Stock Exchange


LED Display can help you to better understand the Stock Exchange current data situation.

Supports visualization of all dynamic data

A complete control room video security system solution is particularly important.
Creating or adapting infrastructure to the reality of big data is a handy tool for making critical decisions.
In order to ensure the best way, we have implemented a more detailed display of all the dynamic video data.
Realize the real-time information statistics of public utility data, and synchronously update the data dynamics.
More standardized and unified collection and management of the transaction information of enterprises and social public utilities.
From detailed network information to a topology overview of the served area. The controls room solution provides the necessary tools for operators.
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Engagement is key in today’s digital world

It is now impossible to escape the digital world. From laptops to smartphones, the average person engages in digital interaction multiple times a day. The latter generation, growing up in the Internet era, also have a lot of new understanding of digital communication.

The utility process control center has important responsibilities in public life such as the stock exchange and in enterprises. In order to ensure the best possible way, we realized the visualization of all the dynamic video data. From security and telecommunications to utilities and process control systems. NSELED provides the necessary components for a highly reliable control room visualization system. Therefore, combining database and sensor information from many different participants and presenting it on the screen at a glance. It can help you to better understand the current data situation.

1Rolling Display

Technology Integration

Indoor LED video wall has become one of the most useful ways for businesses to manage and participate. And by facilitating participation shows that visual technology can build stronger networks among members.


Data Transmission

Whether you need a LED video wall inside the stock exchange to display data or a digital LED poster to show announcements to passers-by. These LED screens are an affordable and effective way to spread information.


2 Data Transmission
3 Dynamic Data

Dynamic Data

Installing a column display screen or a sphere display screen in the hall to scroll the real-time dynamic data information. Also brings more considerable visual enjoyment to managers at a certain level.

Intelligent Management

We offer to bring data to life so that decisions can be made in real-time at critical moments. But also to enable computers to control the data on the screen. And even remote smartphones to be more intelligent.

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