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LED Screen for Events

NSE company is one of the biggest LED screen suppliers in China, we offer all types of LED screens both for indoor and outdoor uses. We are also the leading provider of LED screens for events with comparative rates. These are some types of event LED screens that NSE can provide:

Events Advertising Solution

Hybrid and virtual event production has been rising in the past year due to the COVID-19. While the green screen is still popular in the field of virtual production. The use of the LED screen for some events has been steadily rising.

NSE LED panels are the perfect tool to show and display some content as our all-set panels are created in virtual reality. NSE technology is now groundbreaking not only in virtual film production but also in broadcasting virtual events around the world.

NSE is your leading provider of LED screen for events, delivering vivid image quality, high refresh rate, and high brightness. We provide customized solutions to meet your specifications.

LED Display for Events

P1.953 for event

Seamless event LED screen display of NSE specializes in both indoor and outdoor LED screens. We stock a large range of high-resolution seamless LED screens and are always available for orders.

p2.9 events and mangement

NSE rental LED screens for events uses LED panels that are capable of reproducing images and videos with high resolution and with a superior luminosity to other devices, such as traditional projectors and monitors that will not allow you to see the content properly.

P3.91 flexible for events

Due to its slight surround effect and shape curved LEDs can provide a more distinct feeling of depth than other regularly built LED screens. Curved LED screens are a perfect tool in the manner of creating an immersive experience for some viewers.

NSE offers this giant event LED screen with waterproof features. This might be giant but it has energy-saving and low power consumption. Aside from waterproof features it also has great heat-dissipation and maintains a low temperature.

outdoor P3.91 led moudle

The P3.91 outdoor LED screen is perfectly designed for the scoreboard, perimeter stadiums, pitches, pools, and arena’s ribbon LEDs. The stadium LED screen also creates a great intensive atmosphere at international or national competitions. NSE ensures your large audience visibility from all stadium directions.

p4.81 outdoor led display

Compared to traditional projection LED technology is both adaptive and dynamic. Our LED video walls can be constructed in any way you want so we can help bring your creative ideas to life.
They work for you to support your vision and communicate with your audience in one of the most engaging ways possible.

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LED Solution Application Scenario for Events (4)

  • party and event led display
    Creating a dynamic event is not an easy thing. Though you have a great vision most importantly, you need to find the right tool to achieve it. The excellent nature ensures they can adapt to different venue designs. And make your fantasy a reality.
  • cemery led display

    From a long-term perspective, the LED screen can bring you more benefits than you ever thought. A successful banquet may leave the participants with an unforgettable impression. This not only expands your brand awareness but enhances your reputation from mouth to mouth.

  • meeting for led display

    LED displays are now more widely used in conference rooms, and some short-term summit venues. The flexible size of the LED display can almost meet the requirements of any meeting place. ranges from large, medium, and small scale.

  • led display for exhibition

    Different from other LED display manufacturer that specialize in providing rental displays. while providing rental LED display screens, NSE has continuously introduced new products that suitable for trade shows based on user feedback.

Why NSE LED Screen for Events

Vibrant Display
Vibrant Display

We can ensure you to expect a high-quality display and vibrant display from our LED screens. It’s a reality that the stage is the main and focal point of any event. Our event LED screens gives a lively and intense effect that your guest will surely catch every second of action will uniquely experience.


Use NSE LED screen now to highlight your trade show sponsors or events. Our LED technology will let you customize and display vibrant images and logos. Show off your event sponsors now and they will get great audience visibility with our LED screen.

Unique Look
Unique Look

NSE LED screens can bring something unique and fresh to any event. Compared to some traditional staging drapery, our LED video wall backdrops would leave a long-lasting impression that your guest probably remembers.

Excellent Performance
Excellent Performance

Our LED displays have the capacity of customizing the size. It is available in any size depending on the size of the stage and the number of people attending the said events. They also have features that can enlarge the speaker on the stage. In that situation, the audience can see the speaker’s needs to present.

Brightness and Image Clarity

Superior image clarity is one of the benefits of using NSE LED panels, which is an utter must for unquestionable environments. Whereas the bright light of the projectors passes on the projected image to the surface.

In the situation of working in ambient light, our LED walls are not confined as they release light themselves and make their use perfect for outdoor conditions. Since we do not require dark conditions, both outdoor and indoor events that are held in bright environments can benefit from us.

