Digital LED Poster & LED Banner

NSE has its own design and R&D team.

This is what distinguishes our poster LED Display from most competitors in the market.

  • Indoor & Outdoor LED Posters Available
  • Regular Pre-Production of LED Posters
  • Customized High-Tech Solutions Accepted
  • Fast Deliver
  • Passed the CE & ROHS & FCC certification, which ensures the product stability and safety, and could be used freely in your market.
  • Recognition from 1000+ big customers from 100+countries

What is a LED Poster Display?

A LED poster display, is a freestanding screen used to present captivating videos and images both indoors and outdoors, including in retail stores, shopping malls. event, exhibitions etc. The indoor LED poster is also called an LED poster mirror or mirror LED screen sometimes. It is versatile as it could be an independent smart LED poster or connect up to 10 LED posters together to be a giant LED video wall to display your stunning content, The LED poster displays allow freestanding,wall-mounting, hanging, and you can even add your personality by creative splicing.

These LED posters are seamless, lightweight, portable, and user-friendly. You are able to present any content in different formats with simple clicks. These features make them ideal devices for advertising, saving your maintenance costs for replacement.

LED poster displays will benefit your advertising campaigns in a modern and dynamic way. Providing you with the best-LED tool, NSE’s innovative LED poster solutions guarantee your advertising will be a stunning experience.

LED Poster By pixel pitch

p3 led poster

P2 indoor LED display has an ultra-high density of 250,000  dots/SQM. We ensure you the best visual experience indoors at a viewing distance larger than 2 meters.

P2.5 led poster

NSE created P2.5mm indoor and outdoor LED posters. It features a high density of 160,000 dots/SQM for compelling performance at a viewing distance greater than 2.5 meters.

P2 LED Poster

The NSE P3 LED poster includes indoor and outdoor LED posters. It has a relatively high density of 111,111 dots/SQM, making your ads the most noticeable at a viewing distance above 3 meters.

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LED Poster Product Categories (4)

  • indoor led poster

    NSE indoor LED poster series is ultra-thin, movable and easy to set up. We offer low pixel pitches at P2, P2.5, and P3. Our high density LED posters can deliver captivating content to your targeting customers in any indoor environment.

  • outdoor led poster

    NSE indoor LED poster series is ultra-thin, movable, and easy to set up. We offer low pixel pitches at P2, P2.5, and P3. Our high-density LED posters can deliver captivating content to your targeting customers in any indoor environment.

  • double side led poster

    Are you planning to attract passing customers to your business? This double side LED poster should be your best choice. It features ultra-slim and lightweight and helps you reach more potential customers.

  • Foldable LED Poster

    NSE designed this foldable LED banner to meet your diverse needs. Apart from its easy transportation and light weight , it supports different angles to fold, such as 180°, 105°, 100°, 95°, and 90°. Message us and get your foldable LED banner.

LED Poster custom Catrgories (4)

  • IP Rate

    NSE designs smart LED posters to guarantee your visual impact as needed. The Indoor LED poster has an IP20 to protect the screen from solid objects larger than 12mm. Outdoor LED posters have a robust IP65 to ensure full protection from dust and power jets. Message us for more information!

  • customized led poster

    We offer technical solutions tailored to your specific requests. You are able to specify screen color, size, and other dimensions as you like. At NSE LED, we can print your brand logo on the LED poster frame to make an impression. Consult us on any of these custom services.

  • different installtion type

    You can add creativity to the installation of your NSE LED poster screens, wall-mounting, ceiling-mounting, or free-standing in a horizontal, vertical, or titled way. Strong aesthetical appeals in design and the attractive high-quality image make it fit in any space and surroundings.

  • Versatility1

    Unmatched versatility to fit in any space and surroundings.
    The LED poster display can be truly versatile. Rotate it 90 degrees and you’ll get a LED banner, and the content display can be easily rotated correspondingly by the remote control.

LED Poster Feature

Make An Everlasting Impression
Make An Everlasting Impression

NSE created this all-in-one digital LED poster to captivate your audience, meeting every need of any business. Our smart LED poster will add a whole new level of excitement and vibrancy with its stunning visuals and customizable options, increasing your organic traffic and revenue.

Sturdy And Stable Than Ever
Sturdy And Stable Than Ever

The smart LED poster adopts a modern and robust design. Its high-quality aluminum frame makes the frame lighter and slimmer than ever. Clean-cut and outstanding in appearance, the NSE LED poster is engineered with the best material to last a long lifetime.

