LED Motion Advertising

Our LED displays are the most efficient form of media advertising, and because of their adaptability, they are also widely used in many applications. Our products can display text, still and moving graphics, photographs, and videos.

  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor advertising
  • Full-colored, fully programmable
  • Can play under any lighting and weather condition
  • A full-sized screen that ranges in size and quality

Innovative LED Motion Advertising - NSE

Diverse advertising companies utilize LED motion displays to show various advertising content and products. NSE can develop LED screens for both indoor and outdoor applications. It has a high ingress protection level (IP65) and can function even in harsh environments. This display ensures consistent performance and is simple to use and maintain. Provide excellent brightness and contrast values that are clearly visible even in direct sunshine, ensuring that images are always recognizable.

NSE is your one-stop LED motion advertising display manufacturer in China. We have 12+ years of manufacturing experience, professional technicians and engineers will support your LED requirements. Receive complete service in the entire cooperation journey with us.

NSE LED Display for Motion Advertising Features

High Visibility

The biggest led screen can not only play static pictures and text but also display videos. The constantly changing picture is easier to attract audiences. Not only this, the high brightness of the biggest led screen makes the advertising content remain vivid and clear no matter what, whether it is a sunny day or a dark night

Real-Time Messaging

Whether by connecting to WIFI or 4G, as long as the led advertising board remains online. Users can update advertising, news, and information in real-time, also the virtual clock can potentially attract more attention and optimize display effect.


Using a LED advertising board to advertise on mobile media. you can use a mobile phone or computer to send programs directly. There is no need to communicate with the print shop every quarter about the design concept and billboard size. changing advertising pictures and videos can be done anytime and anywhere.


With the GPS function integrated into the biggest LED screen, the contents shown on the mobile billboard can be more targeted. Once set properly, the led advertising board can display specific programs at designed places. this also makes advertising more effective.

Why LED Display is More Favorable for Ads In Motion?

The led advertising board is gradually getting more popular due to. Its nature of high brightness, excellent color saturation, and long lifespan. Flexible size, and easy maintenance. Especially the outdoor LED screen is waterproof. the feature makes LED billboards not affected by the weather. brings more possibilities to LED motion advertising.

NSE has been focusing on the production and R&D of taxi top led screens for 12 years. Our continuous efforts have made us the largest taxi top LED display manufacturer in China.

led motion advertising

Advanced Taxi Top LED Display in Motion Advertising

Nowadays, cars seem to have become a necessity in every household. With the gradual popularity of taxi-hailing software, cars are no longer just a means of transportation. They have become one of the media for making extra money. And the use of taxi top led screen advertising is a more creative way of such.

Taxi top LED display has the advantages of high brightness, waterproof, high and low-temperature resistance, and excellent product performance. It is gradually replacing the traditional acrylic taxi sign. and becoming the first choice for automotive advertising campaigns.

With the help of software, the taxi advertising LED screen can realize remote control and cluster control. Users can easily update the program at home or office. The GPS function is designed to send geo-targeting ads. therefore the advertisement effectiveness can be maximized.

Custom LED Motion Display With Your Specifications in NSE

NSE is an expert in customizing LED displays for your projects. You can choose the quantity, size, shape, and pixel pitch. It undergoes strict quality control and inspection before being delivered. These are certified by CCC, FCC, CE, RoHS, EMC, and more. We design the best LED screen to meet your expectations.

As a leading LED solution provider in China, we are committed to supplying world-class products, and cost-effective and reliable services. Whether you’re a small or large organization, you can rely on us. Message us immediately.

led motion advertising

Custom LED Motion Advertising For Your Business

Trailer LED Display

The trailer LED display is often used to remind pedestrians of the road conditions ahead. It often appears on construction road sections and highways. In addition to serving as a reminder, the trailer LED display is also rented for store promotion.

We design and manufacture trailer LED display to meet Australian Standard AS4852.2-2009. the controller has self-test and failure detection function to guarantee stable performance. Energy-Saving LED panels together with fixed solar panels, it’s environmentally friendly. There is 2 x 250 Ah AGM battery with maintenance-free.

Truck LED Display

The bus LED display is far more than just being installed inside the car. In order to make the advertisement more eye-catching, the biggest led screen can also be installed on both sides of the outside of the bus. In addition to the standard size, we can customize the size according to the customer’s local bus model.

The display screen that appears on the truck always shows in a three-sided pattern. A large-format LED display can be installed on both sides and rear of the truck. The excellent display effect makes the outdoor mobile billboard more stunning and eye-catching. With the help of speakers, your brand story and message can be delivered to consumers more effectively. In addition to advertising, Truck LED display can also play movies, which further enhances consumers’ acceptance of truck LED display.

Bus LED Display

The shuttle bus communicates effectively with consumers on a daily and regular basis. LED display screens can be installed in many places on the bus. some are installed inside to remind passengers and serve as educational functions. and those facing the outside are used as advertising media.

The bus LED display is far more than just being installed inside the car. In order to make the advertisement more eye-catching, the biggest led screen can also be installed on both sides of the outside of the bus. In addition to the standard size, we can customize the size according to the customer’s local bus model.

Transparent Car Window LED Display

The transparent car window LED display is an in-vehicle LED display. the nature of high transparency not only makes the LED screen more creative in displaying videos and images. but doesn’t block the driver’s sight from viewing the road condition behind.

Build-in software is GPS integrated, the cloud platform enables users to send content to the screen anytime and anywhere. We use high-quality LED lamps and IC to guarantee great display capability. Your well-designed advertisement should find great media to display. and a transparent car window LED display is a good candidate to be considered.

LED Motion Advertising is a More Proactive Way of Marketing



The great mobility the mobile billboard can achieve allows the advertisement. With the gradual improvement of the urban road system, the vehicle is able to appear in more places ranging from city roads to blocks. This also means using vehicles as advertisement media can sell your brand to targeted customers within the city area.

Taxi Top LED Display


Public transportation runs on specific roads according to the itinerary every day. For daily commuters, the impact of some advertisements on them is subtle and permeable. Consumers may have absorbed the information you want to convey without knowing it. therefore the advertising effect is more impressive.

Transparent car window LED display


As vehicles move on the road, everyone spends time outside. Not only the pass-bys see the advertisement content, but passengers and drivers. Mobile advertising campaign communicates with a wider audience from end-user to professional businessmen. Can make different people pay attention To your vehicle.

Bus LED Display

A properly designed mobile advertisement can make your business car more visible among others. at the same time, attracting more audiences while driving, and further, reinforcing your brand.
Truck LED Display
Advertising content and route can be controlled and adjusted according to the effectiveness of advertising. and no longer have many limitations like fixed advertising billboards. the mobile billboard has more flexibility.
Trailer LED Display
Customers can’t look away from something they’ve never seen or experienced. Digital signage gradually integrated with various types of vehicles therefore it brings more creativity to mobile advertising.
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