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Application of Pharmacy Stores digital LED signage



Strengthen the brand identity, different from other ordinary retail

The shape design of the brand logo represents the sales philosophy of the retail to some extent.
By remote control of the display, the latest advertising dynamic content can be played synchronously.
Digital signage can be recycled indefinitely. Saving retailers a lot of time and advertising costs.
Intelligent video advertising display can loop back advertising images and videos, unlike traditional static signs.
Make the information of the video advertising display in the store prominent and visible. And capture the attention of passers-by.
For different retail areas. Our professional technical team will be combined with the customer’s requirements to develop the best solution.

Flexible application of digital LED signage

Digital signage has grown in popularity in recent years, thanks to its ability to capture and capture viewers’ attention. The Floor stand led wall is a modern and very effective tool, not only for retail audiences, such as pharmacy Stores. but also for all areas of customer communication, presentation, customer navigation, and marketing.

Compared to print media solutions, floor stands LED walls can save a lot of time and money. With our LED solutions, you can use a variety of technologies for a more diverse video advertising display. We can create and remotely manage any content on any video advertising display device you can imagine.

1 Store Logo

Store Logo

Specifically for the pharmacy application, we have designed a special LED sign for it. The pharmacy LED display is shaped like a cross. You can install it as a logo at the entrance of each pharmacy to display information such as time or weather, and update the content of the screen in real time. So that passers-by can get the latest trends at a glance.

Advertising Billboard

Digital LED posters can be used at the entrance of the pharmacy, reception desk, lobby and aisle. The Smart LED poster adopts an ultra-thin design with a movable wheel at the bottom to meet the needs of different applications. The floor stand led wall will create a unique background and eye-catching picture display for retail pharmacies.

2 Advertising Billboard
3 Wall Display

Wall Display

By installing and using a video wall, all retail advertising page information can be displayed on it. The screen can be wall-mounted or suspended, which is very flexible. Its standard cabinet size is 500 * 500mm or 500 * 1000mm. The cabinet is small and easy for people to install and disassemble.

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Electronic information boards at the entrance, navigation kiosks, outdoor led display board on buildings. The screens in various surgeries or inspection workplaces, LED poster screens in pharmacies. And other digital control systems have become standard in medical institutions.

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