High Way LED Display

NSE manufactures efficient and long-lasting LED displays for highways. These products utilize real-time dynamic traffic assignment and traffic flow forecasting theory. Versatile screen that can improve safety for roads, speed control awareness, and effective advertisement display. 

  • Broadcast valuable information
  • High-quality text, street signs, images, and videos
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Customize to any requirements

NSE LED Display For Highway

To increase driving safety, LED display is used to publish information on the state of the roads, traffic signs, and weather. LED technology integrates network and multimedia technologies. to publish and process information in the form of media. The LED display’s intelligence, digitization, and information architecture have received great appreciation from the transportation industries. It provides excellent brightness, high dependability, and durability even in adverse weather. Provide energy-efficient operation, low maintenance, and is lightweight.

NSE is a reputable highway LED display manufacturer in China. We supply all types of LED screens for small businesses to large corporations. They are flexible and can be designed in various shapes, and sizes. Comes with 2 years warranty, complete accessories, and reliable services.  We have our own electronics laboratory with skilled technicians and engineers. For your next highway LED screen projects, please contact us immediately.

  • Provide clear and distinguishable road instructions
  • Remind the driver ahead of road speed limits
  • Durable, seamless splicing, achieve full brightness
LED Variable Speed Limit Signs
  • Informs drivers of a current speed limit
  • High visibly, programmable speed display
  • Used in several cross-sections of a motorway
Outdoor LED Display Advertising
  • High-resolution outdoor LED display
  • IP65 waterproof weather rating
  • High brightness, custom sizing and installation
Safety LED Traffic Signal Lights
  • Prevent accidents, protect children and save lives
  • Cost-effective, high-quality safety LED traffic signal lights
  • Lower maintenance cost than a traditional traffic light
Street Pole LED Display
  • LED display to replace the old banner-type advertisement
  • Intelligent and smart display that integrates air quality detection, LED information release, information exchange, smart lighting, weather monitor, etc.
Traffic guidance LED Displays
  • Changeable information signs. Multi-functional information LED screen
  • Display current road traffic information. accident location, front of the construction, strong winds, fog and other warning signs
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Highway LED Displays Features

High Brightness
High Brightness

All our LED displays offer high visibility even in daylight 6500-7500 nit. It shows vivid signs, information, or message to drivers.

Low Power Consumption
Low Energy Consumption

LED displays on highways are energy efficient. Perfect media device to save electricity in any business.


We offer easy-to-program LED signs. It can be programmed from anywhere using an internet connection.

Long Lifespan
Long Lifespan

LED displays are long-lasting, durably made from high-quality aluminum, and withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Innovative High Way LED Display Device

Due to the harsh environment and long mileage, stable performance and monitored road signs are basic needs for traffic management. High luminance, active luminescence, and long life span make LED s the best choice in the traffic signs application. Road conditions, weather conditions, charging standards, and other information can be displayed to inform drivers via various LED traffic signs on the highway.

Road signs are part of the high way traffic system. and of great importance to vehicle flow and safety on the highway. The vehicle’s speed on the highway is quite fast. So the drivers’ reading time of road signs is extremely short. which distinguish highway application from other applications. Gantry digital message boards, LED speed limit signs, LED arrow boards, etc. It can be seen on almost every road nowadays.

Highway Led Display
Outdoor Led Display Advertising 1

Benefits Of Outdoor LED Display Advertising On Highways

  1. Publish road condition information – Publicize information on the state of the roads; an outdoor LED display advertising machine can provide alerts in the event of an emergency. It can be useful for drivers to comprehend the state of the roads and modify their routes accordingly.
  2. Regularly release information – The driver can be reminded when to stop, to take a good break, reduce driving weariness, eat in moderation, etc., and this can help to increase driving safety.
  3. Publish weather conditions – Inform people about the weather and the route, and at regular intervals, prepare and post information about restaurants nearby. In the shortest amount of time, drivers can find accommodation, which will also help them drive more quietly.

