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Easily display multiple timetables and arrival or departure information.

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The city transportation led display advertising board can be easily controlled by WIFI, as well as Integrated control. Support to upload program & management remotely. Intuitive and customizable. It can be controlled and monitored anywhere. Secure wireless data compression and transmission.
Our city transportation led wall display is very suitable for bus and train platforms. It has an IP65 rating, perfect for outdoor applications. In addition, owing to their modern & stylish appearance. So can be stylishly integrated into the surrounding environment without taking up too much space.
As city transportation signage can display advertisements or public service announcements. The majority of advertising agencies can earn additional revenue through its methods. According to geographic area, external conditions, and different types of audiences, display advertisements information flexibly.
Help passengers find their platform or terminal easily, avoid crowds. Full-color photo or graphic, animation or video in many display effects. Easily display multiple timetables and arrival or departure information. And provide passengers with an easy-to-read way.
With easy-to-use digital signage software, you can up to date the latest information quickly and easily. Besides, Our weatherproof high-brightness led display advertising board also makes it easy for passengers to view information regardless of lighting.
Unlike the dull amber led wall display. Our city transportation led display advertising board excites, captures, and locks in the audiences’ attention by displaying super bright. It can be seen around the bus in broad daylight from a short distance or afar.
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City transportation LED Display Advertising Board

The city is flooded with people and vehicles, having higher requirements for traffic management. NSE LED city transportation can inform road conditions, weather information, and other services. Information to help divert commuter traffic, thus saving time and guaranteeing safety. Also, traffic signs can be integrated with other monitoring infrastructures under the same traffic system. To achieve high-efficient city traffic management.

The appearance of LED traffic sign is bright and clean, high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, no fading, no cracking, no embrittlement. It has become the most decorative effect of the transport facilities boutique and suitable for urban roads. Clean and spacious streets and beautiful signs, reflecting each other, build a bright horizon line.

1 City Dynamic display

City Dynamic display

As urban road directives, in order to avoid the road unfamiliar and wrong, traffic congestion, reduce traffic accidents. And also to releasing friendly information. Such as careful driving, pay attention to safety, please do not fatigue driving, a warm welcome to the leadership to guide the work to celebrate the National Day, etc.

Warning information sign

The high visibility of LED-based signs can be reliable in delivering important messages. On the city, the road to ensure people’s security and road safety. LED-wall display can deliver clear, short, and effective messages to help people navigate in different areas of the city. Because of its brightness, it can be used even in low light environments. and can be easily seen by speeding vehicles.


2 Warning information sign

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LED Display Used For City Transportation

The LED display used for city transportation is a led screen installed in different transportation terminals to display different information. Theses led displays can be used both indoors and outdoors depending on where you want to display the information.

LED displays used for city transportation have different specifications from nit brightness, IP rating, and viewing among others. These features aid in the display of visuals even for an audience that is far from the LED screen.

They are not only used for guidance and directions but also can be used for entertainment and advertising different destinations in train stations and airports.

Function of LED Screens for City Transport.

Currently LED screen for city transport no longer provides direction only but also has other functionalities such as;

  • Provide entertainment to passengers while waiting for their time to travel
  • They also act as advertising platforms, especially for destination places.

Types of LED Screens in the Transport Industry

The following are the common LED screen display in the transport industry. They include;

Outdoor LED Display in Transport Industry

Outdoor LED displays are suitable for outside displays of information such as routes, traffic updates, and also advertisements. Outdoor LED displays come in a design that is waterproof meaning they will still display amidst rain and extreme temperatures.

Here are some parameters to consider in outdoor LED displays in the transport industry. They include;


LED Display Nit Brightness

Nit brightness expresses the intensity of brightness that is displayed when the LED screen is working properly. LED display Nits brightness plays a vital role in determining the visuals and the resolution of the displayed information.

High nits result in more brightness thus providing a wide view of the information displayed. For outdoor LED displays the recommended Nits brightness is usually 3000 and 7000 Nits. This kind of brightness will still display quality information even when exposed to the sun.

