Out of Home Advertising


Home advertising is a kind of advertising shown outside of the consumer’s home.


Out Of Home Advertising

From static posters to digital billboards, OOH advertising is seen everywhere in different forms. As urban construction continues to advance towards intelligence. there are more media for outdoor advertising than ever before.

The application of LED displays in out-of-home advertising is gradually widespread. With continuous innovative technology and widely employed digital signage. The out-of-home advertising campaign is able to meet a wider range of marketing goals.

Outdoor of Home Advertising Solution

Street Advertising led display

The led video advertising board is applied more than ever before in every expect of our life. With the reasonable price, the street advertising company gradually take the led video advertising board into consideration when running an advertising campaign.

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The led advertising board is gradually getting more popular due to. Its nature of high brightness, excellent color saturation, long lifespan. Flexible size, and easy maintenance. Especially the outdoor LED screen is waterproof. the feature makes LED billboards not affected by the weather.

taxi window led display

When it comes to portable advertising, many people’s minds are traditional portable digital signage and flags. Nowadays, more and more static billboards are replaced with electronic display devices. Much portable digital signage has also begun to design portable bases to meet market needs.

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Out of Home Advertising LED Display Complete Solutions

Living in today’s society. Audiences are being bombarded with various advertisements released by different platforms ranging from radio to social media, from newspapers to television. Everyone spends time outdoor. therefore make OOH an ideal media for the advertiser to invest in. According to statistics issued by outdoor media analytics Route. The time customers’ exposure to OOH advertising almost the same actually a bit longer than TV. And much longer than other media, such as local newspapers and radio.
With the acceleration of urbanization, infrastructure construction is increasing. The street furniture, wayfinding sign, billboards along the roadside, transportation like bus, subway, and taxi are common media that consumers receive advertisement information. Whether it’s reading after being attracted, or inadvertently. OOH advertising not only leaves an impression on customers who are close to the buying point. and cultivate the potential clients in an osmotic approach.
As the smart city concept gradually deployed in modern society. digital billboards are deployed more than ever before. The digital signage is showing different images and videos from morning till night in a more environmentally friendly way. With the help of data monitors’ integration, the ROI can be digitized and calculated. additionally, the data collected by the billboard will benefit the local environmental government. and give an insight to them on how to improve city life. Except for permanently installed billboards, mobile billboards such as bus LED screens, taxi advertising signs, and truck LED displays are gradually becoming popular in cities.
The development of the cloud platform. remote control and cluster control technology make OOH advertising more convenient to changes contents. at the same time, the OOH can be more targeted.

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