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Fine Pitch LED display Manufacturer from China

NSE designed and developed fine pitch LED display with high brightness and high resolution. These custom-made displays are suitable for different installation spaces, especially for indoor use where an HD display is required.


NSE Fine Pitch LED Display

Fine pitch LED displays are LED displays with LED point spacing below P2.5, mainly including P2.0, P1.8, P1.5, P1.6, P1.2, P0.8 . With the improvement of LED display manufacturing technology, the resolution of traditional LED displays has been significantly improved.

For over a decade, NSE has been a market leader. We are committed to providing seamless, low power consumption small pitch LED displays with large viewing angles, up to 160° for both horizontal and vertical viewing angles. Customized services are available to suit a wide range of usage scenarios.

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0.88mm small pixel pitch led display

The 0.8mm is a Super fine pitch LED display. It is a high-definition product developed in response to the increasing demands of display. Super high refreshing display with fast frame change.

p1 small pixel pitch led display

The NSE 1.2mm LED display has perfect colour saturation. Featuring high greyscale, high density, high refresh rate, high brightness and high contrast, it can best reproduce the colours of a video or picture.

P1.2 Small pixel pitch led display

Our 1.5mm pixel pitch LED displays are usually used in airports, banks, restaurants, subways, hospitals, etc. It has ultra-thin features and delivers a truly dedicated experience.

p1.667 small pixel pitch led display

NSE 1.6mm LED display is a reliable and popular technology all over the world. It releases superior quality images, videos, and other content. Plus, it only consumes low power.

p2 small pixel pitch led display

1.8mm LED display is the most popular model with high resolution,high brightness, good display effect and high cost performance

p2.5 small pixel pitch led display

Whether outdoor or indoor sites, our 2mm LED display is a perfect choice. These LED displays are more environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and have excellent visual performances.

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Fine Pitch LED Display Advantages

Seamless Splicing

With seamless splicing and low energy consumption, small pitch LED displays can meet the needs of industries with high requirements for picture quality.

High Stability
High Stability

Once installation completely, they gurantee stable and excellent visual performances. Great way to advertised your business services and brand items.

Long Lifespan
Long Lifespan

Overall NSE fine pitch LED display provides a long lifespan and excellent quality. They could last between 60,000 to 100,000 hours.


You will get satisfying quality fine pitch LED display without breaking your budget. All custom LED displays here are economical and versatile.

Which is the Better? Fine Pitch LED display or LCD Screen?

When compared to LCD display, our fine pitch LED display has a higher definition and a higher viewing range. In addition, the LED display is more energy-efficient and has a faster dynamic range.

When it comes to meeting consumers’ strict requirements for a great visual experience, it is obvious that LED displays have far more perks. Since then, these displays have dominated both the indoor and outdoor display industry.

small pixel pitch led display

The reasons Why Upgrade to Fine Pitch Display

There are numerous reasons for your to upgrade to fine pitch LED display. These LED displays are an excellent replacement for an LCD video or display. It becomes the first option in shopping malls, meeting rooms, central control rooms, and television studios and also can be an outstanding choice for enclosed branding and display.

Its pixel density and brightness are higher. The fine pitch LED display also has a high refresh rate and a dynamic contrast. As a result, it is one of the most vital factors to ensure outstanding visual comfort. They are being introduced to meet the growing demand for greater definition and closer viewing distance.

Delivers True-to-Life Contents

Fine Pitch LED Display provides true-to-life visual content (like pictures, videos, texts, and more) with extremely precise pixel pitches. These LED displays generate impressive visual experiences that remain consistent over the years – by providing exceptional image resolution with concise colors.

Furthermore, because of their advanced features, it helps to extend the life of your monitors. They offer more advantages over traditional fixed LED screens. It has the ability to simplify stack or hanging installation without using tools and can be used for limitless applications. If you also need them for professional display reasons, allow NSE to be your supplier in China.

indoor fine pixel pitch

Why Choose NSE Fine Pitch LED Display

indoor small pixel pitch
Technology integration

NSE has over 15 years of experience in producing fine pitch LED displays. All of our LED displays are assured to have FCC, RoHS, CE, and other global industry standards accreditations. To meet your needs, we will provide ODM and OEM production services.

Apart from that, NSE supported over 500 clients from all over the world. We also took part in well-known exhibitions such as VISCOM and others. NSE is dedicated to customizing fine pitch LED displays to your specific needs.

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Application of 3D LED Billboard

NSE fine pitch LED displays can be tailor-made to fit a variety of applications, including:

  • Meeting space
  • Marketing
  • Movie theaters
  • Fitness trackers
  • Houses of worship
  • Shopping malls
  • Monitoring center
  • Jewelry store
LED billboard (2)

Apart from that, NSE Supported over 100 countries’ clients from all over the world. We also took part in well-known exhibitions such as ISE, VISCOM, EUROSHOP, Fespa and Others. NSE is dedicated to customizing fine pitch LED display to your specific needs.

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Custom LED Display By P Levels

p2 led display

P2 LED wall provides without double image or without smudge effects. It has a lifespan of 100,000 hours – basically could last 8 to 10 years. Using black LED lamps, enhances the contrast and lowers dark-mode reflections. Perfect for cameras or broadcasting lighting purposes.

p3 fine pixel pitch led display

The P3 LED screen offers the best color stability and excellent visual performance. It also provides a high refresh rate with high quality and reliable driving IC. These screens can be customized in various shapes and sizes.

p4 led screen

We manufacture P4 LED screens with super lightweight and thin structures. Hence, it is ideal for fixed installation applications in both outdoor and indoor sites. Compared to other brands, NSE P4 screens are the most popular and innovative LED display.

p5 fine pixel pitch led display

The P5 LED panel is a high-resolution LED display perfect for outdoor installation areas. It has 40,000 pixels per square meter and delivers true-to-life image qualities and video content. They offer great visibility for brand advertising and marketing applications.

fine pixel pitch led display banner
Professional Fine Pitch LED Display Supplier in China

NSE is a reputable manufacturer that provides one-stop LED display solutions and services.  We provide installation assistance, after-sales support, ODM/OEM, and a 2-years return policy to assure that we meet your needs.

  • “If I once again require a fine pitch LED display for my project, NSE is my forever first choice.” Their LED displays are very adaptable and can be customized based on my installation requirements. Thank you very much, NSE! ”

  • “When we have marketing projects, we choose NSE to provide us with fine pitch LED display.” They never failed to meet our expectations regarding each display’s qualities!”

  • “I’d like to commend NSE and your team for the safe and efficient fine pitch LED display. What’s more, your services are very reasonably priced. Thank you for your assistance from start to end! ”

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