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  • Outdoor Slim LED Poster
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  • P3.33 Car Top LED Dispay
  • Bus LED Display (2)

Portable Advertising LED Display

  • To find a more creative way to do portable advertising
  • Portable advertising refers to advertising that is designed to be easily transported and displayed in various locations.
  • This type of advertising is often used at events, trade shows, and other promotional activities where companies want to attract attention and promote their products or services.
  • Examples of portable advertising include LED banners, Digital led posters, taxi top led displays.

To find a more creative way to do portable advertising

When it comes to portable advertising, many people’s minds are traditional portable digital signage and flags. Nowadays, more and more static billboards are being replaced with electronic display devices. Much portable digital signage has also begun to design portable bases to meet market needs.

In a sense, most traditional portable digital signage and roll up are one-time use. Many of them are used in short-term events and will be abandoned after the event. This not only has a certain impact on the environment but also is not cost-effective. The advantage of the portable digital display board is that it can be reused. After one event is over, you only need to re-edit the content to be used for the next event.

The upload of the program is also very simple without complicated settings. The portable digital signage is convenient to move and transport, and has a wide range of applications. In addition, the biggest led screen has the characteristics of a long life span. To have an overall consideration, no matter for the advertising company or end-users, the portable LED display is a profitable investment.

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Why portable advertising is slowly becoming more popular

Portable advertising can not only be used as a fixed billboard, but also can be used for short-term activities. Just imagine that your company will participate in some exhibitions in the next few months. At this time, you will know the advantages of portable signage display

The expected effect of outdoor advertising is related to many aspects. such as time, weather, road conditions, and festivals. portable signage display is available to be adjusted according to live situations very fast. to make the advertising campaign more effective

The great advantage of portable advertising is mobility. As for advertisers, the portable signage display can reach more audiences within a day. You would like to set up the billboard somewhere to display for the long term. A portable digital display board is your trustworthy companionship

Compared with outdoor fixed billboards, portable advertising has more space for innovation and imagination. The portable design also makes the advertisement itself more attractive

If you have several shops located in different areas of the city. The portable billboard is your go-to solution to choose. You can save advertising expenses by promoting in different months. while receiving the same effect

The media used for portable digital display boards usually has lightweight. it’s easy for transferring from one place to another, at the same time, not hard to be installed. The features make it a preferable choice for end-users

Portable Advertising

The word “portable” in LED display boards simply implies the ability to carry or move these advertising platforms from one place to another.

Well, this seems a little fascinating since such digital advertising platforms give you so much freedom. You can advertise anywhere and anytime as long as conditions allow.

Today, we will help you choose the perfect portable advertising signs or screens for your business. We shall give this a simple approach where the focus will be on:

  1. Types of portable digital display advertising
  2. Where to use portable LED screens for advertisements
  3. How to choose the best portable advertising board screen or display

Let’s dive right in:

Types of Portable Digital Display

Portable LED displays are special screens using light-emitting diodes to display information. Of course, LED display screens are popular due to the numerous benefits they offer – from cost saving, durability, small size, and large viewing angle to high LED screen resolutions.

You can learn more about the advantages of LED displays.

So, which are there most common portable LED displays?

Taxi LED Display

Taxi LED displays are small screens you can mount on the taxi or cab’s roof. These display screens have special frames and mounting structures making the mounting process easy and simple.

Depending on the design, you can have single or double-sided taxi LED displays. With these displays, as the taxi moves, you can advertise or display information to your audience easily.

Taxi LED Display
Taxi LED Display

Remember, they are considered a type of out-of-home advertising platforms.

Car Window LED Screen

These portable advertising panels are usually thin with modern options being transparent. Usually, the transparent portable advertising screen can allow up to 70% of light to pass through.

Car Window LED Screen
Car Window LED Screen

You can easily install this advertising LED screen on car windows. Additionally, their thin design and energy efficiency make them modern out-of-home advertising equipment.

LED Poster Display

If you are pooling for an easy-to-use portable digital display board then try the LED poster display. They are available in freestanding designs with a strong base. You can easily relocate these LED advertising displays depending on your specific requirements.

Generally, LED poster displays are lightweight, with varying pixel pitch and Nits brightness. They are also foldable and can be tilted to different degrees. Of course, you can also make bigger screens by slicing the LED poster displays together.

P3 LED Poster (5)

Additionally, if you own many LED poster displays, you can rent the screens for extra income. Of course, this is where you will get the term rented LED screens.

Mobile Billboard Trailer

With LED billboards mounted on trailers, you can change the location depending on the prevailing advertising needs. Portable mobile billboards come in many forms including 3D billboards and static billboards.

Furthermore, they come in different sizes and designs, featuring many advanced technologies. Most mobile billboards are designed for outdoor promotion or advertising.

Introduction of New Released Truck Led Digital Screen

Additionally, mobile billboard trailers can be mounted on trailer structures with wheels and support systems. The mobile billboard can be on one or both sides.

