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NSELED finds the most suitable LED video screen solution for your event. While ensuring high-quality images and extraordinary visual effects to the audience.

In any sporting event, LED screens offer great advantages, broadcast live video and advertisement, and sports video scoreboards in both indoor and outdoor sports venues.

Custom Sports LED Display - NSELED

LED displays for sports are used to present motivational messages, fan videos or in-game entertainment, and facts about teams and players, as well as for coach teaching, game evaluations, and player involvement. It is an eye-catching digital display that will captivate viewers, grab their attention, and pique their interest in your advertisers. As soon as visitors enter the building, the aesthetically appealing information from various brands stimulates interactions and purchases. These types of screens are weather-resistant, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor sporting venues.

The best digital video panels on the market are designed by NSE. Whether you require a scoreboard, locker room display, or a perimeter LED display, we can create the best quality LED solution for your projects. Our LED display systems offer brilliant, imaginative messaging, and lively digital signage, which informs and entertains audiences with timely promotions and content.

Sports and Arenas LED Display Solution

Creative Sport LED Display

Creative Sport LED Display certified to UEFA technical requirements. Designed with a unique structure that can be widely used as a ball game perimeter LED display screen, stadium LED display scoreboard, multi-functional sporting screen, and more.

Custom-Shape LED Display

NSE can create small or mega-size custom-shape LED displays. Available in all unique shapes and aspect ratios, high refresh rate, easy to install to facilitate various requirements. Offer uniform and stable pictures, and deliver perfect images/videos. 

Indoor LED Ribbon Board Display

The Indoor LED Ribbon Board Display is a full-color display that can flexibly and instantly present up to 360 degrees of ribbon-style video. Increased adaptability for game day visuals, animation, and video.

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NSELED provides the necessary components for a highly reliable control room visualization system. Therefore, combining database and sensor information from many different participants and presenting it on the screen at a glance. It can help you to better understand the current data situation.

match led display

Outdoor screens can greet fans on the road by placing digital LED posters at match entrances and parking lots. From fan engagement to wayfinding to ticketing information and advertising opportunities. Outdoor digital LED billboards provide a match with the opportunity to participate. and notify visitors the moment they enter.

bar club led display

Activities and entertainment venues have become important places for contemporary youth to socialize and play. Want to spice up your bar, club, or music festival? As the most creative LED display manufacturer in China. NSELED will provide you with the most professional solutions with reliable products and timely services.

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NSE Sports LED Display Features


Anyone can put a large outdoor LED screen on the side of a building. but incorporating LED display technology into your design philosophy takes more than that.


Regardless of size or shape, we can help make your outdoor display a reality. We create whatever size and configuration you choose to complete your vision.

Protection Design
Protection Design

Our perimeter sport LED displays are manufactured from a soft mask design and a soft pillow on the top. It reduces the risk of hurting the players and maintaining the durability of screens.

Self-Assembling Screens
Self-Assembling Screens

Our sports LED displays screens can be assembled themselves. In other words, you may build one of our displays yourself after purchasing it by using our clear instructions and manuals.

Wide Range
Wide Range

For each type of sports event, NSELED provides solutions for both indoor and outdoor advertising. without letting the size of the screen affect the quality of the finished product.

Fast Maintenance
Fast Maintenance

Module replacement just requires a 10-second replacement. Quick maintenance and replacement improve cost-effectiveness, with no hassle, and worry.

Adjustable Back Support
Adjustable Back Support

The LED screen has a movable independent support bracket, which increases viewing angles, produces the biggest advertising display, better view and more audience reached.

Backup Signal & Power
Backup Signal & Power

The stadium LED display screen’s compliance with UEFA Technical Requirements will never be interrupted. It has a dual signal and dual supply solution equipped.

Invest Innovative Sport LED Display at NSELED

Investing in sports LED displays has numerous advantages. In high-traffic stadiums or arenas, these screens continuously broadcast advertisements effectively. In many top competitions, many international brands have used LED perimeter screens to maintain their brand image and popularity. A high-quality scoreboard LED display, perimeter displays, and giant LED screens on sports complexes are ideal for brand promotion and advertising.

