• P1.86 Car LED Display
  • P1.86 Car LED Display
  • P1.86 Car LED Display
  • P1.86 Car LED Display

P1.86 Car LED Display

  • A car top LED display is a type of mobile advertising display that is mounted on the roof of a car or other vehicle.
  • The display uses LED technology to create high-resolution images or videos that can be seen by people in the surrounding area.
What are some common use for car top LED displays?

Overall, car top LED displays are a versatile and effective way to reach a wider audience and promote a message or brand, use for advertising, Political Campaigns, Public Safety, Event Promotion, and Brand Awareness.”

What are the control methods for car top LED displays?

The control methods you choose will depend on your specific needs and the level of control and flexibility you require when managing your roof-mounted LED display with the following control methods: WiFi control, USB control, 4G/5G control (cluster control), and PC control.

How about using cluster control?

Our cloud control system allows you to update all of your display from anywhere using a cellular network. This means that you can easily manage all your displays even if you are not physically close to the vehicles.

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