Out-of-Home Advertising – Your Ultimate Guide in 2023

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Whether you want to solidify your presence in the market. Or establish a clear picture of your brand in your audience’s memory. Out-of-Home Advertising (OOH) is your go-to solution.

Continue reading to uncover OOH, types, benefits, challenges, creation process, and more. Sounds captivating? Let’s dive in!

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Out-of-Home Advertising (OOH)


Another name for out of home advertising is outdoor media advertisement. OOH, advertising refers to advertising that occurs outside the audience residencies. You can target customers with OOH during shopping, recreational activities, commuting, driving, etc.

Types of Out-of-Home Advertising

There are multiple out-of-home advertising examples. Here are the key ones for your reference.

1. Traditional Billboards

Billboards also refer to the Bulletins. They are usually large and possess very high impact. You can choose any size of the bulletin. Some available sizes include 12’ × 24’, 14’ × 48’, 20’ × 60’, etc.

led BillboardYou can install or place these boards on roadsides and highways. This helps you attract a large number of audiences, including commuters as well as pedestrians. Billboards offer you unparalleled visibility because of their large size.

2. Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are e-displays or digital signage that help you set up Out-of-Home Advertising. Digital billboards give advertisers a chance to change their advertising in an instant. This way, they can hook the readers for longer with updated messages. You don’t need a printer or spend extra on printing.

Digital BillboardsApart from this, you can pay for advertising areas depending on impressions you receive rather than time. Digital Billboards offer a more immersive experience when you view them from a particular angle.

With the advancement in technology, these types of OOH advertising are available in LED format. A good example is the LED billboard.

3. Posters

Posters are of dual type, static and digital (LED Posters). They are large sheets of plastic and fabric or LED bulbs containing your message. Posters are excellent means of local advertising.

Outdoor waterproof screenYou can put your poster on streetways, roadways, nearby retail stores, etc. This type of advertising is seasonal as well as short-term. You don’t need to spend thousands on these advertisements. They belong to a class of low-cost advertising. Because they offer you to acquire one on rent, such as a rental LED poster.


4. Wallscapes

Wallscapes are even bigger in comparison to billboards or bulletins. Vinyl is the common manufacturing material for wallscapes. You can utilize them for maximum visibility even for long distances and high impact.

Wallscapes led5. Street Furniture

Out-of-Home Advertising also takes place on outdoor benches in parks, general vicinities, or shelters for the bus. This furniture can either be digital or static. You can find these advertising means on roadside walkways or curbside to attract traffic. This advertising features eye-level ads or face-to-face advertising.

 Street Furniture6. Transit OOH

Transit OOH is advertising in locations where people are in continuous transit. Another name for this advertising is mobile advertising. They are becoming popular out of home advertising ideas.

You can place ads with varying duration per ad. This allows users to either interact or experience the ad.

Transit OOH7. Arenas and Stadiums

The arena and stadium advertising allows you to display a message to target total demographics. This type gives you unparalleled visibility, excellent engagement, and TV exposure. The key means for arenas/stadiums and Out-of-Home Advertising include dashers, screen pots, and more.

Arenas and Stadiums8. Shopping Malls


Malls are places or vicinities where people gather for products purchasing. In shopping malls, you can place digital kiosks, wall-mounted signage, free-standing signage, etc. The option exists to put them on entrances, escalators, high-traffic areas, food courts, etc. Shopping mall OOH advertising can help you achieve more conversions.

9. Guerilla OOH

Another name for face-to-face or hand in hand type of advertisement. You can use projections or street teams for guerilla OOH. The cost of this advertising varies from high to low, depending on multiple aspects. This depends on the location and the kind of advertising you are doing. In this advertising, you cannot measure the campaign’s immediate success.

indoor led display10. Place-Based

The place-based OOH advertising is advertising that you can carry out in any place you want. It includes exterior as well as interior locations. The internal sites include health clubs, bars, restaurants, convenience stores, and public places. On the other hand, the exterior places include rest areas, golf courses, college, parking areas, etc. You can use place-based OOH advertising to strengthen the market presence.