Brightness and Image Clarity
Long-Term Cost Efficiency

Ease of Set-up and Use

Due to our comparative and thin light structure, our LED panels can be easily transported and installed. They are also quick to power up before use and dismantled easily within a standard projection screen on a venue.

Our LED panels are made in batches and can technically assemble in any size and shape. But it depends on your venues and environmental conditions. The flexibility feature of our LED wall construction will allow you to unleash your creativeness in the event design phase without limiting too much by the venue.

Long-Term Cost Efficiency

It’s not a secret that LED panels it not cheap and you will have to pay much more than using a projector. Because of that, it would make sound like a less attractive choice to choose LED over projectors but the reality is when it comes to the lifespan of the product, LED is much more cost-effective compared to some projectors.

NSE LED screen for any event has a lower maintenance cost and is another factor to be considered. In the case of our LED screens, you do not have to deal with the additional hidden cost such as blackout curtains, screens, light bulbs, and filters.

Long-Term Cost Efficiency1

Why Choose NSE LED Screen for Events

Why Choose NSE LED Screen for Events
Why Choose NSE LED Screen for Events1

There would be some reasons why choosing us for supplying your LED screens. Our LED screens offer the highest quality and are chosen by some large enterprises that looking for that quality standard for a competitive price.

Our company’s expertise in touring & concerts is very essential for us. We have worked untold hours to make sure that our concerts & touring LED technologies not only excel in terms of LED systems, but also in the music industry.


NSE LED Screen for Events

for indoor led display events

For events that heavily focus on the visuals and the image quality displayed for the audience is the main point of the event. We highly recommend the use of NSE indoor LED panels as they enable your viewers to enjoy crisper, higher, and clearer resolution visuals.

We need to consider that not all venues are perfect and suitable for projection. Maybe because the space does not allow a big enough distance for the projector to be placed. In these cases or situations, NSE LED walls are the best solution to provide your audience a superior image quality and save space.

led display for outdoor events

If you are planning to have a late-night event or a stunning projection mapping, we advised you to operate a LED screen instead of a projection. Yes, a significant amount must be considered when planning and preparing to build an outdoor LED display but weather conditions arrived such as sun, rain, and wind, can influence the performance or structural integrity of your screen.

In this situation, both event production companies and manufacturers are immensely experienced in eliminating some issues through meticulous rigging, screen protection, and safe weight distribution.

LED Screen for Outdoor Applications

Entertainment for events led display

In a big and seamless event, an LED screen would deliver excellent versatility and screen quality both indoor and outdoor. NSE as a market-leading on large-format modular screens & events will ensure high-quality visibility from near to far distances.

The versatility of our screens will allow you to use it full screen to enjoy simultaneous multi-concert or live telecasts. When you are planning a full-blown concert or outdoor drive-in event, we have the services and products to meet your every need.

Community led display for led display

Let NSE help you to celebrate a particular occasion, raise funds for a good cause or bring people closer to your community. Our LED screens are very suitable for gaining exposure on every cause you are planning.

We offer a variety of LED screen options to fit and suit the style and size of your event. We offer integration of LED screens seamlessly into your event infrastructure. In your community, screen advertising may be a great addition to your sponsor package, enabling you to encourage some sponsorships for your event.

trade show led display

NSE LED screen can accept all media inputs like logos, videos, live footage, photos, PowerPoint presentation, and advertising. So, start making the most of your hire by using our LED screen.

Our signage and LED screens outshine your average projection screens or TVs. That’s why start making a big impact for your next demonstration and exhibition by using our versatile long-or-short term rentals.

banner led display
Quality LED Screens for Events

Explore the large selection of LED display chips available at NSE that can be used as LED display panels, LED-backlit display, outdoor lighting, LED display signs, and many other types of LED products for event applications.

  • We used this LED video wall display of NSE for a 10×10 set-up. It has worked great, was very simple, and easy to get going. Had the audio outputs we needed and the picture quality is great. Thanks to NSE for great products!

  • Wow, what an easy piece of hardware to connect and start using! Really impressed with how easy it is to use and how quickly it arrived. I highly recommend NSE products to create a LED video wall.

  • I have bought from this company before and have been so impressed with their quality, while this device is made in China, its build quality is good. Thank You, NSE.

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