Reusable And Eco-Friendly
Reusable And Eco-Friendly

The smart LED poster serves as the smartest replacement for traditional paper posters. NSE designs this LED poster to directly deliver your offers or featured products to your target audience in real-time, saving much labor and maintenance costs. You are able to display endless content with simple remote clicks on the go.

One LED Poster, Endless Content
One LED Poster, Endless Content

Your content won’t be limited to static text and pictures. NSE LED posters can present photo videos with transitional effects and regular videos as well, which helps you deliver marvelous dynamic content with clarity and intensified visual impact. With one LED poster, your audience will be mesmerized by endless content.

Unique design

NSELED LED Poster looks clean-cut in design with a super-thin frame of 1.5mm and a cabinet made from aluminum alloy that makes it sturdy but lightweight too. It’s designed with a base that allows the device to be free-standing without extra support from accessories. And with two wheels fixed to the stand, it’s more portable.
Take the indoor P3 smart LED Poster as an example, which weighs only 35kg. It’s very easy to move it around the office or at events with just one person requiring no extra help.

certification for led poster

Proved Performance

NSE LED Posters have been certified by CE/ROHS/FCC, indicating they’ve undergone rigorous safety and quality tests, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is guaranteed to deliver results. And more notably, NSE LED Posters are installed in over 120 countries worldwide with excellency and reliability endorsed by our happy clients.

Smart Control System

WIFI, USB, HDMI, 3G/4G(optional), and Network cable connection are supported for the control of the smart digital LED poster. For the synchronized display, just connect the computer to the digital LED poster with the HDMI cable.
Multiple ways to upload content are available, such as using the USB flash drive to transfer pictures and videos. Or, simply you can connect your phone to the WIFI of the poster LED displays you aim to control and send the program via android or IOS mobile app. By logging in to our cloud system, you can manage the led poster displays from anywhere in the world.
The LED poster is equipped with 8 GB of memory and allows for USB expansion, freeing you of the worries about the program’s size or a lack of memory.

Plug and play

Plug and play

Designed to be user-friendly, you don’t have to go through the tedious and trivial configuration again and again. The default setting is enabled upon delivery, so after you send the program the led poster displays will start playing videos, texts, or animation right away.
The easy setting-up and plag and play nature make the smart digital LED poster perfect for business or brand promotion, as well as educational or religious purposes. Its professional appearance and high-contrast images will get you the attention that your brand deserves.

Multi-screen Splicing

The LED poster screen can be spliced together to make a bigger screen which can be nearly seamless due to the thin frame of each LED poster, with no interruption to the images presented on the big screen.

If you want to get a screen with a golden ratio of 16:9, just splice 6 units of the digital LED poster together. Linking 10 units of P3 LED poster will help you achieve 1080p HD performance and for P2.5, 8 units are needed. The screen by linking 10-16 units together is able to deliver HD, 4K, and UHD video performance.

Multi-screen Splicing
Diversified Installation Methods

Diversified Installation Methods

The LED poster display comes in different installation ways. It can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or floor-standing. Or you can use it horizontally as a banner display, and you can splice together several horizontally placed LED digital posters to get a screen in a different ratio.

Another way for innovative installation starts with you tilting the Digital Posters in the angle you want and by slicing different numbers of units, you’ll get the LED display flavored by your genuine creativity, more captivating and attention-grabbing.

External Device Compatible & Audio interface

The iPoster is engineered with multiple ports compatible with various external devices. The audio interface allows it to be connected to a speaker, making the iPoster an ideal digital signage solution for retail and commercial settings with audio sound more memorable.
Optional light sensor and temperature sensor can be built-in, so the brightness of your device can be automatically adjusted and thus more energy-saving.

Smart Control System


Customization is offered for the LED Poster Screen in frame color, size. And we can have your logo printed on the cabinet so your brand can be more notable.

Why Choose NSE led poster?

Algeria case.
Algeria case1

NSE LED creates the best-LED screen poster by applying industrial cutting-edge technology and quality materials. Our smart LED posters can be an incredible attraction to passing visitors. Start with NSE LED to get noticed in seconds with portable LED posters that last a lifetime.

  • Smart and sturdy. NSE LED poster display series supports multiple and creative installation options. And its special aluminum case and toughened glass cover design make it more sturdy than ever.
  • Impressive and versatile. NSE designs the smart LED poster to create a captivating visual impact and an ever-lasting impression. It is widely used in situations including tradeshows, advertising companies, retail businesses, shopping malls, etc.
  • Full-cycle services. NSE has built and maintained long-term relationships with happy customers around the world like you for more than 12 years. We excel at providing premium LED poster displays, a thorough understanding of customers’ needs, and dependable after-sales service. Our expert team handles everything.