Place-Based11. Experiential OOH

When you involve your audience in your Out-of-Home Advertising campaign, it refers to the Experiential advertisement. It includes pop-up displays, drone advertising, and aerial banners—the cost you must spend with this advertising and impact is non-measurable.

p3 indoor NseledThis type of advertising leaves a memorable mark on your audience’s mind. You can build a solid reputation for your brand in the market.

12. Airport OOH

Airport advertising is an OOH advertising that you can place throughout the airport. You can choose it to be static as well as digital. The key areas include ticketing, arrival, retail shops, departure, baggage claim, VIP lounge, etc. Airport advertisement campaigns require higher costs for setup.

p3 indoor Nseled13. Busses OOH

Bus advertising is advertising that is a unique form of advertising. In this, you cover the entire bus with the ad message with infographics. The main reason is bus advertising offers mobile canvas. It catches the attention of the audience throughout the journey. With this advertising, you can cover even restricted areas.

14. Taxis OOH


You can reach local businesses, commuters, and tourists with taxi advertising. You can cover the trunk, roof, or taxi body with your ad message. An option exists to create brand awareness with in-built screens within the taxi for passengers. You can also refer to the mobile form of advertising.

LED MOTION DISPLAY BannerYou can check this taxi LED display.

Benefits of OOH Advertising

OOH, the benefits are undeniable. Here is the list of some benefits for your reference:

Better ROI

Compared to other advertising solutions, OOH advertising has better ROI (Return on Investment). The more you spend on this advertising, the higher the ROI. The most effective and efficient form of advertising.

Extensive Market Coverage

You can cover the entire market within a short time by choosing OOH advertising. For instance, a bus advertisement depicting a single message/ad ensures reaching every corner on the route. Bus/car/taxi is an important means of travel. You can convey a single message multiple times daily by showing mobile advertising.

High Engagement Potential

The OOH advertising possesses high engagement potential when done right. Creativity is the key to engagement. Digital and mobile technologies play a role effectively in this regard. Touch screens allow people to interact with your brand, product, or service.

Strengthen Brand Awareness

Out-of-Home Advertising helps you achieve a strong reputation within the market. You don’t need to print or play TV or radio ads. You don’t need to spend extra while playing ad series on these platforms.

When outdoors, people keenly notice what is happening in their surroundings. They cannot change the ad or channel as they do on TV or Radio. In case you utilize Out-of-Home Advertising with Radio or a TV. You can boost and strengthen your brand awareness.

Higher Conversions

The studies suggest that 65% of commuters decide to purchase, especially outdoors. Shoppers make use of OOH ads to make a better decisions before they go shopping. When you place ads depending on the location, it also influences the consumers’ decision before shopping.

Challenges You Can Face in OOH Advertising

There are multiple challenges that you can face while conducting OOH advertising. Want to know what these challenges are? Keep reading.

1. Targeting Issues

When you want to connect with the right target audience, you cannot achieve that 100%. Because in OOH advertising, you are going to experience several wasted impressions.

2. Limit on Remarketing

Remarketing refers to advertising that involves repeatedly showing advertising to the same audience. The effectiveness of this method is remarkable. But with OOH advertising, it is difficult for the same customer to experience another OOH ad.

3. Complex Monitoring

You can monitor the ad performance with traditional and linear ad methods with proper measurement tools. As the OOH ads exist publicly, no tools exist to measure the exact number of views or impressions.

4. Low Viral ability

You can experience a particular ad going viral in online and social media ads. But in OOH advertising, this is not the case. You can also repost multiple times on social media. But OOH ads offer limitations when it comes to widespread visibility.

5. Low Scalability

OOH, ads are not scalable in comparison to online ads. The reason behind this is non-measurability. This is because the OOH ads exist mainly on subways and roadsides.

6. Hard to Implement

You can place your ad in a single click for online ads. But in multiple cases launching the OOH ads is extremely difficult. It will be slow and time-consuming, especially when you need it the most, especially for sales and impressions.

7. Inability to Adopt on Variations

You cannot change or tweak the ad or message on the go. You need to change the entire message, which costs a lot. Depending on customer reactions, it isn’t easy to tweak the ad on the place.

