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LED Screen for Concert

NSE is a professional concert LED screen manufacturer in China. We produce LED video display screens fit for a wide range of music productions, like concert tours, music festivals, permanent installations, ect. Our goal is to provide you with the most advanced LED screens and the best technical support.

NSE Concert LED Screen

The NSE team understands that the field of music production involves the crafty uniting of attractive visuals with flawless sound. That’s why we manufacture and maintain a large inventory of concert LED wall displays to cater realm of staging options that require the special demands of any setting or venue.

As a custom solution provider, NSE will not only provide the augmented virtuality equipment you need, but we’ll ensure that you take advantage of the years of technical experience that our team has piled up. We can offer flexible and cost-efficient LED staging solutions that you need to lean a stunning musical concert show.

p4 led screen

Our high-resolution LED panel possesses breathtaking contrast and high definition to display your 8K, 4K, and 2K videos and images effectively. This LED panel of NSE uses high-quality LEDs to fulfill a high-resolution display, wide viewing angle, vivid color, and high-tech complexion.

Sphere P2.5 LED Display

NSE creative LED concert screen captivates audiences with real and dynamic content of a concert. It can flexibly create endless layouts, such as a 360° stunning visual impact. Impress your audience with an immersive atmosphere that lasts a lifetime.

Rental led display rx

NSE uses industry-leading materials and equipment to provide you with the extraordinary outdoor LED screen for rent. Our rental LED screen displays for concerts can increase concert engagement with ease. Give your fans an unforgettable experience.

NSE LED poster is very unique, movable, and portable, has a high resolution, and is easy to use. These advantages and features make it perfect for concerts, exhibitions, and other outdoor and indoor events. Bring your upcoming concert to life with vibrant, high-resolution visuals.

transparent led display

NSE concert transparent LED screens can deliver instant and captivating images that share ultra-high transparency of over 75%. To meet your individual needs, we offer customization on your screens, such as pixel piches, sizes, and other dimensions. Impress your fans with amazing clarity and detail.

indoor rental led display for concert

Our indoor rental LED screen for concerts features a flexible design and easy installation. It can capture real-time fans’ engagement, and deliver social media feeds. Delight your fans with an immersive experience.

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Why NSE for Concert LED Screen Display

Strong and Visual Impact
Strong Visual lmpact

The audio-visual integrated, dynamic, and large-sized LED screens for concerts will surely engage the audience’s feelings in a widespread way. NSE concert LED screens can deliver vibrant and crisp images that can be seen from any angle. The reality features we offer can surely satisfy your expectations.

Energy Saving
Concert Engagement

NSE concert LED screen guarantees every fan a front-row visual impact. Our LED screens can not only provide social media feeds, but also deliver real-time fan engagement. Never miss a beat with real time fan engagement. Make your live concert look truly spectacular.

Environmentally Friendly
Customizable Screens

Concerts always take place in different venues. This is the reason why it is essential to choose a LED screen supplier offering customizable services. NSE provides customizable screens depending on your specific needs, including screen sizes, pixel pitches, and other dimensions. Any of your requests will be treated very well!

Safety and Stable
Environmentally Friendly

Our LED screen for the concert has a built-in automatic light sensor that can change the brightness according to the environment, ultimately saving power consumption. Moreover, we adopt top LEDs and an advanced heat-removal system to extend the lifespan of LED panels.

LED-Wall Technology

Our LED display technology helps some event organizers to seize with the audience members through the entire event which becomes a very usual way to present your content for all types of big events such as concerts, fancy galas, private movie nights, and marathons.

It’s surely a guaranteed thing that a LED video wall display will be present for any kind of big occasion. Back in the past, LED screen displays were only used because it is just something the organizers wanted. However, now it has become one of the most important parts of indoor and outdoor performance events.

LED-Wall Technology
Large Concert LED Screens

Large Concert LED Screens

Large Concert LED Screens When you have a huge LED screen, it would allow you to categorize and arrange the seats. In common set-ups, the VIP occupies the front seats but you don’t need to worry about the ones who are seated at the back since NSE’s LED screen would be sufficient to provide them with a preferable view.

