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LED screens in petrol stations respond to these advertising and information needs. Built with integrated standard protocol, perfectly designed to draw attention in a gas station. NSE helps clients stand out, be seen, and be noticed by customers.

  • Display the cost of different types of fuel
  • Tool for demonstrating advertising, corporate, social, and other videos.
  • Withstand weather conditions, during rain, fog, and at night.
  • Custom-made displays for gas stations

Petrol Station LED Displays - NSE

Petrol/Gas Station LED signs attract customers to buy gasoline. In order to increase monthly profits, LED signs also encourage customers to buy additional items from the convenience store in the gas station. A better way to draw attention to your special offers and promotions, gas price signs, community engagement, or even sharing videos. It can also help you stand out from the competition and encourage drivers to stop at your welcoming, well-lit gas station rather than the designated, darker rest areas. Invest in your company by purchasing an LED gas station sign.

In China, NSE is a reputable manufacturer of LED displays. We have the experience to advise you on the most suitable materials for creating LED signs. State-of-the-art production facilities and processes with excellent analyzing, designing, prototyping, manufacturing, shipping, installing, and maintaining your sign support. Whether you need a simple wordmark logo on top of a bare steel structure or a branded, fully cladded, and illuminated sign, we have the right LED display solution for your project. Contact us right away!

Electronic Gas Price LED Signs
  • Display fuel price, or display sales to customers
  • Easy Wireless Operation
  • Totally flexible and available in any combination of green, blue, red, amber, and/or white.
  • Giving total control over the length and content of messages
Gas Pump Topper Price LED Displays
  • Either a single or two faces display configuration
  • Automatic adjusting of brightness
  • Update content with ease
  • Permanent memory (stores last message displayed)
Multi-Purpose Gas Station LED Signs
  • Designed for a back-to-back and simultaneous communication
  • Durable and beautiful appearance
  • Businesses stand out, get noticed, and be seen.
  • Professionally handled from design to manufacturing and installation
Outdoor Gas Station Price Signs Display
  • Waterproof, and vandal proof
  • Long-lasting that lasts for over 10 years
  • Low power consumption, low maintenance
  • Updated electronically from indoors or automatically set with a computer
Refueling Standing Column Led Light Box
  • Information on oil prices configured using a wireless remote control
  • Automatically adjust the brightness in response to outside lighting
  • Waterproof display, ingress protection level 64
Two-Legged Led Advertising Petrol Station Sign
  • Equipped with a large lightbox for flat advertising
  • Manufactured from steel material, LED, acrylic plate, aluminum plate, 8-character screen, luminous character.
  • Several LED display cards display the oil price
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Why Choose Petrol Station LED Display from NSE?

Quality Display
Quality Display

Display quality and attractive text, prices, offers and promotions, community engagement, or even sharing videos.

Customized LED Display

You can choose the best custom LED display for gas stations. High performance sign that boom your business.


Low maintenance, save you cost and effort. Made from long-lasting parts that last more than 10 years.

Easy to Operate
Easy to Operate

Easy operation and configuration of information on oil prices using wireless remote control.

Innovative Petrol Station LED Screens

Petrol station LED screens are a great claim not only to display fuel prices. but to advertise any other type of product or service. Using LED displays for fuel prices, gas stations acquire an aspect of modernity. that encourages potential customers to visit. These screens can be personalized with a decorative frame that adapts to the tastes of the client. There is the possibility of choosing the screen on one side or on both sides, to influence a larger viewing surface.

The location of petrol stations gives them great to display all kinds of relevant information on their screens and thus attract new customers. LED screens in petrol stations respond to these advertising and information needs. To increase and improve the impact of advertisements among people seeking offers. such as fuel prices that make the customer stop at this service station or decide to pass by.

2 Gas Station LED Signs
4 Bus LED destination sign

Excellent Quality Fuel Price Display

The LED display is combined with the fuel price information system and has a slick and modern appearance. petrol station LED screens have high brightness so they can easily visible from a distance during the day. with brightness and bright colors that favor correct viewing. Drivers can see the list of all fuel prices and the display indicates the lowest price.

The fuel price signs show a comparison of fuel prices at the entrance or along the side of the highway. a fact that attracts the attention of vehicles circulating close to it. Thus, the owner of the service station will send the information to the drivers of the vehicles passing through the area. This increases competition among fuel suppliers and gives drivers optimal prices.

Double Side Digital Signage

Apart from offering information on fuel prices. The evolution of the petrol station sector has led many service stations to expand their products to other ranges. Such as fast-food, bakery, newspapers, sweets, beverages, products for vehicles, etc. As well as the complement of other services such as washing tunnels.

