

what is the difference between a taxi top led screen and a regular led screen?

The main difference between taxi top LED screens and regular LED screens is their size, pixel density, and intended use. While both types of screens use similar technology, they are designed for different applications and environments.

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