Viewing Angle

An LED viewing angle refers to the angle at which the audience can perceive and view the LED display screen properly. The viewing angle of the LED display is defined using the horizontal and vertical points which range from 120 and 160 degrees.

This provides will provide a wide view for the intended audience without a struggle.

It’s also important to consider the LED display size, pixel pitch, and resolution as they are also viewing angle determinants.

LED Display Pitch and Pixel
LED Display Pitch and Pixel

IP Rating

IP rating is an important aspect to consider when it comes to outdoor LED displays in the transport industry. Outdoor LED displays should have an IP rating between IP54 and IP65 that protects from raindrops and dust.

This IP rating makes it impossible for dust particles or any fallen particles from penetrating the LED display thus increasing longevity.

Installation Mechanism

It’s important to choose the best installation mechanism when it comes to outdoor LED displays. How you mount the Led display determines the quality of the display you give to the audience.

The most common methods used to mount outdoor LED displays include roof, wall-mounting and column mounting.

Indoor LED Screen in Transport Industry

Indoor LED displays in the transport industry are ideal for displaying information indoors. For instance, in train stations and airports, these display screens are used to inform the passengers of the flight schedule and arrival.

LED Displays for Bus Stops and Train Stations
LED Displays for Bus Stops and Train Stations

Important aspects to consider in indoor Led display include;

LED Display Nit Brightness

Nit brightness for indoor LED display ranges from 1000 and 1500 Nits. The indoor LED display does not require high brightness and in case it’s bright you can dim off the lights for clear visibility.

A good example is in the buses where display screens are used for entertainment

IP Rating

Indoor Led display in the transport industry is not prone to dust or moisture are thus do not require a high IP rating.

Installation Mechanism

The most used installation methods for indoor LED display in the transport industry are wall mounting, inlaid mounting, and hanging.

Viewing Angle

Indoor LED displays should be installed in such a way that both the vertical and horizontal points are visible to the passengers.

Transportation LED Display Installation Mechanisms

Transportation LED display installation mechanisms greatly depend on whether the led screen is meant for outdoor or indoor. These installation methods include;

  • Suspension installation method: this method is most suitable for indoor screen displays and is partly used for outdoor displays. It’s commonly used to install led display screens in large-scale areas for clear indication of directions such as airports, railway stations, and passage entrances.
  • Roof installation method: it’s ideal for outdoor led displays in the transport industry. Led display screens installed using this method are usually large-scale mostly in large transportation terminals such as airports and rail stations.
  • Wall-mounted method: wall mounting led display method is ideal for indoor displays with solid walls for mounting. This is commonly applicable in airports for advertising their destinations. This method is also used to mount led display screens in buses for the display of music.
  • Column installation method: this method is ideal for outdoor installation, especially in parking slots of vehicles and buses.

Where to use LED Screens in City Transport

The following are the most common place where LED screens in city transport are commonly used. They include;

· Bus Station LED Screen

LED screens are used to provide communication to the passengers in a bus station. You will find them in waiting bays, lobbies, or ticket offices.

These screens have IP65 ratings for maximum protection, high-resolution characters for visibility, and high brightness.

· Airport LED Display

LED displays provide information on the arrival and departure of planes, provide entertainment, and promote brands.

LED displays in airports provide maximum viewing and you can install screens of different shapes and sizes.

LED Display Flight Information
LED Display Flight Information

· Train Station LED Display Screen

These LED screens provide information regarding the departure and arrival of the train. Also, they are used as a form of entertainment for the passengers as well as advertising.

Besides, these LED screens have wide installation methods to allow visibility from every angle. They also have high brightness which provides clear visuals even in an environment with heavy lighting.

· LED Bus Advertising

These LED screens provides a platform for running different advertisement on and off transit. LED screens installed on the buses have high resolution, high view angle, and high brightness and are easy to install.

· LED Destination Signs

LED destination signs are used to provide information on the destination city. Have a high IP rating and are easy to install.

LED Bus Destination Sign
LED Bus Destination Sign


The use of LED screens in the transport industry has made communication simpler compared to traditional methods. It’s easier, fast, and more convenient and still keeps the passengers more engaged. More so, LED screens can be customized to a size or shape that meets your requirements.

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