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Easily display multiple timetables and arrival or departure information.

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The city transportation led display advertising board can be easily controlled by WIFI, as well as Integrated control. Support to upload program & management remotely. Intuitive and customizable. It can be controlled and monitored anywhere. Secure wireless data compression and transmission.
Our city transportation led wall display is very suitable for bus and train platforms. It has an IP65 rating, perfect for outdoor applications. In addition, owing to their modern & stylish appearance. So can be stylishly integrated into the surrounding environment without taking up too much space.
As city transportation signage can display advertisements or public service announcements. The majority of advertising agencies can earn additional revenue through its methods. According to geographic area, external conditions, and different types of audiences, display advertisements information flexibly.
Help passengers find their platform or terminal easily, avoid crowds. Full-color photo or graphic, animation or video in many display effects. Easily display multiple timetables and arrival or departure information. And provide passengers with an easy-to-read way.
With easy-to-use digital signage software, you can up to date the latest information quickly and easily. Besides, Our weatherproof high-brightness led display advertising board also makes it easy for passengers to view information regardless of lighting.
Unlike the dull amber led wall display. Our city transportation led display advertising board excites, captures, and locks in the audiences’ attention by displaying super bright. It can be seen around the bus in broad daylight from a short distance or afar.
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City transportation LED Display Advertising Board

The city is flooded with people and vehicles, having higher requirements for traffic management. NSE LED city transportation can inform road conditions, weather information, and other services. Information to help divert commuter traffic, thus saving time and guaranteeing safety. Also, traffic signs can be integrated with other monitoring infrastructures under the same traffic system. To achieve high-efficient city traffic management.

The appearance of LED traffic sign is bright and clean, high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, no fading, no cracking, no embrittlement. It has become the most decorative effect of the transport facilities boutique and suitable for urban roads. Clean and spacious streets and beautiful signs, reflecting each other, build a bright horizon line.

1 City Dynamic display

City Dynamic display

As urban road directives, in order to avoid the road unfamiliar and wrong, traffic congestion, reduce traffic accidents. And also to releasing friendly information. Such as careful driving, pay attention to safety, please do not fatigue driving, a warm welcome to the leadership to guide the work to celebrate the National Day, etc.

Warning information sign

The high visibility of LED-based signs can be reliable in delivering important messages. On the city, the road to ensure people’s security and road safety. LED-wall display can deliver clear, short, and effective messages to help people navigate in different areas of the city. Because of its brightness, it can be used even in low light environments. and can be easily seen by speeding vehicles.


2 Warning information sign

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