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  • NSE Rental LED Display RX series is a flagship product line of LED display rental.
  • The Rental LED display RX series delivers the best in brightness, clarity, and contrast while ensuring captivating content no matter the environment.
  • Thanks to its curve lock and modular design, it features mobility and flexibility to fit unusual designs of endless sizes and shapes.
  • With adequate brightness and automatic brightness adjustment, everyone will enjoy a front-row viewing and fully immerse in the atmosphere.
  • The NSE Rental LED Display RX series offers dual serviceable screens in P1.9, P2.6, P2.976, P3.91 for indoor events, and P3.91 and P4.81 for outdoor events. Multiple screen options will definitely meet all your needs.

What's Rental LED Screen RX Series?

Rental LED screens RX series are born for renting, designed to enhance any event and offer you the best possible advertising. It is portable and easy to install anywhere at any time thanks to its modular design. A rental LED screen rx series provides high density, high contrast, and better visibility. According to the specific use environment, we can divide rental LED screens rx series into outdoor and indoor rental LED screens series.

LED display rentals are characterized by a fast assembly mechanism and multiple installation options, making them excellent choices for any outdoor or indoor event, such as weddings, concerts, trade shows, and other live events.

Rental LED Didplay - Rx Series By Indoor & Outdoor

rental rx indoor led display

Indoor rental LED RX series panels are used for indoor events, as they have a smaller pixel pitch with lower brightness than outdoor panels.
RX Series offers pixel pitches from 1.9mm to 3.91mm, an IP43 rating to resist water spray, and a brightness of 1,000 nits for any indoor events.

outdoor rental rx series led display

Outdoor rental LED panels are typically suitable for outdoor events, which require higher brightness and weatherproof rating but a larger pixel pitch.
RX series has pixel pitch options of 3.91mm and 4.81mm. This line provides a brightness of 4500 nits and an IP65 rating against dust and water jets.

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Rental LED Display RX Series Indoor By pixel (6)

  • P1.9 rental led module

    P1.9 Indoor Rental LED display RX series has an ultra-high resolution of 262,114 dots/m2, which allows for fairly clear and sharp picture quality with a viewing distance of more than 1 meter.

  • p2.6 rental led display module

    P2.6 Indoor Rental LED display RX series delivers a high density of 147,456 dots/m², balancing premier image quality and a smaller viewing distance even at low brightness in any indoor environment.

  • p2.976 rental led display module

    P2.976 Indoor Rental LED display RX series is designed with a density of 112,898 dots/m², which ensure full-color picture quality at a viewing distance of 2 meters at any indoor event.

  • indoor rental led display module p3.91

    P3.91 Indoor Rental LED display rx series is built for a density of 65,536 dots/m², providing smart picture quality for larger viewing distances in indoor environments

  • outdoor rental led display p3.91module

    P3.91 outdoor LED display is built for a density of 65,536 dots/m², maintaining a balance between high quality pictures and viewing distance greater than 3 meters in any outdoor event.

  • outdoor rental led module p4.8

    P4.81 outdoor LED display provides a density of 43,264 dots/m², which gives you a captivating picture performance at a viewing distance of more than 4 meters for outdoor use

Rental LED Display RX Series By Cabinet (2)

Rental LED Display RX Series By Size (2)

  • 500-500 Rental LED Display Cabinet

    500 * 500mm standard cabinets in square shape can be creatively mixed splicing with 500 * 1000 cabinets to meet the different sizes of your project.

  • 500 * 1000mm cabinets are in rectangular shape, and serve a perfect companion with 500 * 500 cabinets to fit the unusual layout of any event.

Rental LED Display - RX Series By Features

Brightness Contrast

14-bit Grayscale

RX series offers advanced 14-bit grayscale, allowing you to capture gradient images on your screen and giving you the best visual experience.

Modular Design
Modular Design

Two cabinet options

RX series adopts a modular design to be easily assembled onsite. The cabinets are portable and flexible to design in any size in shape.