Indoor & Outdoor LED Poster Choose

indoor led poster (2)

Indoor LED posters are a good choice for branding or displaying ads. Its cost-effective price and high quality images make it a high-demand LED poster. When the brightness of the mounting position does not exceed the actual threshold brightness, it is an ideal LED poster display for multiple purposes.

The NSE indoor LED poster series is designed for outdoor or semi-outdoor environments. Its brightness exceeds 1,000 nits, ensuring stable performance in a low-light indoor environment. IP20 is sufficient to protect your LED poster from solid objects larger than 12mm.

Outdoor LED posters are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Their brightness is much higher than indoor LED posters because they need to be installed in locations exposed to direct sunlight. This is why the price of outdoor LED posters is much higher than that of indoor LED posters.

The NSE outdoor LED poster series features a high brightness of 5,000 nits to see clearly even in the bright sunlight. Your target customers will be entirely reached! The outdoor LED poster is IP65 rated to ensure an outstanding visual impact while protecting your LED poster from extreme outdoor environmental conditions.

Where to use led poster?

led poster for trade show

Portable, smart and flexible, LED posters or mirror LED screens can meet endless configurations to tailor your booth. It is a great way to show off your brand and help you get noticed in seconds.

Retailers & Businesses

The LED Poster enjoys a wide range of applications, favored by retailers and businesses for indoor use in window displays, product launches, POP promotions, and brand activations.

Public Spaces led display

As a high-resolution digital signage display, the LED Poster is also used extensively in public spaces – transportation hubs, conference rooms, shopping malls, airports, and other commercial locations.

museum led poster

LED poster display is used in advertising campaigns to attract attention on the streets or at specific venues like malls and airports, hotel lobby where people are often fast-paced to deliver special offers and lift visitation and sales.

Companies led display

LED poster is also used by companies to display their logo or other promotional messages, helping them build brand awareness and boost sales while giving a professional look for the company’s image.

Art Galleries led display

LED posters are often displayed in art galleries or museums as an alternative to traditional print media such as paintings on canvases; this allows them to be displayed without taking up any physical space and allows the led poster display to offer a larger image for people who are viewing it from further away or in an auditorium-type setting.

College Campuses led display

LED poster is also used by college campuses as a way of displaying information about upcoming events, classes, and other happenings at their school; this increases the visibility of the events to a greater number of people and allows more students to be made aware of the opportunities that are available to them on campus.

shopping mall led display

LED poster displays can also be used in other settings such as at shopping malls, or any other places where there is a lot of foot traffic; this is because the poster LED displays can attract attention and help direct people towards specific parts of the building or area where they want to go.

Model Type PT2 PT2.5 PT3 PT3 Plus
Pixel pitch 2mm 2.5mm 3 mm 3 mm
Destiny 250,000  dots /SQM 160,000 dots /SQM 111,111 dots /SQM 111,111 dots /SQM
LED Type SMD1515 Mat Black SMD 2121 Mat Black SMD 2121 Mat Black SMD 2121 Mat Black
Pixel type(R / G / B) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1)
Module size 256 x 128mm 160 x 160mm 192 x 192mm 192 x 192mm
Module Resolution 128*64pixel 64*64pixel 64*64 pixel 64*64 pixel
Sreen Size (H*W) 768*1920mm 640*1920mm 576*1920mm 768*1920mm
Feet Size 2.52 * 6.3 feet 2.10* 6.3 feet 1.88 * 6.3 feet 2.52 * 6.3 feet
Screen Resolution 384 * 960 pixel 256 * 768 pixel 192 * 640 pixel 256 * 640 pixel
Frame Size 1930mm(H)*776mm(W)*45mm(T) 1930mm(H)*648mm(W)*45mm(T) 1930mm(H)*584mm(W)*45mm(T) 1930mm(H)*776mm(W)*45mm(T)
Case Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Weight 46kg/ unit 38kg/ unit 35kg/ unit 46kg/ unit
Drive mode 1/32 Scan 1/32 Scan 1/16scan 1/16scan
Viewing Distance ≥ 2 M ≥ 2.5 M ≥ 3 M ≥ 3 M
Brightness ≥ 1,000 cd/m² ≥ 1,000 cd/m² ≥ 1,000 cd/m² ≥ 1,000 cd/m²
Viewing Angle 140° (H)/140°(V) 140° (H)/140°(V) 140° (H)/140°(V) 140° (H)/140°(V)
Refresh rate ≥1,920 Hz (3840HZ optional) ≥1,920 Hz (3840HZ optional) ≥1,920 Hz (3840HZ optional) ≥1,920 Hz (3840HZ optional)
Input voltage AC90-240V AC90-240V AC90-240V AC90-240V
Maximum Power Consumption 1170Wper unit 750Wper unit 600W per unit 700W per unit
Average Power Consumption 350Wper unit 220Wper unit 200W per unit 230W per unit
Control method: Asynchronous
Asynchronous (WIFI/USB/LAN/HDMI) Asynchronous (WIFI/USB/LAN/HDMI) Asynchronous (WIFI/USB/LAN/HDMI)
Temperature Operating (℃) -40°~+75° -40°~+75° -40°~+75° -40°~+75°
Working Humidity 10%–95%RH 10%–95%RH 10%–95%RH 10%–95%RH
IP Rating IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20
Application Indoor/ Semi-Outdoor Indoor/ Semi-Outdoor Indoor/ Semi-Outdoor Indoor/ Semi-Outdoor