8. No Action

With OOH ads, you cannot experience quick or immediate action. This is because the product is not near the OOH ad. Online ads are more effective if a person likes the product and can quickly purchase it.


Step-by-Step Process for Creation of OOH Advertising

In this section, get insights into the step-by-step process of creating effective and efficient OOH ads. Wondering how? Find below!

1. Understand Target Audience

Understanding the target audience is the first thing to do when you are an advertiser. It would help if you got the answer to the following:

  • Who is your end customer?
  • The type of customer you want to target
  • What is the relation between the campaign and the target audience?

It would help if you created a buyer persona in this regard. It will help you know the audience demographics, how they make purchase decisions, and their lifestyle. Without understanding your customer, you will face a total loss.

Digital LED PosterFor instance, if you target car drivers, set up bulletin/posters on busy intersections. You don’t need to place the signs on subways or bus stops. Doing so will lead you to failure.

1. Set Goal

After understanding your audience, now comes goal setting. In this section, you need to consider five major factors including

  • Specific
  • Monitorable
  • Achievable
  • Relevancy
  • Timeliness

For instance, you must put this message in your ad to increase retail sales.

“Boost Monthly sales in South America by 75% from 1000 to 1750 by July 2023.”

This will help you in the formation of an effective ad campaign. Always use a single goal when practicing OOH ads.

2. Create Message

The first impression you get is the decision maker about the success of your campaign. While creating a message, consider answering these questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Which product are you going to sell?
  • Why did the customer choose you?

After that, combine the answers above into one clear, short, and concise message. Please note the brand message should not be more than eight words long. This will eventually play a great role in deciding whether the customer wants to buy your product.

3. Consider Budget

The channels you will utilize, their price, and their effectiveness matter. This will help you clearly understand the resources you will use and what you can expect. To further facilitate this, compare each OOH ad method’s pros, cons, and price

4. Find Advertising Channel

You cannot deny the importance of advertising channels. Different channels have different ways the way they engage people. Select between if you need a billboard in high-traffic areas with high visibility. Or low-cost billboards on highway sides. Which location serves the best, and where does your audience pays the most attention?

5. Select Location

Check the set buyer persona and goals again. Define which areas you are going to target. Remember to begin with the location you want to target. Assess if it is effective for the customers you want to target. You can select between moving or stationary advertising. As discussed above, stationary means static means of ads, while moving means they keep moving from place to place.

6. Create Campaign

In this step, you need to create a campaign. While creating a campaign, make sure it delivers value and draws conversion. You can use any software or help from graphic designers to complete this step.

7. Launch Campaign

In the last step, you need to launch your OOH advertising. Before doing so, please collect all the essential data. Keep doing analysis and assess insights periodically. This will ultimately help you achieve success shortly.


Tips On Creating An Effective OOH Advertising

The tips will keep you on the way, especially when creating an effective OOH.

· Add Simplicity

Don’t make it complex or difficult to understand when designing or creating a campaign. Often including a plethora of information makes your ad ineffective. Having a detailed report in just 6 to 8 words isn’t easy.

By keeping the message short, you can make it easier to understand. You can use a hashtag, a link, or a company name. Adding a tagline will eventually help you reap the benefits of OOH ads.

· Grab Attention With Info graphics

As seen in magazines or editorial ads, you can enjoy complete flexibility. But this is not the case with OOH ads. It is a visual experience. You need to add an image or infographics that are at the same time entertaining, memorable, and emotionally compelling.

Infographics help you:

  • Capture attention
  • Deliver your message effectively
  • Feature higher resolution
  • It also enables you to shorten the text

· Use Colors

Colors are the game changer in OOH advertising. Pick the colors wisely that you want to use in OOH advertising. The colors can make your OOH ad pop out. An option exists to add colors to fonts. High brightness and contrast ensure good readability.

Colors are really important in OOH advertising. While magazine ads must ‘fit’ into the publication’s ‘look,’ the OOH background and font colors must be bright and high-contrast to help with readability. The colors can help you maintain readability throughout the day.

