NSE has a large inventory of our hot-selling products such as NSE Digital LED poster, Taxi LED display, Circle LED Display, Cube LED Display, Transparent Circle LED Display etc. which can be shipped out soon after you place the order, saving you time.

Product Name Pixel Pitch Screen Size Stock Qty
Digital LED Poster(Indoor) P3 576*1920mm 150 sets
Digital LED Poster(Indoor) P2.5 640*1920mm 60 sets
Outdoor Slim LED Poster P3 576*1920mm 50 sets
Outdoor Taxi LED Display P2.5 960*320mm 50 sets
Outdoor Taxi LED Display P3.33 960*320mm 40 sets
Outdoor Circle LED Display P8 60cm 20 sets
Outdoor Cube LED Display P3 384*384mm 20 sets
Indoor Cube LED Display P2.5 480*480mm 1 set
Indoor Transparent Circle LED Display P3.9-7.8 1m 1 set
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