High Way LED Displays Applications

High Way LED displays are mainly used as information signs and advertising in:

  • Airports
  • Bus stations
  • Railway stations
  • Bus stops
  • Port and wharf construction
  • High-speed highway stations, etc.
Highway LED display

Custom High way LED Screen for Your Projects

Variable Message LED Sign

NSE variable message signs are often used on roadways. Are designed to deliver traffic information covering congestion reports, accident reports, etc… It has been widely used in modern transportation systems. At the same time, the wall screen display will remind the distance between cities and regions on the highway. We can know the distance to the destination through these tips. and we can make advance planning for the arrival time, rest, and refueling arrangements.

Dynamic Toll Information Sign

Utilize real-time dynamic toll information sign and traffic flow forecasting theory. LED traffic signs provide travelers with the optimal route to their destination. The traffic guidance information system will connect with the monitoring data. to get transport information for speeding violations or others. NSE is a certified manufacturer in China that can customize your too information sign for your business. You can choose the design, shape, pixel rate, and size of the screen.

Warning LED Signage

Warning signage is a sign set up for safety and can be seen at the entrance of the tunnel and at the road construction section. It can warn drivers of dangerous conditions on the road or in the surrounding environment and guide people to take reasonable actions. Warning signage can remind drivers to prevent danger, so as to avoid accidents. When danger occurs, it can instruct people to escape as soon as possible, or instruct people to take correct and effective measures to contain the harm. Highway variable information board led display helps the driver prompts the current road traffic information. Such as the front of the construction, accident location, strong winds, fog, and other warning signs.

VMS Trailer LED Screen

VMS trailer screen is mainly used to display simple words, pictures, and traffic signs. Its main feature is that it can be moved, and solar energy can be used. And it can be dragged wherever it is needed, which is not limited by the region and energy. It is mainly used on the occasion of special road sections School, factory and community gate Tunnel portal, Highway crossing Beside the city road Beside the expressway. You can find the best design LED screen at NSE at a reasonable price. We create innovatively, durable and low-maintenance displays that can withstand harsh weather conditions on outdoor applications. We ensure that the equipment we provide is brand new with complete accessories.

Lane and Speed Limit Signs

On the top of the highway, there are lane information prompts at regular intervals, including speed limit prompts lane names or limited vehicles. Playing the simple graph, speed limit, and so on, for drivers to get to know the road status. It should be noted that the speed limit information of each lane is different. If you drive 120/km in a lane with a speed limit of 100/km, you will be caught breaking the rules.

Service Area Information Traffic Sign

The highway service area is marked with a capital “P” and features a tanker, a knife and fork, and a wrench. The service area usually has catering, a small supermarket, a toilet, a gas station, and a repair shop. And other services that may be needed by the passengers. Generally, there will be a service area within 20-30 kilometers. And the service area in remote areas may have a long interval.

High Way LED Display Advantages

6Service Area Information Traffic Sign

With the characteristic of high brightness and high resolution. The highway wall screen display can show the graphics clearly, even at the night. Provide a long-distance visual effect. Easily use a control system that allows you easy to become enviable led display experts.
1 variable message sign
The Highway digital message board can be connected with the traffic control center system. Not only form a unified management platform but also display the latest traffic information in a timely manner. provide the most efficient route to the driver, and save a lot of time.
2 Dynamic Toll information Sign
The high-way wall screen display is made of heavy-duty materials, and anti-corrosion powder coating and also has passed the IP65 waterproof grade test. It is the best choice for highway, speedway, motorway, and/or roadside information digital message board systems.
3Warning Signage
Transportation hubs such as airports, and railway stations would see a great number of passengers every day. Which inevitably causes traffic congestion. However, With the emergence and wide application of highway-led display devices. On the one side, it provides the most effective information; on the other side, effectively avoids congestion
4VMS Trailer
With the assistance of Highway LED Signage, ensure the regulations of traffic, as well as road safety. Reduce the possibility of traffic accidents and provide road safety warning functions for the majority of drivers. At the same time, LED Display replaces manual police commands. save human effort. Make road signs more modern and humane.
5Lane and Speed Limit Signs
The highway digital message board to support a WiFI /3G modem for remote programming & management via the internet. which can be controlled by two computers at the same time. Even if there is a fault in one computer. The high-way led display device also can be controlled by another computer to ensure the wall screen display works normally.
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