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NSE is your one-stop solution provider of a wide range of stage LED screens in China. Whether you need outdoor or indoor screen, closer or far viewing distance, fixed or rental, you can find them on NSE. From the initial brief design to the perfect combination of LED screen arena and light.

  • Available in all weights and sizes
  • Benefit of easy transportation
  • Advanced content creation
  • Offer a brighter displaying option

Stage LED Screen

Stage LED screens are smart and innovative advertising choices. This can catch participants’ and viewers’ attention. Stage LED screens can make any show live and engage attendees. It can successfully deliver promotions, information, or message you want to relay to the audience.

Led screens can be found on almost stage events including corporations, gatherings, business promotions, concert stage shows summits, conferences, etc. These screens can be installed in schools, museums, universities, and more.

NSE is a leading-stage LED screen provider with rich manufacturing experience. We can support your custom stage LED screen request. Our products are available in various materials, sizes, features, and other specifications. Message us now!

Stage LED Screen Product Series

The indoor stage rental LED screen is meticulously made from quality die-cast aluminum materials. It offers a closer viewing experience, superior refresh frequency, a high-contrast ratio, and high resolution.

rental led sign

The outdoor stage rental LED screen is designed compliant with the IP65 rating waterproof and suitable for any outdoor applications. It delivers high brightness to guarantee clear and quality performance even in daylight.

p1 small pixel pitch led display

The indoor stage fixed LED screen is easy to mount and maintain. It is the best and cost-efficient screen suitable for wide applications. This assures you high-end and excellent viewing experience for attendees.

fixed led indoor

Rectangle Stage LED Screen has a wide viewing angle. This screen can be found in various weights, from the smallest and biggest, lightest to the heaviest. Available in different pixel pitches such as 1.25mm, 2.5mm,10mm, etc.

Sphere P2.5 LED Display

Creative Stage LED Screen can be tailored based on your request. It is made from industry-leading materials to provide sharp images, and flickering contents. This screen is suitable for grand events or small stage backgrounds.

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NSE Stage LED Screen Advantages

Lightweight and Slim
Lightweight Design

The stage LED display is designed with an ultra-light cabinet for easy transport. It offers quick assembly and disassembly in a few seconds. With its unique advantages, it can gradually replace traditional billboards.

Wide Availability
Wide Availability

LED display advertising has become a new force in the media industry. They come in various sizes and pixel pitches, offering shocking display effects, vivid images, and visual experiences to viewers.

Professional System
Professional System

Our LED screen is equipped with a professional audio and video system to process multiple signals. This ensures the quality of signal processing and makes it possible to play high-fidelity images. It is not only easy to install and move but also competitively priced.

Excellent Visual Appearance
Excellent Visual Appearance

NSE arena stage LED display adopts high-quality LED lamps. This ensures LED displays deliver a high definition, high refresh rate, high contrast, and high gray level. It can meet the need of stage broadcast, and the requirements of life.

Creative Display

The creative display can achieve a variety of shapes. On air (live) broadcast, large, clear stage screen, breaking the seat restrictions. So that long-distance viewing performance is easier, giving the immersive audio-visual feast.

Wonderful scenes, slow motion playback, and close-up, to create a mood background environment. The vivid picture and the shock of the perfect combination of music, create a magnificent, very modern scene.

stage led display1
stage led display2

Stage Rental LED Screen

Stage Rental LED Screen display is suitable for indoor & outdoor activities application. Normally the rental type LED display will be installed for stage effect, conference, concerts, car exhibition and shows, weddings, sports events, advertising, DJ booths, various applications.

These can be made suitable for fixed installation, standing installation, and hanging beams for hanging installation with easy assembly and disassembling. These offer a high refresh rate & color uniformity can catch people’s eyes.

Why Choose NSE Stage LED Screen

NSE company has 10+ years of manufacturing and exporting stage LED screens throughout the world. Our products are compliant with strict quality control and approved by several standards such as FCC, CCC, RoHS, CE, and BIS international certifications. It comes with a warranty and after-sales services.

As China’s professional stage LED screen manufacturer, we are glad to support your unique requirements. We tailored your screen’s shape, size, pixel pitch, features, and other specifications. Our team has vast professional experience in this industry dedicated to meeting your various project requirements. We make sure high-quality products and stable performance at a very economical price. The excellent visual appearance of our stage LED screen will bring you participants, organizers, investors, and more. Let NSE skyrocket your business! Message us now.

No need for props with a stage LED display. Whether it’s a movie or just an image, project whatever you need through the arena LED display, and you are set.

Compared to a traditional lighting system, the stage LED display can enhance an audience’s experience and stimulate their imagination even further by juxtaposing human performance with digital images.

A stage LED display is essentially a large screen placed at the back of a stage. These can play videos or show an image, basically acting as an adjustable background for the stage.

Due to their overall cost-saving maintenance, more and more venue owners and artists have switched to using stage LED displays for their performances. It can be custom according to your specifications and requirements.

Custom Stage LED Screen To Boom Your Business

TV Studio Stage LED Screen

NSE designs advanced LED screens for TV studios and broadcasting. Whether you need creative LED screens in round, spherical, or curved shapes, you can find them on NSE. We can tailor the best-LED screen in various designs and sizes.

Product Launch Stage LED screen from NSE ensures higher resolution images and videos for product lunching events. It can perfectly show your product in every detail.  We supply 2K, 4K, HD stage LED screens.

Upgrade your LED screen on hotel and restaurant applications. It is specifically designed, durable, and strong. It displays vivid content that can attract people’s attention.

Even for an outdoor application concert events, NSE can provide high-standards LED screens with an IP65 waterproof rating, high brightness, with widest viewing angle. Our team can produce a unique stage screen for your needs.

Leading Stage LED Screen Manufacturer
  • NSE never disappoints our expectations when it comes to high-performance stage LED screens. It delivers vivid and high-brightness features. These products are user-friendly and offer smooth working.

  • Thank you, NSE for a reliable stage LED screen. It is definitely slim with a lightweight design, and easier to install and transport. NSE recommends an excellent screen, you have plenty of size options and variety choices.

  • I highly recommend NSE for dependable LED screen products in China. Their products provides optimized visibility, live stage background, creative set-up, and decorative illumination in any stage event.

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