Low Noise
Low Noise

Low noise design

RX series uses low-noise amplifier to amplify signals without adding any noise, which means you will never miss important information.

color ful

Rich colors & high contrast

RX series is built to provide rich colors with high contrast, which maintain a balance between appealling visual experience and engaging audiences.

Ultra Fast Response

LED screen rental has high requirements for quick and easy installation many times.
Up & fast locks facilitate fast and easy assembly and disassembly regardless of the orientation.

Ultra Fast Response
Excellent Quality

Excellent Quality

The cabinet adopts high-quality LEDs to ensure a wider viewing angle and excellent performance, extending the lifespan of the screen.
Adequate weatherproof rating designed for outdoor and indoor conditions make your screens desirable for any event.

Perfect Structure

The die-casting aluminum modular design makes it more durable. With this new feature, the cabinet becomes slimmer and more flexible for installation.

This design saves time and labor cost for quick and easy installation even by one person.

Rental led display rs case
Ultra lighweight and super slim

Ultra lighweight and super slim

The standard cabinet sizes of 500*500mm and 500*1000mm can be freely combined and spliced to meet different scenarios. Ultra-lightweight die-cast aluminium, high precision when splicing and only 75mm thick, can be installed and dismantled by one person. Easy to transport and portable

Dual service with frontal and rear maintenance

NSE Rental LED display adopts magnet adsorption LED panel to make the cabinet is accessed with frontal & rear design. Frontal and Rear maintenance is available for LED panels and power boxes. Perfect design with new technology can save time and cost for future maintenance.

Dual service with frontal and rear maintenance
Multiple Installation, Mixed Splicing

Multiple Installation, Mixed Splicing

Multiple creative shape splicing can be applied in varied situations. The curved design is preferred for both stage rental used or fixed installation.
Various installations include hanging, wall-mounted, ground stacking, or curved.
Meet the needs of different projects and add value to the product.

Seamless Display and Visual Effects

Compact, slim, lightweight seamless LED display technology
Allow for excellent image quality and incredible color uniformity
Lack the unsightly gap while ensuring the best visual experience

Seamless Display and Visual Effects
Curved Installation Support

Curved Installation Support

Special Angle Lock

Sometimes, you need to look for unusual layout or design to make you stand out from the competition. Add a special angle lock, and make your screen curve able to create endless shapes.

Provide application solutions for your projects

rental led display project case
rental led display rx series case

NSE LED is a premier LED display rental manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. Over the years, NSE LED has gained a vast experience in rental LED displays that we have cooperated with numerous advertising and entertainment organizations around the world. Our gifted crew of LED screen experts is capable of customizing visual solutions while using the latest technology.

What makes us stand out from the competition is our industrial LED screens, thorough understanding of customers’ needs, and impeccable services. You can entirely put your trust into NSELED. Take full advantage of our cutting-edge LED screen technology and take your rental business to the next level.

Why go for Rental LED screens instead of purchasing?

fixed led display

To meet individual needs, such as branding or boost of sales.

Fixed LED display is installed in fixed place, such as shopping malls, banks, hotels, etc. It is clear that when you buy a fixed LED display, your ultimate goal is merely to display your advertising to reach more target customers.

Compared to rental LED displays, a fixed LED display is unmovable and adopts a steel structure and public mold so that its pricing is less expensive.

If you are looking for LED screens to promote or increase sales, fixed LED displays are your best choice. Everything you need to consider is the use environment and pixel pitches.

rental led

To generate revenue from renting LED displays

LED display rental is lightweight and easy to install and transport for renting. It provides quick assembly mechanism and multiple mounting options. Die-casting aluminum cabinet design and private mold make LED screen rental ideal for any renting event.

Currently, rental LED displays RX series is a promising business as some organizers have limited budgets and save maintenance costs. To meet the market demands, LED display suppliers like NSE have developed rental products, especially for advertising or renting companies.