  • Josef Barnickel from Germany

    I am very satisfied that I bought the led posters for me and my business. everything worked perfectly and I would do it again at any time.

    Josef Barnickel from Germany
  • David Zach from US

    These posters are so amazing to work with! They are easy to set up and tear down and we can use them in so many different spaces and scenarios. NSE has such amazing customer service and they are eager to answer questions.

    David Zach from US
  • Joe Mertz from US

    The panels are very bright and easy to use with a lot of versatility. You can load content directly to them from a tablet or phone.

    Joe Mertz from US
What screen is better LCD or LED?

LCD is relatively an older technology, and it is used in brighter environments. LCD screen can provide high-quality images, but it cannot support 4K content for the image is easily stuck on the screen. The LCD screen is usually heavy and the lifespan is not as long as LEDs. Hence, the pricing of LCD is lower than LED’s.

LED screens normally adopt light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which means extra-long life span. The compact design contributes to slimmer and lighter screen, which saves your space. With high refresh rates and high density, LED screens ensure you unbeatable visual experience while stably streaming 4K contents.

To buy LED screens or LCD screens, entirely depends on your budgets and specific requirements.

What is a LED Poster?

Digital LED Poster is a modernized version of the traditional paper poster. Instead of printing ads on a piece of paper, this led sign has light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which can change and display any image or color with bright contrast and clear resolution. More than that, dynamic videos can also be presented on this LED display, making it intensively favored by retailers and businesses for its ability to grab attention and communicate messages with vivid motion.

How to choose a suitable LED poster for my business?
When picking the right LED poster for your project, follow the steps suggested below.

Step 1 – Figure out what the application scenario is.

You’ll have to ask yourself where will it be used and how often you plan to use it.
If you intend to use the LED poster display indoor or semi-outdoor, then select from the NSE indoor LED poster series. If it’s for outdoor use, please go to the outdoor LED poster section to search for the one for you. Besides, you have to know whether you want your LED poster to be floor-standing, wall-mount, or ceiling-hanging.

And you have to decide on the frequency of the LED display usage, one-time or long-term? For example, if you are in need of LED posters for advertising at an imminent trade fair that lasts about several days at most, you might opt to rent instead of purchase. However, if you intend to use it for a long-term or permanent installation, then purchasing is the better option.

Step 2 – Decide on the parameters.

After you have made things clear as to where and how it will be used, the next step is to determine the suitable parameters for your LED poster. NSE LED poster displays are available in a variety of pixel pitches, from 2mm to 3mm. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution and the greater the image quality.

For indoor LED displays, a brightness of 800nits to 1000nits is enough to allow a great performance of the screen and is recommended. Remember that high brightness isn’t always necessary. It has to be in the right range to serve human eyes and to avoid being too dazzling. Outdoors, a brightness of 3000nits and above is preferable as outdoor LED displays are generally placed in an environment with more natural lighting, so the LED screen has to be bright enough to be visible.

Refresh rate is another important consideration – the faster the refresh rate, the smoother motion will appear on the screen. The closer you approach the LED screen, the more detailed presentation your naked eye can observe. And under the scrutiny of the camera, the image difference made by the refresh rate will be amplified. So it’s important to select a refresh rate that meets your needs.

