• P3 Taxi LED Display (1)
  • P3 Taxi LED Display (2)
  • P3 Taxi LED Display (1)
  • P3 Taxi LED Display (2)

P3 Taxi LED Display

  • P3 Taxi Top LED screen with high resolution and refresh, can play images and videos advertisement.
  • The P3 taxi top LED screen is an effective way for advertisers to reach a large audience in a busy urban environment.
  • It is also an eco-friendly alternative to traditional billboard advertising, as it uses less energy and produces less waste.
  • which can increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your business.
How to control the P3 taxi top led screen from a long distance?

The Taxi Top LED Display can be accessed by multiple interfaces, including USB or wireless network connections such as WIFI and 3G/4G. Users can remotely control and manage all Taxi LED Displays in real-time. This allows for easy monitoring as well as instant changes to content or programming.

Why should install the P3 taxi top LED screen?

The P3 taxi screen provides real-time information on the taxi’s route, fare, estimated arrival time, and other important details. can be used to display advertisements, which can generate additional revenue for taxi companies or drivers.

Does the bad weather affect the P3 taxi top LED screen?

To mitigate the effects of bad weather on the P3 taxi top LED screen, Our P3 taxi top LED screens are designed with weatherproof features, such as waterproof casings or anti-vibration mounts. it is important to choose a P3 taxi top LED screen that is designed to withstand the weather conditions in their area.

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