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To find a more creative way to do portable advertising

Why portable advertising is slowly becoming more popular

Portable advertising can not only be used as a fixed billboard, but also can be used for short-term activities. Just imagine that your company will participate in some exhibitions in the next few months. At this time, you will know the advantages of portable signage display
The expected effect of outdoor advertising is related to many aspects. such as time, weather, road conditions and festivals. portable signage display is available to be adjusted according to live situation very fast. to make the advertising campaign more effective
The great advantage of portable advertising is mobility. as for advertisers, the portable signage display can reach more audiences within a day. You would like to set up the billboard somewhere to display for the long term. A portable digital display board is your trustworthy companionship
Compared with outdoor fixed billboards, portable advertising has more space for innovation and imagination. The portable design also makes the advertisement itself more attractive
If you have several shops located in different areas of the city. The portable billboard is your go-to solution to choose. You can save advertising expenses by promoting in different months. while receiving the same effect
The media used for portable digital display board usually has lightweight. it’s easy for transferring from one place to another, at the same time, not hard to be installed. The features make it a preferable choice for end-users
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To find a more creative way to do portable advertising

When it comes to portable advertising, many people’s minds are traditional portable digital signage and flags. Nowadays, more and more static billboards are being replaced with electronic display devices. Much portable digital signage has also begun to design portable bases to meet market needs.

In a sense, most traditional portable digital signage and roll up are one-time use. Many of them are used in short-term events and will be abandoned after the event. This not only has a certain impact on the environment, but also is not cost-effective. The advantage of the portable digital display board is that it can be reused. After one event is over, you only need to re-edit the content to be used for the next event.

The upload of the program is also very simple without complicated settings. The portable digital signage is convenient to move and transport, and has a wide range of applications. In addition, the biggest led screen has the characteristics of a long life span. To have an overall consideration, no matter for advertising company or end-users, the portable LED display is a profitable investment.

Digital LED poster

Digital LED poster

The LED poster is an alternative to traditional roll up and banners. LED Banner can not only show static images and test, but also full-color videos. There are wheels on the specially designed stand. while ensuring stability, the base also realizes the characteristics of portable. The LED poster has lightweight, even one person can easily move the screen around.

Users can send programs to LED poster via a computer or smartphone. No complicated software configuration makes, it an appealing choice for those who have no idea about the technical stuff. More conveniently, the LED poster is a plug and play device. once you upload the program you want to display. you can use it anytime and anywhere, no need to send program every time when using it.

LED poster support cascade connection. You can use one unit alone or daisy chain up to ten units together. with a Lan cable to showcase one enlarged video,

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