To publicize this wide variety of products and services. The LED screen draws the vehicles‘ attention long before arriving at the petrol station. which achieves a greater impact compared to other old systems such as advertising banners. It is designed for back-to-back and simultaneous communication. So no matter which direction the car comes from, they see the LED screen video from both sides.

2 Double Side Digital Signage
3 Full Color LED Display

Full Color LED Display

In the entrances of the service stations where we are going to refill our tanks. led display is usually placed that includes the logo of the gas station’s trademark. the payment cards accepted discounts, offers, and prices of fuel. More and more companies are replacing these classic totems with full-colour LED panels. These moving pictures attract customers’ attention. It will add extra commercials to improve the visibility, get additional cash flow. and raise the attractiveness in this so competitive business.

Digital signage is becoming increasingly popular. This more advanced channel of communication allows carefully timed presentation LED screens. and LED displays of selected content that is tailored to target group.

World-Leading Petrol Station LED Signs Manufacturer

Gas Station LED Signs
2 Gas Station LED Signs

NSE is a trusted LED display manufacturer in China. Our LED screen products for petrol stations are qualified for CE, RoHS, FCC, CCC, EMC, BIS, and more. It can provide a high-quality display including text, graphics, and video information. We strictly regulate every step of the manufacturing process for LED equipment and only use durable and modern parts. All of our structures can withstand significant temperature changes and are dependable barriers against outside influences like mechanical harm, road reagents, dirt, dust, etc.

We have an excellent team and engineers to customize LED solution sizes, pixel rates, and sizes for various projects. You can order a standard design that meets the requirements of leading oil companies. We also support full customization according to an individual project. Choose the optimal model for filling any format. NSE is your one-stop solution manufacturer, message us right away!

2 Gas Station LED Signs
  • Flexibility: The control board incorporated the standard protocols.
  • Simple integration: The sign structure is a simple place to house the small control box.
  • Simple upkeep: Digits within a line are interchangeable. Electronic LED boards are simple to replace.
  • Reliability: The modules are resin-coated, and the LEDs are protected against short circuits.
  • Simple configuration: The LED sign can be set up with intelligent and improved software in a matter of clicks.
Gas Station LED Signs
  • LED Gas Price Signs
  • Car Wash LED Signage
  • Directional LED Signs
  • Canopy LED Signage
  • Pump Bonnets
  • Pump Door Skins
  • Pylon LED Signs
  • Monument LED Signs

Custom Petrol Station LED Display

Full Scale Outdoor LED Gas Price Sign
  • Hang, mount on the wall by hook or iron angle, or customer-designed installation method.
  • Digit height – 6″, 12″, 15″, 24″, 32″, 45″ , 60″ etc.
  • Waterproof stoving-varnish iron cabinet, waterproof aviation connector. Various creative shapes, user-friendly design
  • Red, white, green, yellow, blue colors, etc.
Electronic Petrol Price LED Displays
  • Robust design and intelligent operation & maintenance Control
  • Impressive viewing experience
  • Ultra stable operation
  • Top-notch image by advanced HDR display
  • Used to display price, time, date, and temperature
Custom Petrol Station LED Display for Videos
  • Energy efficient low voltage LED components
  • Lightweight aluminum housing
  • Controlled by an infrared (IR) remote control and is very easy to operate.
  • High brightness, high visibility LED display
  • withstand harsh weather conditions

Petrol Station Advertising is a More Proactive Way of Marketing

The petrol station LED screens are a great claim not only to display fuel prices but to advertise any other type of product or service. The strategic location of petrol stations gives them great potential to display all kinds of relevant information on their screens and thus attract new customers.
Digital displays, for pumps or in-store, offer an effective advertising digital solution to gas stations to drive promotions and sales. And you can remotely manage and control your screen content. Make real-time updates or pre-schedule ads and campaigns. Or even media to play on specific times and days and dates.
The LED display of the gas station pylon sign is usually combined with the fuel price information system. And has a beautiful appearance. Of course, it is designed for a back-to-back and simultaneous communication. So no matter which direction the car comes from. They will watch the LED screen video continuously when they turn around.
Due to the flexible nature of petrol station digital signage. So promotions can be created, tested, and tailored quickly. This innovative and flexible LED technology will become a part of everyday life at today’s gas stations.
Our bright petro station LED displays are easily visible from a distance. Drivers can see the list of all fuel prices and the display indicates the lowest price with a light. This increases competition among fuel suppliers and gives drivers optimal prices.
The petro station-led display of moving pictures attracts customers’ attention, without any need for an explanation. Whether you want to show advertising presentations or fit a direction-marking system to lead customers around your premises.


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