What You Need to Know about Outdoor LED Video Walls

Since its emergence, LED display has always been valued for energy conservation and environmental protection. Energy saving means that the same product costs less in the process of use, in this era of extremely high energy-saving voice, the energy-saving concept of LED display is also its most attractive highlight for consumers’ attention, and it is also the reason for the explosive growth in recent years. Compared with traditional lighting products, the energy-saving advantages of LED are quite obvious and prominent, and in the near future, there is a trend to replace traditional lighting.

Featured energy-saving, outdoor advertising LED display screen has gradually been valued by many LED companies and it will become a trend in advertisement.

What are the basic structures of outdoor LED video walls?

  • LED display screen body

    LED display body refers to the screen body spliced by the unit cabinet, which contains the power supply, fan and several internal cables according to the standard, and the fully sealed waterproof cabinet structure.

  • Control system

    The LED wall outdoor is mostly controlled by computer synchronization. As the core component of the LED display, the control system is mainly responsible for media transformation such as videos and pictures from the serial port or DVI interface of the computer, and placing it in the frame memory to display the content. There are sending card in the control computer and receiving card distributed in the screen body.

  • Frame structure

    Outdoor LED display frame structure refers to the stable cabinet and the frame structure connected to the attached frame, the general frame structure according to the size of the screen body and installation method to determine. Outdoor LED display installation methods are mainly wall-mounted, column type, pedestal type, etc..

  • Ancillary equipment

    For the outdoor advertising LED display screen to work normally, it is not enough to have an LED display. Some accessories are also needed to work together, the basic accessories are: computer (desktop computer), air conditioner (heat dissipation is very important), power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier (optional), TV card (optional), multi-function card (can automatically adjust the display temperature, brightness, humidity and other physical data), video processor (optional), etc.

outdoor LED video walls

What are the main features of the outdoor advertising LED display screen?

  • Wide coverage

    Normally the outdoor LED video walls are installed in a relatively high place. In general, the horizontal direction from a 140° angle to watch the video, the picture is still clearly visible, which makes the LED large screen display content can cover a wider range, reach more audiences. This feature is also one of the reasons why many businesses are willing to choose outdoor LED large displays to broadcast advertising content. To ensure a strong impact with 3D performance, module and cabinet can be joined with 45° bevels.

  • Easy to maintain.

    Outdoor media usually to achieve all-weather publicity effect. The LED wall outdoor has a long service life and can be up to 100,000 hours or more. Moreover, the outdoor LED display support both front and rear maintenance, which is easy and convenient, saving time and effort. The cost of installing an LED wall outdoor is not low, as few as hundreds of thousands, as much as millions, so simple maintenance is extremely important for LED large screens, which is essential to ensure the long-term stable operation of the display.

  • High degree of protection.

    In order to adapted to the unpredictable weathers, the protection level of outdoor LED large display is designed to be above IP65 to prevent rain from entering the screen body. When installing, the lightning protection, anti-static induction and so on are also attached importance.

  • Energy-saving

    The outdoor LED wall uses the common cathode power supply method of LED display energy-saving technology, which ensures high luminous efficiency and low energy consumption. The power consumption of this outdoor advertising LED display screen is about 40% less than similar products on the market.

outdoor advertising LED display screen (1)

Outdoor Rental LED Display

outdoor advertising LED display screen (2)

What constitutes the price of an outdoor LED sign?

  • The outdoor LED signs prices are usually based on five parts: the LED display screen body, control system, frame structure, ancillary equipment, as well as its shipping and installation.
  • LED display screen body. This part’s price is generally quoted by square meters, specific products of different specifications, screen body with different materials and materials included, the price is not the same.
  • Control systerm. Control system quotation is generally based on the size of the screen body needs how much control card to determine, and the size of the screen area is related to the resolution of the display, and the control receiver card is to control the specific points according to the resolution.
  • Frame structure. outdoor advertising LED display screen is fixed by the steel structure and for safety reasons, the requirements for the steel structure is very high. The steel structure foundation frame is second only to the LED display screen body in cost.
  • Ancillary equipment. The price of ancillary equipment is different according to the user’s own equipment budget, and these ancillary equipment are sold everywhere, prices and brands varies.
  • Shipping and installation. The cost of this part will be based on your destination and specific requirements. Professional installation team is recommended if you’re not familiar with the operations.
  • In a word, the outdoor LED signs prices are depended on your projects and budget.

In conclusion

As an advertising carrier of outdoor media, outdoor LED video walls not only has the artistry of advertising creation, but also serves as an important portal for business and brand communication, and this media form has great marketing value.
It is foreseeable that under the wave of digitization and 5G commercialization, the industry market’s understanding of networking and intelligence continues to deepen and integrate, and the specific advantages of outdoor LED screens will be more prominent.


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