LED Display Manufacturer in China

LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE is a professional LED display manufacturer in China. We provide a one-stop custom solution, and a creative and versatile LED display with high-performing parts and materials.

  • Complete display solution
  • Excellent quality display
  • High-resolution, full front maintenance
  • Available in various sizes and shapes

NSE LED Display

LED Display is also known as a light-emitting diode display. It is a flat panel screen with several LEDs as a light source. Nowadays, a vast number of electronic gadgets utilize LED displays as screens. This acts as a medium of interaction between the user and the system. LED displays are used to show output in-store signs, billboards, and modern electronic devices. such as mobile phones, computer monitors, laptop screens, TVs, tablets, and so on.

Our range of LED displays offers higher contrast ratios and low-energy consumption. It also produces superior image quality and greater light intensity. This series has a high-end appearance, precisely made and beautiful.

As a professional manufacturer, we are specialized in the R&D, design, manufacturing, and integration of innovative LED display visual projects. We offer a wide variety of LED displays such as commercial led displays, full color led displays, curved led displays, floor led displays, front access LED displays, etc.

No matter the shape and size you require, NSE got you covered. If you have a special request, NSE is your trusted manufacturer that can satisfy your custom requirements. Message us today.

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SMD Logo Round Screen

Round LED display is accessible in various pixel pitches such as P2mm, P2.5mm, P3mm, P4mm, etc. It can be customized ideal for bars, stage backgrounds, DJ booths, retail advertising, exhibitions, events, etc.

shape led display

Custom Shape LED Display provides high gray, nanoscale response time, adjustable brightness, ultra-high contrast, etc. NSE provides custom LED displays, widely used in sports stadiums, hospitals, hotels, industrial enterprises, etc.

Mobile LED Display

Install a mobile LED display on trucks, in containers, on trailers, etc. These LED displays are multifunctional. Can be utilized to display sponsors or sports games as advertising displays or on outdoor TV on mobile.

Commercial LED Display

Commercial LED display is designed with industry-specific features. This delivers customized content to entertain your customers.  It has a super high refresh rate, large viewing angle, and high-definition seamless stitching technology.

Advertising LED Display

Advertising LED Display can display messages real, clear, and with exquisite effect. It is lightweight with simple structures convenient to install and transport. A wide range of this display is available for you.

High-Resolution LED Display

High resolution LED display can provide ultra-high display and ultra-high resolution perfectly. It has a guaranteed playback effect, seamless size stitching, and powerful features. Certified to CE, FCC, RoHS certificate product.

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LED Display Advantages


LEDs have a very high life expectancy. They are extremely dependable and low maintenance. Made from versatile components.

Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly

LED lights are highly eco-friendly. There is no UV radiation and they use less energy and only produce heat and light when they are in use.

Higher Resolution
Higher Resolution

NSE delivers commercial grade, high performance, wide viewing angles LED displays with high-resolution pixel pitches.

Less Energy Consumption
Less Energy Consumption

LED displays require less energy than other types of displays. It saves you a lot of money on energy because of its power-saving features.

LED Display Design and Types

NSE manufactures all types and designs of LED Displays. This includes but it not limited to indoor and outdoor LED displays, rental LED displays, narrow pixel pitch LED displays, LED posters, and car top LED displays. etc

According to application, installation environment, display color, features, and shapes. NSE can manufacture LED displays based on your request.

NSE 3D LED Display Design Tools


LED displays can be programmed from anywhere. Their position will no longer be an issue. All you need is a gadget that can connect to the Internet. You’ll get more efficient advertisements this way because you’ll be able to adjust the ads to each time zone. This allows you to tailor advertising messages to distinct buyer profiles, resulting in improved advertising effects and, as a result, increased LED display profitability.

You can save on LED display signs compared to traditional signs considering time, printing costs, and resources need to put and remove advertising.


Due to the excellent features and advantages of LED displays, it is used in various commercial and non-commercial applications. It can display a variety of details including video, video signal, text, images, signs, and so on. From billboards, retail businesses, signs, and spotlights to stadiums, sports, and events, vehicle lighting, LED Displays are useful and provide the best viewing option.

NSE created the highest quality and high-resolution displays for different purposes. Whether you need indoor or outdoor LED displays, rental or fixed, big or small, NSE is your leading manufacturer that can fulfill your needs.


NSE – Professional LED Display Supplier


NSE is your best partner when it comes to high-end LED displays. With 12 years of manufacturing experience in this industry, we have designed a wide range of LED displays for various applications. Our team of specialists develops a product and system with strict quality control to ensure perfect function and performance.

Our range of displays has a unique design and creativity. You can request a custom LED display such as Circle LED Display, Cube LED Display, Pharmacy LED Display, etc. These products undergo severe product reliability testing such as brightness and illumination test, vibration test, anti-UV test, waterproof test, salt spray, and corrosion test, hot and cold shock test, high and low-temperature test, etc.

We have done nearly 2,000 installations in more than 100 countries and continuously get repeat business from our customers. For your next LED display project, let our team know your specific requirements. We can handle different challenges that can satisfy your needs.


All series of NSE LED displays are great for commercial publicity and attracting customers due to their advantages such as:

  • Reliable technology
  • High resolution, high brightness
  • Emits high-quality pictures and videos
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Provide a long lifespan
  • Deliver better viewing angles
  • Easily increase its power
  • Decorate interiors and exteriors
Improve Company's Branding

Using NSE LED displays, you can enhance your company’s branding and advertising. It is an outstanding opportunity to advertise a product or service. This can be installed in the city’s best-known squares, roofs of the buildings, busiest places in the city, shopping malls, and more.

Passers-by will be interested in a film or an appealing promotional offer, and existing consumers will be enticed to return for further shopping. This is because of the fact that moving pictures in LED displays to aid in the retention of advertising memory. Custom LED display to boom your business now!

Custom LED Display to Enhance Your Business

Outdoor LED Display

NSE develops outdoor LED displays in all sizes and resolutions. It is made weatherproof that can handle snow, rain, UV rays, and any weather. Our team can tailor outdoor LED displays with various configurations.

Indoor LED Display

Superior quality indoor LED displays are here in NSE. It features great brightness, large size, and excellent real visual impact allowing for captivating and eye-catching advertising.

Taxi LED Display

Stunning and weatherproof taxi LED displays are offered economical in NSE. We can design this type of display for all types of residential and commercial requirements. This is placed as a terminal carrier on buses, cars, taxis, and other vehicles.

Church LED Display

Deliver sermons more effectively using NSE church LED displays. This display can engage your congregation through excellent lyric video walls. It is an economical and effective way for churches to communicate with audiences.

NSE – Professional LED Display Manufacturer in China
NSE – Professional LED Display Manufacturer in China

NSE – Your trusted LED display manufacturer with more than 15 years of manufacturing experience. National high-tech enterprise, fabricating under ISO 9001-2004 quality system certification. All LED displays are certified to FCC, ROHS, and CE authentications. We custom LED Display according to your request! Message us today!


  • “NSE satisfies our company by providing reliable, smart design, lightweight LED display. Complete display solutions that make advertising attractive. NSE services and after-sales support stand out! We really appreciate NSE!”

  • “We really love the LED displays we got from NSE. It offers high brightness up to 6500nits, is waterproof, flexible, and with rear and front maintenance. Thank you NSE company for the high-standard and cost-effective type of LED Display!”

  • “NSE LED displays have the excellent quality performance, good presentation effect, and have highly energy-efficient technology features. These are precisely made with high-end components and materials.”

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