The NSE concert LED screen supports high-resolution camera feeds that can broadcast your entire event live. That’s why our large concert LED screens are able to make your concert an unforgettable experience. Our large LED screens would be perfect for your concert event for now and in the future.

Flexible LED Display

Now, whether you are planning a music art festival or a concert night, our LED screen for concerts could be a perfect use to seize the attention of the viewers and audience. If you are planning to summon famous singers or artists, well you need to ensure that your viewers could be able to spectate on the stage happenings.

The current trend is to add a creative flexible LED screen display that can construct any possible configuration tailored to your venue. It is able to increase more personality to your concert and create an immersive atmosphere.

Flexible LED Display

Why Choose NSE Concert LED Screen

NSE Concert LED Screen

For rental and staging of the concert event, timing is everything. We aim to serve a wide range of rental and staging LEDs for concerts. NSE rental and staging LED screen display solutions are distinctive in their reflective design, comprehensive range, and patented technology to deliver unique, eye-catching, and engaging rental and staging installations.

NSE concert LED screen will provide you with the sharpest images at a broad viewing angle. It allows your audience to enjoy a vivid and clear imaginative effect without facing the center and middle of the LED screens. NSE makes LED displays that work for you. We are passionate about what we do and we are always ready to deliver the solution to our clients and used the best possible LED products.

NSE Concert LED Screen

NSE Concert LED Screen

We believe in the fact that sponsors have also higher incentives and donations to your enormous event like concerts. When you have the best concert LED screen, you also ensure that your sponsors are informed that you are having an event and would help you with your expenses.

NSE Concert LED Screen

When you have a larger LED screen display, your options become wider on how you can skyrocket the entertainment for your audience as well as your live broadcast, pre-production content, and other several videos. LED screens can eventually help you to make your event unforgettable and joyous.

Concert LED Screen Advantages

installtion modes

The installation of our stage screen for concerts is simple, easy, and convenient. A concert or event can be transported and taken apart to another area or stage when it is over. In disparity, the conventional LED is fixed and hustle to move.

Display Effect

A conventional LED screen has a propaganda effect and can only play videos and pictures. But stage or concert LED screens will provide high-definition camera feeds. That’s why concert LED screens have more substantial display effects.

Cabinet Case

The traditional outdoor LED screen is heavy in weight, and the indoor LED uses a simple cabinet. Yet, NSE concert led screens are made of diecast aluminum. That’s why our LED screens for concerts are lightweight and support constant assembly, disassembly, and transportation.

Leading Manufacturer of Concert LED Screens

The benefits, features, and cost may be some factors you should consider on choosing the right LED screen for your several uses, especially at concert events. With NSE, we can provide those all factors with our LED screen products. Be ready to enhance the outlook of the business or event you are organizing.

Concert LED Screen

Concert LED screens are screens that utilize light-emitting diodes to give out quality and high-definition images and videos during parties, shows, or live performances. They are ideal for both indoors, and outdoors for concerts or parties.

The best thing about concert LED screens is that you can assemble them in whatever sizes you want and get the same quality images and videos for your audience.

The concert LED screens have incredible brightness intensity and water resistance levels. This is also designed to allow the concert LED screens to not only display HD video and images but to be safe to use.

Advantages of using LED Display in Concert

There are many advantages of using LED displays in concerts. Some of the advantages include:

Indoor, outdoor, and semi-outdoor use

Concert LED displays can be used both for indoor, outdoor, or semi-outdoor settings. This is because both their pixel pitch and IP are adjustable.

Strong flexibility

LED screens for concerts can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be curved or even transparent, which makes them more versatile than conventional screens.

Easy installation

LED display for concerts is easy to install, dismantle and also move. Because they are not meant to be set up permanently, they come with easy-to-install components.

Better color accuracy

LED concert screens can display a wider range of colors and have better color accuracy, which makes them ideal for all outdoor and indoor concert applications.


