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NSE Ceremony LED Display

  • Transparent LED Display

    How to build a transparent creative wall that can play video? Our transparent LED display must be your first choice.

    The transparent LED display is a very creative LED display. The special light stripe design ensures that the audience can see the scene behind the screen while watching the content on the screen. High transparency can realize the LED display to play 3D video. Creating the visual effect of graphic floating in the air.

  • Rental LED Display

    Rental LED display screens used for ceremony are usually used for short-term use. Which requires the Rental LED display to be easy to install and easy to disassemble. Rental LED display is a kind of display screen commonly used in various ceremony. The cabinet size of rental LED display generally does not exceed 0.5 square meter, it is light in weight and easy to install. Generally speaking, one person can install it.

    The Rental LED display is seamless after installation. On a large ceremony, the seamless display effect of the rental LED display is predominant.

  • Digital LED Poster

    LED posters are generally used for small and medium-sized ceremony events. For those planners who do not understand software operations and do not want to build complicated truss at ceremony locations. LED posters are a good choice.

    The LED poster has its own base design, and the software and connection methods are very easy. Sometimes LED posters can also be used on large-scale ceremony as wayfindings board and broadcast sponsor advertisements.

  • Flexible LED Display

    The flexible LED display is not only used in fixed installation LED display projects. but can also be used in event venues to enhance the design sense and grade of the venue. spherical LED display is a spherical LED display that can play dynamic videos, static pictures and text.

    The unique design can easily attract the attention of the audience. spherical LED displays are often used in Expo and Olympic Games or high-end events

Digital LED Display in Assembly Halls

The indoor LED video wall is today gaining importance as a dynamic backdrop in assembly halls. As it significantly adds value to the conference speeches and presentations with pictures, illustrations, charts, videos, and much more.

This ensures the best viewing experience for audiences. as they get to see highly enriched presentations with plenty of takeaway value.

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