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LED Video Wall Panels Manufacturer in China

NSE is a professional provider of high-quality LED video wall panels widely used in control rooms, hospitals, retail, entertainment, or corporate use. NSE delivers reliable LED Video Wall Panel solutions according to your specification:

LED Video Wall Panels

LED video wall panels are a flat panel display that uses an array of LED as pixels for a video display. NSE is leading the innovation of LED video wall panels that have been applied in most fields worldwide. Our LED video wall panels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Thanks to the unique modular design, they are lightweight and easy to install, transport, and maintain.

NSE LED video wall panels are the perfect display to thrill your audience. With a 160°viewing angle, they stand out and catch the attention of customers and passersby from far and wide. Hence, we offer other modular video wall models with different pixel pitch and brightness provisions to cater to different preferences. To date, our LED video wall panels have served many concerts, presentations, and more. Check out the pictures below to see the exemplified solutions. Inquire us today!

NSE LED Video Wall Panels

Indoor Video Wall (3)

  • P2 Indoor LED Screen

    P2 Indoor video wall with High refresh rate and high contrast ratio, ensure the framerate smooth and stable, widely use for Cosmetics counter, showrooms,Luxury stores and so on.

  • P2.5 Indoor Video Wall

    P2.5 Indoor Video Screen IS currently the most popular model with high-cost performance, Front and rear installation available, special use in shopping mall, lobbies, museums, etc.

  • P3 Indoor LED Display

    P3 Indoor LED Display is the most cost-effective model for video wall, widely used in meeting room,metro station shopping mall,monitoring room.

Outdoor Video Wall (3)

  • P6 Outdoor LED Module

    P6 Outdoor LED Display with Slim and light-weight design,Standard cabinet size 640*640mm and 960*960mm optional, easy for installation and maintenance.

  • P8 Outdoor LED Screen

    P8 Outdoor LED Display with 7000 nits brightness and high Contrast Ratio, enables longer viewing distance and ensures the spectators far from the screen can still enjoy what is shown.

  • P10 Outdoor LED Display

    P10 Outdoor LED Display Stable performance, wide applicability, high brightness, cost-effective,fast lock and easy maintenance,high contrast ratio brings excellent performance.

Rental Video Wall (2)

  • P3.91 Rental Video Wall

    P3.91 Rental Video Wall with Standard size 500mmx500mm and 500mmx1000mm optional, spring Lock Connection design with micro-adjustment, adjustable screen radian.

  • P4.81 Rental LED Screen

    P4.81 Rental LED Screen with High Precision Die-Casting Aluminum,Lightweight,Urtra-Thin Die-casting Cabinet,Reliable stainless locks.

NSE LED Video Wall Panels Advantages

Customized Design.1
Customized Design

Our team can manufacture LED wall panels with custom designs, sizes, and other specifications.We can tailor it to meet your unique situation and needs adaptable to any angle and curve.

High Performance
High Definition

The NSE LED video wall offers pixel pitches from 1.25 to 10.4mm. Aside from that, we also support customizable pixel pitches, allowing for a free selection of HD video walls. Message us now!

IP65 Rating Icon

NSE manufactured LED video wall panels with an IP65 rating. Rest assured that it can resist environmental factors such as water, snow, etc. Therefore, it can be used for outdoor applications.

Wide Application Range Icon
Wide Application Range

NSE offers Customized LED Video Wall Panels for indoor or outdoor applications, such as retail, stages, concerts, festivals, sports events, exhibition halls, and more. Contact us for more information!

NSE Modular LED Video Wall Panels Advantages:

Longer lifespan – Top quality materials and unique cabinet design extend the lifespan of our LED video wall panel.

Easy Maintenance – LED walls, spare panels control boards, etc., are smooth to operate and easy to repair. The front serviceable design is innovative for the comfort of installation and maintenance.

More Flexible – Panels are aimlessly fixed to one another to create a wide range of compositions for indoor and outdoor applications and more.

6 led video wall
5 led video wall

LED Video Wall Screen

You can invest in our LED video wall panel or add more products to your inventory. NSE invites you to rely on our many years of LED technology experience. Feel free to browse our selection, and give us a call if you just aren’t sure.


NSE your LED Video Wall Panel Technical Specialists

LED video wall panel technology is becoming more and trendier due to its capability to deliver seamless images, scalability to any size or shape, and exceptional optimal characteristics that make video wall content look immense from any angle.

