• LED Display Solution for Stock Exchange (1)
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  • LED Display Solution for Stock Exchange (1)
  • LED Display Solution for Stock Exchange (2)

LED Display Solution for Stock Exchange

  • LED Display can help you to better understand the Stock Exchange’s current data situation.
  • LED displays for stock exchanges are typically controlled by specialized software that can integrate with financial data feeds and display the latest information in real-time.
  • Stock exchange LED displays are electronic displays used to provide real-time information about stock prices and other financial data.
  • These displays are commonly found in stock exchanges, financial institutions, and trading floors, where traders and investors need to quickly access the latest financial information.

Engagement is key in today’s digital world

It is now impossible to escape the digital world. From laptops to smartphones, the average person engages in digital interaction multiple times a day. The latter generation, growing up in the Internet era, also has a lot of new understanding of digital communication.

The utility process control center has important responsibilities in public life such as the stock exchange and in enterprises. In order to ensure the best possible way, we realized the visualization of all the dynamic video data. From security and telecommunications to utilities and process control systems. NSELED provides the necessary components for a highly reliable control room visualization system. Therefore, combining database and sensor information from many different participants and presenting it on the screen at a glance. It can help you to better understand the current data situation.

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Creating or adapting infrastructure to the reality of big data is a handy tool for making critical decisions.

A complete control room video security system solution is particularly important

Realize the real-time information statistics of public utility data, and synchronously update the data dynamics.

More standardized and unified collection and management of the transaction information of enterprises and social public utilities.

From detailed network information to a topology overview of the served area. The controls room solution provides the necessary tools for operators.

In order to ensure the best way, we have implemented a more detailed display of all the dynamic video data.

LED video walls in stock exchange

Technology integration

Technology integration

Indoor LED video wall has become one of the most useful ways for businesses to manage and participate. And by facilitating participation shows that visual technology can build stronger networks among members.

Data transmission

Whether you need a LED video wall inside the stock exchange to display data or a digital LED poster to show announcements to passers-by. These LED screens are an affordable and effective way to spread information.

Data transmission
Dynamic data

Dynamic data

Installing a column display screen or a sphere display screen in the hall to scroll the real-time dynamic data information. Also brings more considerable visual enjoyment to managers at a certain level.

Intelligent management

We offer to bring data to life so that decisions can be made in real time at critical moments. But also to enable computers to control the data on the screen. And even remote smartphones to be more intelligent.

Factors to Consider When Setting Up 3D Billboards

Stock LED displays are used by businesses to showcase elements like stock information, bonds, quotations, currencies, and shares.  They give a beautiful ambiance that attracts the attention of passersby and enhances the importance and aesthetic value of any place.

These stock LED displays can be set up in a way that they show both real-time and delayed information.

Figure 1 Stock LED display

Stock LED DisplayAdvantages of LED Stock Ticker Display

Some of the advantages of stock ticker display include:

  • High-quality display: it offers you a wide range of color options and lighting effects which enhances the final presentation.
  • Low energy consumption: stock ticker display uses very little power as compared to other traditional displays.
  • Longer life span: stock ticker display can sustain you for about 10 years thus saving you from the costs of regular replacements.
  • Lightweight: they don’t have fluorescent tubes which makes them very light in weight and easy to install.
  • Come in several shapes and sizes: stock ticker display is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes which you can choose from.
  • Safety: stock ticker display is very secure for users as they can view it even in sunlight and it is waterproof and dustproof.
  • Easily programmable: you do not require to operate the stock ticker display at the exact place it was installed. It can be set up from any location in the world.
  • Short response time: you can easily change varying settings to suit your liking.
  • Greater viewing angles: you can be able to view the stock ticker display from any position.
  • Enhanced branding and reputation: stock ticker display is a perfect medium for enhancing your company.

Stock LED Display Installation Options

There are several stock LED display installation options such as:

Fixed Bracket

The stock LED display is installed using a panel that is very thin in a way that keeps is close as possible to the wall.

Push Rail Wall Mounting

Push rail wall mounting focuses on multiple stock LED display installations. It makes the process of installation fast and easy and very easy maintenance.

Using push rail wall mounting enables you to create multiple configurations and many stock LED display setups. The installation process starts with the first rail being installed onto the wall and then the subsequent rails are put up and leveled easily until the process is complete.