After the thorough assessment is done as to the application scenario and the parameters regarding pixel pitch, brightness, and refresh rate, you’ll get the right LED poster for you.

How to install and set up a single LED poster?

Upon receiving the package of the LED poster, you’ll get the LED Poster accessories chosen for your installation purpose and a complete screen shielded by the cabinet that does not require extra work to assemble.

For the floor stand, what you have to do is put the bracket together and fix it to the cabinet with screws. For ceiling-hanging and wall-mounting, brackets and screws for ceiling and wall mounting will be provided.

After the HD LED poster is installed, you’ll do the setup. The first step is to connect the power cord to the LED Poster and plug it into an outlet. Second, turn on your computer and open the software provided by us. Usually, the default setting is enabled for the individual LED poster so you don’t have to change parameters before you can upload the program to that poster. Guide videos and manuals will be sent along with the package.

How to set up LED posters to make a LED Videowall in the golden ratio?

Our standard P3 LED poster is 576*1920mm. Splice 6 p3 LED poster displays together and you’ll get a big LED wall of the golden ratio of 16:9 with the benefits of grabbing people’s attention from a distance and making an impressive statement.

Can the LED Posters be used for live-streaming events?

Absolutely! A video processor can be used with the LED Poster to live-stream video in real-time. This means you can stream your video directly onto our posters, and have it displayed exactly how it is being filmed. This is perfect for business presentations, live concerts, and more, adding dynamism and energy to your events.

How can I use the Cloud System to control the LED Posters?

Each LED poster is matched with its own wifi-hotspot. Parameter setting, program uploading, and content update can be remotely achieved as long as you have access to the internet with which you can log into our cloud system either by your phone or PC. Super-easy play!

Can I display HD video content with the digital LED poster?

Yes. By linking 10 units of P3 posters or 8 units of P2.5 LED posters you will get a video wall capable of delivering HD video content with unparalleled clarity. The HD LED poster is made of high-quality LED lights, which ensures true-to-life colors and images.

Is LED Poster Display energy-saving?

Yes. The digital LED poster is a new type of poster display that uses energy-saving light-emitting-diodes (LEDs) to create images. Compared with LCD screens, LED posters are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan. Unlike LCD screens with back-lighting which requires the outer light source to be always luminous so to have color visualization, the LED poster will only consume energy when presenting colorful images, not for black on the screen.

Besides, the digital LED poster deployed for indoor use doesn’t have a high demand for brightness, so, it uses a low voltage DC power supply which makes it safe for use around people, and also eco-friendly, an excellent choice for businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

Can I use LED posters for outdoor advertising?

Yes. We have the outdoor version of the LED poster with higher brightness LEDs and a waterproof design that well caters to outdoor advertising. Highly Scratch-resistant and water-resistant, the slim type outdoor digital poster is ideal for outdoor advertising in all kinds of weather conditions.

What’s the difference between LED posters and Rental LED displays?

LED Display Rental refers to the LED display for short-term leasing because it’s more flexible and affordable. There are many types of LED displays that can be rented, depending on the customer’s needs. Some common rental LED displays are stage backdrops, video walls, digital billboards, and LED posters.

The LED modules for rentals need to be lightweight and portable so that they can be transported easily, and easy to be set up and dissembled for last-minute event planning.

NSE smart LED poster is a plug-and-play device, easy to be portable with lightweight design and wheels at the base, which makes it a hit for rentals, widely used for outdoor advertisements, events, and exhibitions.

How to use the NSE Digital Poster as a LED Banner?

Rotate the NSE LED smart poster by 90 degrees and you’ll get a LED banner display that can be wall-mount or ceiling-hanging. And the content displayed on the screen can be rotated accordingly just by setting it on your app. Get your message seen from all angles!

Unique design with stable performance

NSE has its own design and R&D team. This is what distinguishes our poster LED Display from most competitors in the market.

Since launching the LED poster in 2015, NSE has continuously collected and summarized customer suggestions. And made improvements and upgrades on the basis of the original product. The whole screen has obtained CE and ROHS certificates and passed the FCC test. The Digital LED poster is designed to meet the standard of Europe and the USA.

At present, we have a stable supply chain system. Which not only guarantees the product quality but is also more competitive in terms of lead time. Our controller can realize the rotation of the picture on the software. If you would like to use the Portable led poster horizontally, the function will help you a lot when sending the program.