· Storytelling

Storytelling is a paradigm when creating an effective ad. Your ad will only contribute to the visual noise if you have no story. Creating your OOH ad by considering the report will help you solve an issue, meet your needs, raise emotions, and force your audience to action. This way, you can represent a bold concept and strong visual direction to your audience.

· Make It Unforgettable

The OOH advertising should be memorable. You can do that when placing your ad in a specific location. The studies reflect that placing an advertisement in a certain area connects people to a physical site and they remember your ad. This is an effective strategy for effective brand awareness.

· Include CTA

Call to action is most important for out of home advertising. It compels a user to take action. You can keep it beneficial to the user, such as 50% off for the first 100 buyers. Or Get a 35% discount (offer ends in three days), Summer Sale 80% off, etc. This way, you can drive more conversions on the go.

· Testing and Measurement

Testing and measurement are the keys to success. After making your OOH see if it is visible and readable. Track your sales after placing or launching the OOH advertising campaign. If not, tweak or change the ad regarding location, artwork, design, and simplicity. A good ad must be readable at least a foot away.

Trends in OOH Advertising


The trend is another name for innovating and updating technology. They are what makes OOH more desirable. Some of the key trends are here for your reference:

· Software Evolution

So far, the software and hardware evolution have contributed to the trendier OOH advertising. Now you can place the ads using software technology in front of your audience regardless of location. Remote management and cloud storage have been added to this feature. It is super convenient and strongly reliable.

· Screen Dynamics

The materials you can use in screen quality improvement and dynamics are boosting. Now whether you are at bus stops, city intersections or highways. You can enjoy a clean and clear picture even in the bright sunlight.

· Motion Detectors

The motion sensors or detectors have taken OOH advertising to another level. Now you can interact with the ads using the screen and know more. You can further check the product’s benefits, locations at which the product is available, etc.

· Mobile Technology

You can retarget a specific audience with mobile technology. This is also an innovative trend. Using QR code or geofencing latest techniques, you can offer location services.

Things That Contribute to the Effective OOH Advertising

Monitoring a number of things ends up in the contribution of remarkable Out-of-Home Advertising. Want to know which items result in high effectiveness of the OOH advertising? Don’t stop reading.

· Brand Exposure

The exposure stat indicates how many people have viewed your ads in the area of placement. This is true, especially for mobile devices. If you are not receiving views, you must change the location.

· Number of Visits Site/Location

How many people visit a particular location in a day does matter. It is great if the number of visits per day per place is more than 100,000. In case the holidays are lower, you need to change the location. This will help you get more conversions and solid brand awareness.

· Sales Count

The number of sales after launching the advertisement does matter. If the number of sales is low, then it indicates that you need to change the strategy. If there is a common sales improvement, you also need to change it. The higher sales [resent that your advertising campaign is working fine.

· Demographics

Demographics means ethnicity, sex, purchase behavior, location to which they belong, age, etc. It would help if you targeted a particular audience based on the demographics. If the product belongs to ladies, no male will purchase it, for instance, jewelry. It also considers the age restrictions. If you design an ad based on demographics, then there is more chance that you can achieve success.

· Indexing on Placement

Indexing of placement plays a great role when it comes to OOH ads. In this index, you need to consider multiple things:

  • From how far the ad is visible
  • Max length of view
  • The extent to which people will see the ad

The greater the index reflects, the more suitable place for deploying out of home advertising campaigns.

Cost Associated With OOH Advertising


The cost of the OOH ad does not depend on a single factor. Rather it depends on multiple aspects. The key ones include:

  • Type of OOH ads you are choosing
  • Material of design/ construction
  • Size of a particular ad
  • Labor cost/ Installation cost
  • The number of visits per place per day

For instance, the billboard has a cost lie in the range of $750 up to $1500 monthly. Suppose you are pacing OOH ads in a small city with having mid-size population. Then it costs around $1 up to $2000. If you choose a higher-traffic area or a bigger city, you must pay anywhere from $14000 to $15000.


The above guide aims to educate you on every aspect of Home advertising. There is a plethora of things that contribute to the successful, effective, and efficient OOH campaign,

If you find the above information useful and helpful, please share it with others. In case you have any questions or need assistance in this regard. Don’t hesitate to get to us anytime you want. We would love to help you out.

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