Although its pricing is relatively high, you are able to earn your investment within several renting events and make profits in the long term.

Why go for Rental LED screens rx series instead of purchasing?

Advertising or promotion campaigns1

Rental LED screen RX series is perfect for advertising or broadcasting a campaign to a group of people. Whether experiencing a boost in sales or promoting a brand, it is possible for these organizers or owners to make profits when renting a LED screen.

Sports events

With LED display rentals, the audience sitting in the stands can enjoy a sport event. Likewise, audiences are capable of viewing the athletes up close and seeing every angle of the sport. It also provides advertising space for orgnizers looking to make profits from rentals.

Music concerts

Rental LED screens rx series are essential for any music concert. Videos are displayed at a concert. Audiences can see the close-ups of the performers, allowing for the best level of entertainment.

Speeches and Competitions

When you try to deliver a professional presentation, LED display rental is a perfect tool to explain, teach, and display necessary information to your audiences. In turn, audiences can grasp what the speaker is saying and immerse themselves in the speech.

Live show or performance

The stage background with LED screens can add personality and enhance the environment. Sometimes, the live feed of the audience can be shown on the screen, which is a great way for everyone to enjoy the show.

LED display rentals include a variety of installation options, such as stacking, wall-mounting and hanging. There are a few things to consider when choosing the best option.
1. The height of the display ;
2. Current installation conditions;
3. The balance between aesthetics and safety issues.

Model Type IR-P1.9 IR-P2.976 IR-P3.91 OR-P3.91 OR-P 4.81
Pixel pitch 1.9mm 2.976mm 3.91mm 3.91mm 4.81mm
Destiny 262,114 Dots/M2 112,896 Dots/M2 655,36 Dots/M2 655,36 Dots/M2 43,264 Dots/M2
LED Type SMD1010 SMD2121 SMD2121 SMD1921  SMD2727
Pixel type(R / G / B) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1)
Module size 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm
Module Resolution 128*128  Pixel 84*84 Pixel 64*64 Pixel 64*64 Pixel 52*52 Pixel
Cabinet Size (H*W) 500*500mm 500*500mm 500*500mm 500*500mm 500*500mm
Cabinet Resolution (PX* PX) 256*256  Pixel 168*168 Pixel 128*128 Pixel 64*64 Pixel 52*52 Pixel
Cabinet Size (H*W) 500*1000mm 500*1000mm 500*1000mm 500*1000mm 500*1000mm
Cabinet Resolution (PX* PX) 256*512 Pixel 168*336 Pixel 128*256 Pixel 128*256 Pixel 52*104 Pixel
Drive mode 1/32 scan 1/32 scan 1/16 scan 1/16 scan 1/13 scan
Weight 7/13 KG 7/13 KG 7/13 KG 7/13 KG 7/13 KG
Viewing Distance >1m >2m >3m >3m >4m
Brightness 1000nits 1000nits 1000nits 4500nits 4500nits
IP Rating IP43 IP43 IP43 IP65 IP65
Maximum Power Consumption 680W 650W 600W 700W 740W
Average Power Consumption 200W 195W 180W 210W 220W
Application Indoor Indoor Indoor Outdoor Outdoor
Case Material Die-casting aluminum
Viewing Angle 140° (H)/140°(V)
Input voltage 110-220V
Grey Scale(bit) 16bit
Refresh rate(HZ) 1920 or 3840 optional
Control method: Sync&Async
Temperature Operating (℃) -20℃〜+ 80℃
Working Humidity 10%RH~90%RH
Services access Dual (Front and Rear)
Certificate CE/ROHS/FCC
What is the difference between the RS Series & RX Series?

The RX series is the next generation of the RS series. The cabinet structure adopts the latest improved technology of NSELED, supporting easy and quick installation by one person. Besides, the cabinet can curve to different degrees to fit your innovative designs with endless shapes and sizes. If you are looking for screens to add personality, you can absolutely put your trust into RX series.

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