Display effect of different screens digital led poster

Smart Control & Multiple-unit Cascade

The LED poster supports WIFI, USB, HDMI, and Network cable connection. Users can use computers or smartphone to control. It has a built-in synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode media player to achieve real-time zoom in and out without a video processor. The LED poster comes with 8 GB memory and supports USB expansion. No need to worry about program size and insufficient memory.

In addition to using singly, the posters LED Display can be daisy-chained up to 10 units to play enlarged videos, images, and text. It’s easy to adjust the screen size by using different quantities of Portable led posters.

led poster mobile computer ipad control

Light Weight & Ultra-thin Frame

In addition to on-floor standing, the NSE LED poster also supports wall-mounted, hanging, and creative splicing installation methods. You can not only place the poster LED Display vertically but horizontally to meet special project installation requirements. One device for multiple uses.

nseled LED poster installation methods

Smart Control & Multiple-unit Cascade

Comparing similar product in the market. The NSE smart LED poster has lightweight, take the model indoor P3 smart LED poster as an example. its weight is only 35kg. With the wheels on the stand, even one person can move it easily. it’s easier and more cost-effective for transferring.

Not only lightweight but also the NSE LED poster has a thin frame with a thickness of only 45mm (about 1.77 inches). The ultra-thin frame ensures that the gap between the smart LED posters is smaller after multiple units splicing. Only around 3mm, which is the smallest in the market.

digital led poster detail

Wide Applicability, Indoor and Outdoor Models Available

The LED poster is an alternative to traditional roll-up and banners. It can be widely used in stores, shopping malls, exhibitions, trade shows, events, restaurants, hotels, bars, and schools.

To meet standard display requirements to achieve a luxury visual feast. For the indoor Portable led poster we provide P3, P2.5, and P2 three pixel pitches for consumers to choose from. Based on the indoor LED poster, we designed and developed the outdoor P3 LED poster in 2019. And launched a high brightness HD P2.5 outdoor LED poster in 2020. Which is very cutting-edge in the entire industry.

digital led poster indoor and outdoor brightness contrast

External Device Compatible to Achieve Intelligence

In order to achieve further energy saving, our LED poster can be connected to an external light sensor. And the brightness of the screen can be automatically adjusted according to the environment.

To achieve a better advertising effect, the digital LED poster is able to connect with the speaker. Not only this, the LED poster support interactive function(customizable). Easier to make your advertising impressive and unforgettable.

nseled LED banner with customizable logo

Fast Delivery

We are well aware that customers always look forward to receiving goods soon after placing an order. Shipping sometimes only takes a few days. While in some distant countries, it takes one to two months to receive the goods. Therefore, our hot-selling items are always in stock. So that customers don’t have to wait for more than 10 days of production time.

We have freight forwarders that have cooperated for many years. So that when you inquire about freight, we can give the most cost-effective freight plan faster.

led poster front and back effects

Customization Service

To help you build a brand, we provide customized service to enable more of your creations can be achieved.

We can help you to print your logo on the cabinet to make your device more recognized in the market. If you are not satisfied with our cabinet color or screen dimension. as long as you provide pantone color and size information, We will do our best to meet your project requirements.

Details back of the digital led poster

User Friendly, Plug and Play

LED poster is an LED display product that is very suitable for end-users to use. Simply put, after you send the program, the LED poster can automatically play video, pictures, text, and other programs once you connect the plug. No need to repeat software settings and other work when you use it later on.

To help consumers better use the product. We especially made a guide video for clients. The guide file will be sent with the Portable led poster.

Digital LED Poster Product Introduction

What is the price of your product?

Our price is based on quantity. At the same time, our poster LED display has a variety of indoor and outdoor models to choose from. In order to prepare a satisfactory quotation for you, our sales team will need to know your requirement first. Then recommend a suitable model to prepare the offer sheet.

How I send the video to the digital LED poster?

Our LED poster supports WIFI, USB, Lan cable, and HDMI connection, you can use a smartphone or computer to send videos, images, text, etc.

How long will it take for me to receive the smart LED poster after I place the order?

It depends on which model you choose to buy, for most models, we keep stock all year long, fast delivery can be guaranteed.

Is LED poster easy to use?

The digital LED poster is certificated with CE, ROHS, and FCC. we are manufacturing according to the standard process, the product quality can be further guaranteed.

Suppose there is something broken. If it’s a hardware problem, you can replace the broken part by using the spare part we prepared for you. We provide guide videos. If it’s a software problem, we have a professional engineer to provide remote service. The sales team works 7/24 to help coordinate.

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