You cannot miss the attraction of concert LED screens. They make the event or concert attractive and engaging to audiences. Artists can visualize their art through them.

Power consumption

LED display screens for concerts use less energy compared to other screen types such as LCD, OLED, or QLED.


Because they come in different components, concert LED screens are easy to maintain. In case of an issue with the LED module, you only have to replace one module instead of the whole LED screen.

Wide Price range and selection

Concert LED screens are available in different sizes and shapes. You can order a customized concert LED screen from your supplier. Different suppliers have different pricing that can be adjusted depending on your needs.

How LED Concert Screen Work

LED concert screens work by using an array of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to display images and video content. The LED modules are arranged in a grid pattern and are connected to a controller that sends signals to each module to control the brightness, color, and intensity of the LEDs. The controller receives input signals from a video player or other source, such as a camera or computer, which is used to display the content on the screen.

LED concert screens are a crucial component of modern concert production, and have revolutionized the way that live events are experienced. They offer high-quality, dynamic visuals that enhance the concert-going experience and create a more immersive environment for the audience.

How to Choose Concert LED Screen

IP Rating for LED Stage Display

Indoor Concert LED Screen IP Rating

Indoor concert LED screens should have IP protection between IP20 and IP40. You should note that this IP rating is for indoor concert LED that is fixed.

For a movable concert LED stage display, the requirement is that it should have IP ratings the same as that of an outdoor concert LED display.

Outdoor Concert LED Screen IP Rating

Outdoor concert LED screens have an Ingress Protection Marking (IP) rating of between IP54 and IP65. This range is ideal for outdoor concert displays because of the level of protection they need against hazards such as water and dust.

The IP rating guides manufacturers on the level of protection the concert screen will need to have to meet the requisite standards.

LED Concert Screen Brightness

LED concert screen brightness can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size of the screen, the resolution, and the distance between the screen and the audience. Generally, LED screens used in concert settings have a brightness of at least 5,000 nits.

Viewing Angle for Stage LED Screen for Concert

The viewing angle for a stage LED screen used in a concert setting is an important consideration, as it affects the visibility and legibility of the content displayed on the screen. The viewing angle of an LED screen refers to the range of angles from which the screen can be viewed without experiencing significant color distortion or loss of brightness.

Pixel Pitch for Concert LED Screen

Pixel pitch refers to the distance, in millimeters, between the centers of adjacent pixels on an LED screen. The pixel pitch of an LED screen affects the resolution and image quality of the screen. For concert settings, the ideal pixel pitch depends on the size and viewing distance of the screen.

Concert LED Screen Mounting Option

There are several mounting options available for LED screens used in concert settings. The choice of mounting option depends on a variety of factors, including the size and weight of the screen, the location of the screen, and the type of venue.

Some of the mounting options available for concert LED screen mounting include:

  • Hanging on beams or pillars
  • Wall mounting
  • Column option
  • Roof mounting (for indoor concerts)
  • Embedding on backdrops
  • Curved display

Concert LED Display Weight

Concert LED displays are usually light. This is because they are made of individual LED cabinets that are then connected to make one big screen.

So, for weight, you should consider the size of the individual LED cabinet. The bigger the cabinet, the more weight your outdoor concert LED screen will have.

New Trends in Concert Screen LED

LED concert screens have revolutionized how we experience concerts. Now artists can engage directly with their audiences through imagery and visuals. Concert screen LED technology is evolving fast and you should keep up with new trends so as not to miss out.

Some of the new trends in concert LED screen technology you should look out for include:

  • Creative LED scenic
  • IoT and AI integration
  • Customized graphics and live video feeds.
  • Blow through design
  • RFID and NFD integration
  • 3D projection mapping
  • Multiple walled concerts LED screens

How Much Does Concert LED Screen Cost

The prices of concert LED screens range from one manufacturer to another. This is because the price is determined by many factors such as the panel size, pixel pitch, resolution, and size of the concert screen among many other factors

To get the best price, it is advisable to get in touch with a manufacturer who will guide you on the best package.

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