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3D LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE is a professional manufacturer of 3D LED displays for immersive viewing experiences. Our 3D LED display offers stereoscopic visual effects to give people a real or unprecedented visual experience.  It is the next and very popular display device.

NSE 3D LED Display

We provide 3D LED display outdoor naked eye that is commonly used for advertisement in shopping malls, and shops to promote products. NSE provide one-stop 3D video advertising and media with high-quality 3D LED screen hardware cabinets, design of 3D video slip, and steel structure installation of 3D LED Guide.

Our 3D LED display provides different grayscales of the images or video the LED screen display,

which is the reason why the human eye produces a visual illusion from displayed 3D images. The 3D display technology of glasses just to separate the right and the left of the images and send it to the left and right eyes of the viewers to achieve the 3D effect.

NSE has naked-eye 3D LED display technology to separate the right and left of the images and using adjusting the angle of light it will send to the eyes of the viewer. Our naked-eye display technology mainly includes a cylindrical lens, grating type, volume type, holographic projection type, time-sharing multiplexing type, etc.

The 3D LED display is mainly used for advertising and the spotlight of our industry and community.

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3D LED Display

NSE cube 3D LED display has a life span of up to 100000 hours and provides warranty service for you in 2 years. We design a cube 3D LED display with high-quality LED screen features and contain a small pixel pitch which is good to use in different applications including concerts stage sport event, and more.

Interactive Touch LED TV

We offer Interactive Touch LED Display for Conference room and education use that features wireless transmission, infrared touch technology, built-in speakers, and Windows compatibility.

Column Screen

NSE offers Interactive Portable Indoor Cube LED Display that features low power consumption, efficient heat dissipation, high grayscale, high brightness, etc.

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3D LED Display Advantages

Commercially Viable
Commercially Viable

NSE focus on manufactured 3D LED display which is more commercially viable in the future.  Our 3D lead display screens present more realistic due to their larger area and offer greater pixel density. The 3D LED display screen becomes lifelike.

Weather Resistant
Weather Resistant

Our 3D LED display witnessed a lot of weather. It is water-resistant, dustproof, and anti-corrosion meaning it can withstand all weather conditions including, storms, rains, snow and etc. without losing any elements.

Excellent Visual Content
Excellent Visual Content

We manufactured LEDs that play a big role and their success in our society including the video content which important thing to consider. We displayed content that should be visually pleasing and provides a unique LED viewing experience.

Wide Viewing Angle
Wide Viewing Angle

The 3D LED displays to have better viewing ranges including the angle and the distance that should be able to be viewed in 3D. It provides viewing angles for up to 178 degrees Celsius which is good for the viewing experience or your customer or the people passing by.

Why Choose 3D LED Display

Our 3D LED Displays are become mainstream all over the world. It is more appealing to the masses than 2D which means it is more amazing for building brand and advertising. NSE 3D LED display become to connect in public, making people get attracted and can pay attention to it.

We manufactured not just today but we upgraded for the near future. NSE is manufactured using advanced LED technology to produce a unique visual effect. We have artists, engineers, and animators to make higher-quality images and produce 3D content.

3D LED Displays are used for advertising platforms now and in the future. It is the epitome of visual communication and is visually pleasing to the public. It is commonly used to spread the brand message to the customers, creating public arc tech space, going for aesthetics,s and taking the leaf for the technology.

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How Does 3D LED Display Screen Work

How Does 3D LED Display Screen Work?

Our 3D LED display screen is a combination of a flexible LED screens and 3D digital technology to produce 3D images to shows different to encourage people through visual illusion.

The 3D Display technology eyeglasses adopt the same principle. It is by sending and separating the right and left eyes of the viewers to see the 3D images or video effect. Our 3D LED screen is also flexible that can be bent at 90 degrees angle to present two images that combine in one lens.

3D LED display utilizes digital technology and offers naked-eye images to achieve a three-dimensional effect display. 3D LED screen is increased by viewers and brand.