NSE technical specialists assist you to determine which pixel pitch is best for a specific space. Aside from the cost, we also consider a few factors such as the nature of events, target customers, venues, etc. to skyrocket your business.

  • Available pixel pitches from 1.25 to 10.4mm
  • Multifunctional LED display solutions
  • Seamless and flexible to approximately any size or shape ·
  • Customize to fit your project
  • Designed by LED and video wall experts

Inquire us now!!

4 led video wall

NSE LED Video Wall Panel Practical Benefits

3 led video wall
2 led video wall

Numerous benefits come with owning or renting an NSE LED video wall panel display for advertising, such as the marketing aspect exposure of your business needs, brand recognition, educating leads and customers, etc.

Superior Brightness and No Resolution Limitations

Our LED video wall panels are characterized by superior brightness to be visible from all angles outdoors or indoors. Thus, the audience won’t miss any detail you would like to deliver.

Resolution refers to pixel count and density. The more pixels, you will have the more detailed image. NSE LED video wall panel display advertising delivers crisp colors and breathtaking contrast that are attention-grabbing.

Modern Aesthetic and Amazing Interactivity

Another great practical benefit of LED video wall panels has a modern and sharp view, with a glistening design. Their appearance is streamlined, which is essential to stand out in today’s competitive business world. The LED video wall panel display is used to show professionalism and to impress potential partners.

In this highly new era, there are so many marketing opportunities with the use of LED video wall panels. They are certainly effective for branding purposes. Video wall panels can deliver performance, reliability, flexibility, interactivity, and much more.

LED video wall panels are simply capable of drawing attention in every context. You can check out our website to learn more about LED video wall panels and choose the best fit for you.

NSE LED Video Wall Panel

1 led video wall

NSE provides custom LED Video Wall Panel with boasts exceptional features and can underpin a range of operations such as:

  •   High Brightness/High Contrast Ratio
  •   Limitless Shapes and Sizes
  •   Weatherproof
  •   High Refresh Rate
  •   High Reliability
  •   Easy Maintenance
  •   No Bezel
  •   Cloud Controlled, and more.
NSE offers Custom LED Video Wall Panel with different specifications such as

NSE offers Custom LED Video Wall Panel with different specifications such as:

  • Fashionable
  • Design
  • Pixel Pitch Options
  • Remote and Smart Control
  • Adjustable Uses
  • Streamlined Operation

NSE LED Video Wall Panel for Your Business

outdoor P3.91 led moudle

NSE can produce a pixel pitch of 3.9mm for the Outdoor LED Video Wall Panel used. The cabinet dimension is 500X500mm, made of die-casting aluminum. It is designed to resist any severe weather situation.

p3 outdoor led totem

We manufacture 250X250 LED Video wall Panel for sports events. This product has brightness of 1000cd/sq. and with pixel pitch of 4.81mm perfect for optimal viewing distance.

indoor rental led display

Our NSE Portable LED Video Wall Panel is commonly used at retail stores, exhibition halls, restaurants, hotels, and more. These products are ROHS, FCC, CE, certified, and meet the international quality standard.

p2.9 events and mangement

This LED Video Wall Panel includes automatic module calibration and image rotation to develop custom firmware solutions to be able to handle any virtual application. It is made from lightweight materials and self-aligning magnetic casters, for quick and easy transport.

indoor led video wall
Your Full Service LED Video Wall Panel Provider

We are your Professional Custom LED Video Wall Panel manufacturer, with over 12 years of research, development, and production experience. We ensure high-quality goods with new trending technologies and provide customers with a wide range of solutions and cost-effectiveness.


Ultimate Guide on LED Video Wall Panels

  • Greg Mossop from Australia

    I’m happy to recommend NSE. I ordered from Australia and the staff are very helpful. The product arrived exactly as described and well packaged. Thanks for your help, and I hope we will do more business soon.

    Greg Mossop from Australia
  • “It works, NSE’s professionals helped me to choose the right LED video wall panel for my store’s products advertisements, and I am happy and satisfied. My store become popular, and customers they keep coming”

  • “The Customized Indoor LED Video Wall Panel makes our hotel more elegant. It is perfect for background image decorations, world-class technology presentation. Well done NSE!”

  • “I don’t have to pay for my advertisements, I got a solution for that! NSE Custom Video wall Panel. Now I can relax, worry no more, and keep my business rolling. Thanks for the help NSE!”

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