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LED Display video has become one of the advantageous Airport & Airlines display products. NSE provides a variety of LED display technology built to deliver durable, dependable performance in airport applications.

  • Provide precise information
  • Quality, high-definition display
  • Increase passenger satisfaction
  • Sustain operational excellency

NSE LED Display for Airport & Airlines

Airport LED displays perform a number of essential tasks, including providing directions at security checkpoints, arrival and departure information, baggage claim, advertisements, and entertainment. With LED digital signs, passengers may be told where to go and what to do. It has a pleasing visual appearance and offers innovation, quality, and dependability. For both passengers and airport staff, it delivers real-time information and improves the efficiency and smoothness of travel.

NSE produces digital displays that adhere to very strict criteria for airport solutions. We have 12+ years of rich manufacturing experience you can trust. Our LED products are certified by FCC, CCC, CE, RoHS, and more. It follows strict quality control and inspection before being delivered to you. If you have specific LED requirements, you can request a custom-designed display. We support OEM.ODM to satisfy your needs. We can assist you in creating a passenger-friendly and user-friendly system that improves the journey from point of departure to point of arrival for passengers.

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Transparent LED screen displays various updates, information, contents, and animations. Exceptional design and installations.

indoor led poster

Digital LED posters offer a unique and classic display of products and services in airports. It has high resolution and complementing parameters.

Flexible Curve and Concave LED Screen

Flexible Curve and Concave LED Screen allow for creativity in airport locations. Lightweight screen and have the ability to bend, curve, and fold.

DIP Front access LED Facade Screen

Great heat dissipation, made from a die-casting aluminum cabinet LED display. Support front and rear services, stable and dependable.

Outdoor Front Access Display

Indoor front maintenance LED screens can be customized according to any screen size project. Fast and easy installation, high grayscale, and brightness.

Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

High-reliability ultra-thin LED display. With high brightness of 10,000 nits. Smart light and thin, easy and cheaper to install.

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Why Choose NSE LED Display for Airports?

Durable Screen
Durable Screen

NSE produces durable LED screens that can last for long usage. It is made from die-cast aluminum and well-designed to your specifications.

Real-Time Broadcast

LED display real-time broadcast, updated flight status, departure times, gate location, etc. Quality images and videos, text, and other content.

Higher Resolution
High Resolution

Experience a better viewing experience even in brighter areas with our LED display solutions. High brightness, and high resolution.

Customized LED Display
Personalized Solution

We can create custom-design LED displays for your business. Choose the size, pixel rate, shape, and other stipulations. Low cost and lightweight.

Airport & Airline LED Display

The Airport & Airline is an important business card of a city, and also an important window for many people to understand a city. Driven by the concept of “Intelligent Airport”, airport display has been in HD times.

With the continuous advancement of technology, led display video has become one of the advantageous Airport & Airlines display products. Because of the seamless splicing, digitization, and changeable shape.

Real-Time Flight Information Display

LED video display screen improves the effective quality of the information service. To help passengers find flight information, emergency News quickly. At the same time, the digital signboard has excellent controllability.

The LED video display screen can play the information of delay. To cancel the flight and all kinds of images. Keep passengers updated on flight delays. And informing local or even foreign tourists.

Digital Signage and Poster for Advertising

Passengers often rely on digital signage to find restaurants, restrooms, and shopping stores. They can more easily access all the information they need.

Another function of the led display video is playing an advertisement. In addition to the fixed display scrolling advertising. As the alternative to the traditional roll-up banner, colorful pictures and high brightness LED poster screen will definitely enlarge the advertising effect.

Digital Signage and Poster for Advertising
Transparent Screen and Flexible Screen

Transparent Screen and Flexible Screen

Transparent screens and flexible led video display screens are widely used in Airport & airline design. At the same time, it also has a decoration function with proper design. LED video screen can be integrated into the building surface. Beautify the interior of the airport. Build a harmonious airport environment. Digital signage used as art is one new trend. With bendable and wrappable LED video walls, it has become much more appealing. Amaze travelers with extremely flexible, large LED displays and innovative digital installations.

Improved Airport & Airlines brand service level and brand efficiency. It will attract more people’s attention. promote people’s consumption, and bring extra income to the Airport & Airlines.

Airport LED Display

The following are the advantages of an excellent airport LED display:

  • Reliability – Airport LEDs have excellent quality and are dependable. LED displays are not only cost-effective but also cuts back on time and cost spent on maintenance.
  • Top visuals – A quality LED display gives viewers a perfect visual experience, full color, wide viewing angle, and high brightness.
  • Readable – LED displays are legible even in distance. It shows clear instructions and flight information.
  • Low power consumption – Method of lighting that uses the least amount of power and produces the least amount of waste heat.
  • Longevity – LED screen typically lasts 14 years. Fast return on investment.
Airport LED Display

LED displays at airports have many advantages. Among them are,

  • An enjoyable waiting experience
  • More practical navigation
  • A successful marketing strategy
  • Using eye-catching LED digital airport décor
  • Encourage travelers to have a worry-free travel.
  • Assists travelers with real-time information and emergency notifications
  • Help travelers save a lot of time and hassle
  • Customize according to your specific requests
  • In airports, LED displays play news or promote gift shops, eateries, newsstands, and other entertainment options.

Custom LED Display Based on Your Airport's Requirements

Flight Information LED Display
  • Durable, robust, highly readable,
  • Sustainable in order to guide travelers
  • Deliver everything such as baggage claim, flight information,   advertising, and destination weather forecasts.
LED MUPIS for Airports
  • Type of excellent interactive LED display that interacts with passengers
  • Display the information the airport needs to communicate with users
  • Attractive and innovative display
  • Adjustable depending on airport needs
Mono LED Poster For Airports
  • Large-format structures ideal for an entrance airport installation
  • Excellent advertising impact and ideal for promoting products or services 
  • High resolution, IP65 waterproof level

Role of LED Display in The Airport

Queuing to check-in. And sometimes even being delayed were all regarded as part of the ‘airport experience’.
However, the Airport digital signboard can greatly improve and streamline the customers’ experience. Playing some interesting content on the screen not only helps reduce perceived waiting times. Speed up processes of check-in. Also helps reduce confusion by directing, informing, and updating travelers.
3 Poster for Advertising
In fact, no one looks except to queue or wait around to board their flight. Nevertheless, place an airline-led display video in high traffic. Long dwell time areas (check-in, security, lounges)to play entertaining content.
Such as news, weather forecasts, sports, digital artwork, quizzes, and information regarding destinations. It can help travelers get the more latest news before they board or are agitated.
1 Flight information display
Whether through traditional advertising or brand activation, airport retailers and big brands can take advantage of the high passenger traffic that flows through the airport every day.
With a captive audience boasting high dwell times, high emotions, and an ideal mentality for impulsive shopping (duty-free and on-board shopping). The airport passengers are the ideal target market for any advertiser.
2 Digital Signage
When facing some small spaces, such as atriums or corridors, led display video can create a digital signboard artwork according to different situations.
Appropriately adding sales activities, and giving passengers or travelers leave a deep impression.
4 Transparent Screen and Flexible Screen
Keeping passengers up to date with key information. Such as flight information, weather condition, latest news, as well as boarding gates and boarding details. And make boarding, security checks, and boarding calm and efficient.
A unique space is only that if you make it truly different. You can use different numbers of digital signboards to connect together. Not only improves the environment of the airport, but also creates a distinctive visual feast for passengers or travelers.
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