Push In /Out Mounting

Push-in/out mounting works by simply pushing against the stock LED display and then releasing the lock. Once this is done, the stock LED display will pop out.

The push-out option is used when you require maintenance of the stock LED display. Once the maintenance is done, you can simply push it back in with ease.

Grid Link Wall Mount

The grid wall mount has 4 holes to ensure that the stock LED display is mounted securely. The installation hanger is big, diamond-shaped, and has a protruding hanging arm.

The notch that the arm has is used in holding the stock LED display in place. The grid wall mount is made from steel and has a chrome finish to ensure a sleek design and durability.

Full Motion Led Display Mount

Full motion LED display mount is very versatile as it allows moving the viewing of stock LED display from preferred viewing angles. It has arms that you can adjust and a very durable base plate.

Tilted Wall Mount

This installation option also offers tilt movement for the stock LED display by enabling you to tilt up and down for a greater viewing angle.

Nits Brightness for Stock Market LED Display

It is important to determine the Nits brightness of stock market LED displays to select the most suitable one. You can obtain this information from the product’s specifications or the manufacturer’s website.

Take note that the brighter the environment, the brighter your stock market LED display should be, and vice versa. Additionally, the greater the value of Nits, the brighter the stock market LED display.

However, stock market LED displays that are used outdoors need higher Nits as compared to those used indoors. Opt for 100 to 1500 Nits for indoor stock market LED display and to increase the viewing experience, you may consider reducing the brightness of lights.

For outdoor stock market LED display, you should choose 3000 to 7000 Nits for those that are exposed to sunlight. Ensure that you select a stock market LED display that can withstand brightness if you are going to install them in direct sunlight.

Therefore, before you purchase your stock market LED display, be aware of its Nits brightness. This will help you to select the most suitable one for your needs.

LED Stock Market Ticker Display Size

LED stock market tickers can be customized to any size or shape depending on your needs. The display size for LED stock market tickers can range from as low as 20 feet in length to as high as 500ft.

Ticker Display for LED Stock MarketFigure 2 Ticker display for LED stock market

Stock Exchange LED Display Pixel Pitch

Stock exchange LED display pixel pitch will depend on the viewing angle. The viewing angle is the distance from which the audience reads the display.

Pixel Pitch for Stock Exchange LED DisplayFigure 3 Pixel pitch for stock exchange led display

Optimal viewing distance differs thus the approximate pixel pitch will also differ. A viewing distance of 48ft will require a 6mm pixel pitch.

Types of Stock Price Display

Some of the stock price displays available in the market include:

  • Customized stock ticker displays
  • Line Chart LED stock price display
  • Figure chart LED stock price display
  • LED News tickers
  • Straight LED tickers
  • LED crypto ticker
  • Circular LED displays
  • Corner wrapping
  • Vertical Led Tickers
  • Curved LED tickers
  • Candlestick LED stock price display

Where to use LED Stock Ticker Display

LED stock ticker display can be used in several ways including:

  • Giving live updates of stock market data in stock exchange halls.
  • Used in banking halls.
  • Can be used to give news headlines in newsrooms or in public places
  • Ticker displays are also used in giving traffic instructions.
  • Can be used in buildings such as malls, hospitals, and offices to give information updates.
  • LED tickers are also used in advertisements.
  • Ticker displays are also used in railway stations to control traffic and display train arrival and dispatch time.


LED Stock Ticker Displays are becoming essential in everyday communications for both large and small businesses. When buying your next LED Stock Ticker Display factor in reliability, customization options, live feed, and smooth content scrolling.

What type of information usually displayed by stock-exchange led display?

In addition to showing stock prices, LED displays can also display other financial data such as market indices, trading volumes, and news headlines. Some displays are also capable of displaying additional information such as weather forecasts, sports scores, and advertisements.

Can LED displays be customized to display specific data points or information in different formats?

Yes, LED displays can be customized to display specific data points or information in different formats. Many LED displays used in stock exchanges and financial institutions are designed to be highly customizable, so that they can be configured to display the specific information that traders and investors need to see.

What are the advantages of using LED displays in stock exchanges and financial institutions?

LED displays offer several advantages for displaying real-time financial data, including high visibility, energy efficiency, and durability. They can be easily read from a distance, even in bright sunlight, and can display a wide range of financial data in customizable formats.

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