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Curved LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE is a leading manufacturer of curved LED displays with high flexibility to suit different installation locations with irregular or curved corners.

NSE Curved LED Display

NSE has been a leading manufacturer of curved LED displays with flexible LED display modules. Our curved LED displays are guaranteed to provide vivid colors, depth, smooth playback, power/signal redundancy, precise screen configuration, module micro adjusters, easy handling and installation.

By integrated with smart system controllers, management software, and NSE offers front installation support as well real-time care services. NSE become the ledading manufacturer that focuses on research, development, and production.

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Sphere P2.5 LED Display

NSE offers a curved indoor flexible LED Display with high brightness. It is programmable through software and provides a synchronous display function.

Rental Curved LED Display

NSE manufactures giant curve video wall 3D LED display for outdoor applications that features easy to install, high refresh, high brightness, and more.

Fixed Installation Curved LED Display

The Fixed Installation Curved LED Display features a wide viewing angle, good heat dissipation, easy installation, vivid colors, and high industrial strength.

Transparent Curved LED Display

NSE offers a curved indoor flexible LED Display with high brightness. It is programmable through software and provides a synchronous display function.

Transparent Curved LED Display

Our Curved LED Curtain Display features a V-shaped design that allows a flexible module. It features convenient installation and a large angle.

curved led transparent led display

The curved flexible LED display can be made into different shapes, such as wavy, cylindrical, etc., and the creative display is more attractive.

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NSE Curved LED Display Advantages


Our curved LED displays are integrated with an LED display module that allows convex and concave curvature up to 1,000R. This design allows truly curved screens.

Vivid Colors
Vivid Colors

Rest assured that all NSE curved LED displays can deliver distinctive pictures with vivid colors. All images, videos, and information are displayed in a range of color details.

High Refresh Rate
High Refresh Rate

Curved LED displays manufactured by NSE are guaranteed to have up to 3840Hz refresh rate for smooth playback. It provides flicker-free images for a better viewing experience.

Easy Installation
Easy Installation

NSE curved LED display has lighter, smaller, and compact modules. Thus, you can assure that these are easy to handle, fast, and safe to install.

Design Flexibility

The modern and ultra-thin curved design and high flexibility that allows it to be bendable in a curved shape. In fact, these LED displays can be adjusted at up to five angles. It offers curvature up to 1430R. Therefore, providing a truly curved display.

NSE can provide a curved LED screens with a wide range of diameters. It can be bent with up to 20-degree curvature. With the flexibility, it can be formed into any shape such as round, cylindrical, and more.

1-Design Flexibility
2-Learn More About Our Curved LED Display

Adaptable to Any Environment

Adaptable to Any Environment
NSE manufactures curved LED displays with a seamless design that is adaptable to any environment. Which can be installed in any location such as:

  • Trade show
  • Studio backdrops
  • Signage
  • Desks
  • Organic flowing architecture
  • Columns, and more
    It can also be mounted to fit any space including straight lines and boxy layouts.

Providing Sense of Depth

Curved LED Display can provide an immersive experience for the audience since it can surround the viewer’s peripheral visions. Thus, offering a sense of depth by giving appeal to the viewers’ visual and audio senses.

Aside from that, curved LED displays can provide an appealing atmosphere to TV studio set designs. Its curved screen can give emphasis to the speaker. At NSE, you can find the broadest selection of curved LED displays for any application.

3-Providing Sense of Depth

NSE – Your Reliable Curved LED Display Supplier

4-Your Reliable Curved LED Display Supplier
5-Your Reliable Curved LED Display Supplier (1)

NSE has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing curved LED displays. All our LED displays are guaranteed to have FCC, RoHS, CE, and more certifications from international industry standards. We can also provide OEM and ODM production services to meet your requirements.

Aside from that, NSE served more than 500 clients from around the world. We also participated in famous exhibitions, VISCOM, and more. NSE is committed to customizing curved LED displays according to your specifications.

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NSE can provide curved LED display with the following features:

  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Digital LED screens
  • Can be customized with any size
  • Video wall configuration
  • IP65 rating
  • Attachable power
  • Uniform picture quality
  • Accurate and vivid color

Curved LED Displays are widely used for many applications including:

We can provide customized curved LED displays according to your applications.

Custom Curved LED Display to Skyrocket Your Business

transparent circle led display

We offer Indoor Round LED Displays wide viewing angle, high refresh rate, and computer control synchronous control mode. It features high brightness, is long-lasting, and is environmentally friendly.

P3.91 flexible for events

Our Indoor Wall Flexible Video Led Screens offer high precision contrast color with high flexibility, soft screen, super bending angle, and wide viewing screen. It is widely used for advertising, retail stores, and more.

Transparent Curved LED Display

NSE is a supplier of Curved Flexible Led Display for Digital Signage with high resolution, light design, super thin, high refresh rate, easy maintenance, creative shape, or special shape. The various shape can also be customized.

One-Stop Curved LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE is a trusted manufacturer that offers one-stop solutions and services such as installation support, after-sales services, OEM/ODM, and 2 years warranty to ensure that we meet your requirements.

  • “NSE has been my first choice if I need a curved LED display for my project. Their LED displays are very flexible and can be adjusted based on my installation options. Thank you, NSE!”

  • “We have been choosing NSE to provide us with curved LED displays if we have projects or events. They never failed to provide us with high-quality LED displays at a reasonable rate.”

  • “Thank you, NSE, and your team for the safe and environmentally friendly curved LED screen. Plus, the services are very affordable. Thanks for the installation support!”

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