Portable Advertising Banners

LED banner displays are also effective portable advertising platforms. These banners come in the form of small LED digital displays that are either freestanding or wall mount.

With the advancements in technology, there are transparent LED banner displays. Usually, they offer a transparency of about 70%. Therefore, as you display the adverts, they also allow for some light to pass through.

Additionally, you can also get portable retractable advertising banners. These portable LED advertising screens are effective and you only display them when needed.

LED Advertising Van

Again here, you will fix the LED screens on the van. Therefore, whenever the van moves around, it will always display your adverts.

Truck LED Display

Again, this is an effective way to reach out to a large audience through portable adverts.

Bus Advertising

They are commonly known as LED displays or city transportation. Well, you can fix these LED screens either inside or outside the bus or other transport systems.

Here is the whole idea – whenever the bus moves, it displays the adverts. This makes it an effective portable platform for digital advertisements.

In short, most of these advertising platforms vary depending on the design and area of applications. For example, you may have portable advertising stands or even portable advertising signs.

Bus LED Display (2)

However, the technology or the working principle remains the same.

Where to Use Portable LED Screens for Adverts

LED portable digital advertising screens in many applications. For instance, you can consider these digital displays:

  • Exhibitions and trade fairs
  • Malls
  • Concerts
  • Market places
  • Schools
  • Transit vehicles
  • Barber shops
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Forex bureaus, just to mention few

You can use LED screens for portable adverts anywhere.

More importantly, you must know whether you will use the LED portable advertising screens indoors or outdoors. Remember, outdoor LED screens require higher Nits brightness.

That is, most indoor LED screens’ Nits brightness may vary between 500 and 1500 Nits depending on the location. On the other hand, outdoor LED screens require between 2000 and 7000 Nits or more. Usually, it aims to counter the direct light or brightness from the sun.

Additionally, portable LED displays for outdoor applications require additional protection. That is, you must protect the LED advertising screen from rain, dust, or any other harsh weather condition.

Therefore, they will have a higher IP rating. For example, an LED video display for outdoor advertising can have an IP65 or IP67. Ideally, this implies these screens can be submerged in water or withstand harsh weather conditions.

Usually, it is not the case for the indoor LED display for adverts that may have say IP54. Although it has a better degree of protection, you cannot compare it with the IP67. It is also worth noting that the higher the IP rating, the costlier the LED portable advertising screen.

Choosing the Best LED Portable Advertising Boards

When it comes for choose LED portable advertising screens, specifications play a significant role. Remember, these LED screen specifications will determine whether to use the panel indoors or outdoors.

So, let’s summarize some important specifications for LED displays panels for portable

LED Screen Specification for Portable Advertising Remarks
Pixel pitch · It determines the viewing distance· Varies from P1 to over P10 depending on the type of displays

· From the pixel pitch, you can estimate the optimal viewing distance by multiplying the pixel pitch value by 2.

High refresh rate · It determines whether the adverts on the LED screen will be flicker· Varies between 1920 Hz and 3840 Hz – of course, there are other LED display panels with a higher refresh rate

· The higher the refresh rate, the better. Of course, such screens tend to be costly

Size · Varies depending on where you intend to use the LED display for portable advertising.· From large portable LED billboards to LED bus advertising screens. It will depend on the audience
Wide viewing angle · LED screens generally have a wide viewing angle
Design · Choose a design according to your advertising needs and requirements· You can choose, from thin, foldable, free-standing, segmented, frameless lightweight screens.

· Also consider the technology such as transparent, flexible, double-sided, etc.

Types of adverts · Adverts come in many forms such as videos, audio, graphics, pictures, etc.· Choose an LED screen for adverts that can display the information you wish to share with the public
IP Rating · Indoor LED screens have low IP ratings such as IP43 while outdoor LED panels should have high IP ratings such as IP65
Nits brightness · For indoor applications, about 500 to 1500 Nits can work· While for the outdoors, 1500 to 7000 Nits will guarantee a better viewing experience

In addition to these, you should consider the price, installation mechanism, and manufacturer (brand/model).

In short, the key advantage of portable adverting is flexibility and freedom to advertise anywhere and time. You can carry these LED advertising to any place.

More importantly, always go for quality LED display screens whose specifications meet your unique indoor or outdoor advertising needs.

For all your portable ads, NSE offers the best LED digital advertising platforms – talk to us now.

Can I display real-time data or live feeds on a portable advertising LED display?

Yes, many control systems support the display of real-time data or live feeds, such as social media updates, news, or weather information.

How do I choose the right portable advertising LED display for my needs?

Consider factors like your budget, intended application, indoor or outdoor use, required resolution, and preferred content formats. Research various manufacturers and models to find the display that best meets your requirements.

What content formats are supported by portable advertising LED displays?

Common formats include images (JPEG, PNG, BMP), videos (MP4, AVI, WMV), and text (TXT, RTF).

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