The sports LED display has numerous online and offline advertising distribution channels. The audience can see the perimeter of the sports LED screens on-site. They can also watch them live on television or social media. The perimeter LED screen can be transmitted indefinitely and anywhere due to its multiple communication channels. More and more audiences can engage in great advertising displays.

Invest Innovative Sport LED Display at NSELED
Sports LED Displays

Various Companies Who Need Sport LED Display

Some of the companies that require innovative sport LED displays are listed below:

  • International Brand – Renowned international brands like Panasonic, Nike, Adidas, Audi, and others are drawn to the LED stadium perimeter display.
  • Stadium Owner – Stadium administrators can build a perimeter LED screen at the venue to entice more businesses to air their commercials there and generate more earnings.
  • Advertising agency – Perimeter LED screens have a very good advertising effect on large audiences. The advertising information displayed on the LED screen can achieve secondary and multi-channel distribution. Advertising companies now appreciate projects including led advertising.

Why Use LED Display for Sports and Arenas?

  • Entertainment – Led screens solutions for entertainment make sure that every visitor may experience a new level of immersion in the game by providing the best possible view from any location.
  • Effective Management – Utilizing video wall, content management software, and monitor, our LED display enables sports facilities to smoothly run this system around the clock. while maximizing user and visitor experience.
  • Revenue Maximization – LED sports display systems maximize the chance to influence purchases, and raise revenue while also creating a highly appealing consumer experience.
Sports LED Displays

Leading Sports and Arenas LED Display Manufacturer

Sports LED Displays
Sports LED Displays

NSELED has a decade of LED display manufacturing and production. We supply the best quality-price ratio screens for sports facilities, sports clubs, arenas, stadiums, and more. Our company has been ISO 9001 certified to guarantee the electrical safety and quality of the production cycle of our LED display solution. You can choose the right screens based on the installation of any shape and size in stadiums and other sports facilities. NSE offers technical support 24/7, complete customization, after-sales, and service. We can assist you in finding the ideal LED video display for your location using one of our top LED products. Contact us today!

Dynamic, Unique Applications for Sports and Arenas

Numerous sports events, both indoor and outdoor, can use LED displays.

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Gymnastics
  • Football
  • Triathlon
  • Ice Hockey Games
  • Skating Games, and so on.
Sports LED Displays

All our screens use high-performance LEDs. It also offers different advantages such as:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Impact resistant
  • TV-Ready and always visible
  • Perfectly uniform color display
  • Exceptional brightness and contrast levels
  • UEFA Standards Compliant
  • Made to last, operational in all conditions

Custom Sport LED Displays for Your Next Project

LED Sports Video Scoreboard
  • Engage fans in your gym or stadium using big LED screens with video scoreboard functions.
  • Used for advertisement purposes, play sponsors‘ advertisement, scores, leaderboards, hype content, or any other video signal.
  • Simple operation, control via wireless technology or an app
Perimeter LED Display
  • Allow for vivid and exceptionally bright moving images to be displayed
  • Offer a brightness of 5,500–6,000 nits.
  • Built with IP65-rated outdoor displays for protection
  • Offered as a modular solution for different system lengths
  • Options for UEFA standard compliance are available.
Football Stadiums LED Screens
  • High-resolution giant LED screens
  • Multiple video inputs allow the broadcasting of live video signals
  • Energy-saving screens, greatly reduce the operating cost of the screen.
  • High-protection IP65 grade, adjustable back bracket, better view, and more audience reached
Outdoor Sports Video LED Displays
  • Offer excellent brightness and image quality.
  • Designed to be seen from all angles and positions of the stadium
  • Can be used in any event, show, or sporting event.
  • Increase the enjoyment of watching sports
  • Perfectly visible, even in broad daylight
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