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NSE 3D LED Display Design Tools

Our 3D has a different design to help you choose what should fit your applications. Below is the following design that 3D LED displays offer:

  • Modular design. This is very easy to dismantle. It has a control box to make better heat dissipation.
  • Ultra-light and ultra-slim. It is a slim cabinet and light. It has a thickness of 85mm, 500x1000mm, and the cabinet weight is 12kg/pcs which is easy to install and labor savings.
  • Creative curved shape. NSE LED displays are equipped to have a curved lock to support -10 degrees to +10 degrees.
  • Full range of pitch. We manufactured 3D LED displays that cover outdoor and indoor pitches just to satisfy your needs.
  • Front and rear Service. We provide front and rear service for you to make durable and quality products that could take 100,000 hours.
  • Wide visual angles. 3D LED display provides a wide visual angle for up to 160 degrees horizontal and 140 degrees vertical.
  • Easy service. NSE offers module rear and front maintenance for every 3D LED display product. It can be fixed using magnetic tools and vacuum tools.
NSE 3D LED Display Design Tools

NSE – Trusted 3D LED Display Supplier

NSE – Trusted 3D LED Display Supplier
NSE – Trusted 3D LED Display Supplier

NSE 3D LED displays have been used for many years for offices and for commercial purposes.  It performs very well, that’s why it is common, especially in the advertising industry. We manufactured 3D LED display which belongs to the latest technology now.

3D LED display allows people to watch a large 3D LED screen without wearing glasses or any equipment to see the 3D effect. With this 3D LED display you can experience the realistic 3D images or video. We have also customized 3D video which to integrate LED displays into your business buildings.

The 3D Glassesless screens are the way to display high-definition of videos that attract people to watch. With the use of social media, you easy to program and access our 3D LED display.

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3D LED Display

3D LED Displays Features

NSE 3D LED display will give an idea to attract more people. We focus on creating high-quality 3D content for your application. Below I listed the unique features of our 3D LED displays:

  • Create public art through media
  • Increase brand value
  • Leading the latest direction in technology
  • Pursue beauty
  • Offers customized 3D content
  • Less power consumption
  • Easy to maintain
  • Offers a wide viewing angle
  • Offers HDR and higher contrast and more.
3D LED Displays Features (2)

As a professional manufacturer, we have different factors to take into account when making a 3D LED display. Below are the following Displays Factors associated such as:

  • Pixels
  • Contrast and HDR
  • Viewing range
  • Weight of the LED
  • Weatherproof
  • Visual content
  • Power consumption
  • Integration with environment

Custom 3D LED Display to Skyrocket your Business

P2.8-5.6 Car Window LED Display

Our digital 3D LED rear window car displays are wireless and multi-function displays. It is easy to access using a smartphone through WIFI and can be rotated for 180◦ freely.

NSE WIFI Cube 3D LED display has different features including a single fan, Bluetooth, web control, synchronization multi-units fan, etc. It is available on android, IOS, and the Web.

Alphabet Screen

The outdoor 3D LED display is commonly used in shopping malls, retail stores, self-service businesses, airports, subways, and much more. It is available in full color.

NSE - Professional 3D LED Display Manufacturer in China
NSE - Professional 3D LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE has passed different international certifications such as ISO9001-2004, FCC, RoHS, CE, and more. We have a strong R&D team that can provide you with superior OEM and ODM services. NSE is serving over 2000 customers from more than 100 countries around the world. We served international exporters, retailers, wholesalers, and more clients. We provide installation services and a 2-year warranty to support your needs.

  • “I really like your 3D LED Display it is easy to use very high-speed offers, high-quality video conference, and provides 160 degrees wide-angle which is good for me. Thank you so much, NSE.”

  • “Your 3D LED Display is very efficient to use, programmable which you can access using a smartphone. Thank You NSE, I will always choose you.”

  • “I really satisfied for your products NSE especially your 3D LED display which has a charging fort, touchscreen, audio recording and video and many more. Five stars for you and for your team”

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