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More and more specialty stores are looking for a smarter way to advertise.



Create a unique and wonderful guest experience

Unique design can make your specialty store stand out from competitor.
Add more exposure to your brand through a digital display stand.
Good store environment and beautiful decoration can improve the customer’s experience.
The store design is related to its management style. It also can be integrated into the application of retail LED poster on product display.
To realize the interaction between the screen and customers, leaving customers with a lingering deep experience.
For the application of digital display stand in the chain store. It can Unified management, achieve centralized advertising.

Upgrade retail advertising to be intelligent

Based on daily life and shopping experience, with the development of mobile and Internet technology. The Specialty Store advertising LED poster is a growing part of the global economy. It’s a perfect way to realize information display.

More and more specialty stores are looking for a smarter way to advertise. So far, some customers have adopted shop window LED display, wall-mounted LED display, circle LED logo sign and transparent LED display, etc. Future maintenance costs can be saved, thus reducing customer costs. Unique modeling can attract more passers-by, and improve sales efficiency.

1 Interactive LED shelf

Interactive LED shelf

When customers walk into the store. You can guide them to interact with the product through a built-in interactive digital display stand to deepen the customer’s impression of your product.

Wall-mounted Application

By using the installation method of digital LED display stand wall-mounted to add a stronger visual effect for their stores. It can attract a large number of customers, forcing them to come into the store to see your products and increase the turnover.

2 Wall-mounted Application
3 Glass Window Advertising

Glass Window Advertising

Glass window LED display is one of the developing trends of the future design of advertisement window. To produce deeper information interaction with consumers and crowds.

Store Signs

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4 Store Signs

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