How to check the quality of your LED display?

With the wider application of LED displays, there are more and more manufacturers of LED displays, resulting in the uneven quality of LED displays on the market. Relatively speaking, LED display is a high-value and long-term product, so customers will have high-quality requirements for it. This article will tell you how to check the quality of your LED display.

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What are the Quality requirements for LED display?


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  • Brightness requirements

The level of brightness gives a very intuitive feeling, and you can tell the level at a glance. Don’t think that the higher the brightness of the display, the better, it mainly depends on your use environment and viewing distance.

The indoor display is generally in the P3 or so is more suitable, the outdoor display is higher than P3, and the semi-outdoor P3-P5 is more suitable, and the brightness of the display with small spacing is lower. Under the premise of clear images, long-term viewing of the eyes will not produce a stinging feeling.

  • Wavelength requirements

Because the wavelength can determine whether the display color of the display is consistent. When the wavelength of the display screen is inconsistent or the deviation is too large, it will cause the display screen to have a color difference, especially when the audience is watching from the side.

If you don’t have professional equipment to check the wavelength consistency of your display, you can play white on the whole screen and observe whether there are other noises on the screen.

Or play red, green, and blue monochrome, the color you see should be true blue, red, and green. If the color is darker or lighter, it proves to be a partial wavelength. If a certain color is inconsistent, it proves that the wave difference is too large.

  • Energy efficiency requirements

Different LED displays want to achieve the same display effect, but the power consumption of the screen may be different. The promotion of energy conservation, emission reduction, and green environmental protection is now the focus of the world, and the energy efficiency requirements of LED displays are also very important.

The low-energy LED display meets the environmental needs of energy conservation and emission reduction.

  • Refresh Rate Requirements:

Resolution is a factor that people can intuitively feel the quality of an LED display. When the eyes of the person in hand directly look at the display screen, the screen feels flickering, or when there are many horizontal dark lines when you shoot with a camera or camcorder, it means that the refresh rate of this LED display is low. The refresh rate of the display screen should not be lower than 1920HZ without affecting the direct viewing of the human eye, and the refresh rate of the display screen should be above 1920HZ to meet the requirements of cameras and video cameras.

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How to judge the quality of LED displays?


The LED chip is the main decisive factor for the quality of an outdoor LED display, so when we buy an outdoor LED display, we should focus on judging the quality of the LED chip to judge the quality of an outdoor LED display. It can be judged from the following aspects.

  1. Brightness (lumens): The influence of the brightness factor on outdoor display will be more obvious. Because the outdoor screen is outdoors, Most of its working time is in direct sunlight, so the outdoor display should have high brightness if it can be clearly viewed by the audience.
  2. Luminous uniformity: Check whether the light is uniform and the color is the same. The good quality LEDs are very uniform and the color is the same. Poor-quality LEDs will have a bright lamp bead brightness and a dark lamp bead, the color of the light is messy and inconsistent, and there will be obvious dark areas.
  3. Chip: The chip is the determinant of the quality of the LEDs. In general, the larger the chip, the stronger the stability, the higher the brightness, and the better the heat dissipation.
  4. Glue packaging: The color of the LED lamp beads of good quality is uniform, and the colloid consistency is good. Generally, good LED display products will use high-end glue. The packaged lamp beads will not be deformed by hand, and the low-quality glue will deform or even crack when pressed.
  5. Screen flatness: Look at the flatness of the screen. The normal flatness of the display screen should be guaranteed within ±1mm, so as to ensure that the image broadcast on the screen will not be distorted, but any protrusions or recesses will lead to a dead end appearing to the viewing angle of the display screen. It is best to ensure that there is no gap between the module and the module during the installation process. Pay special attention to this problem when assembling the display screen whose pixel pitch is below 3mm. If there is a gap between the module and the module, it will be very difficult to play the screen. It is possible to see black lines.
  6. Dead spot: The dead light we often say refers to a single point that appears on the screen that is always bright or always black. The number of dead lights is mainly determined by the quality of the LEDs. Generally, the use of genuine taped lights will not cause large-scale deaths. If there is a dead spot on the screen, it will greatly affect the visual effect we watch, so if you find it, you should solve it immediately.

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What does NSE do for quality NSE?


  1. Raw materials: We use high-quality lamps such as Nationstar to control the quality, and high-quality raw materials fundamentally control the quality of NSE LED displays.
  2. Certifications: NSE is an FCC, CE, ROHS, ETL, and UL certified manufacturer, we will strictly control the product quality during the production process.
  3. Testing: Make sure to do a certain test before quality assurance, such as a waterproof test, aging test, etc. Delivery of the goods after we ensure that the quality assurance will issue results in all aspects.
  4. Warranty: We provide a 2-year warranty, and we will unconditionally help you solve any product quality problems during the warranty period. There are offices in the United States and Europe to provide you with local after-sales service.
In conclusion:


So how to judge the quality of the LED display, to choose a cost-effective product that suits you, this is the skill every customer needs to have when choosing an LED display. The quality of the LED display screen will not only directly affect the playback effect of the display screen, but also affect its service life. Generally speaking, a high-quality LED display can be used normally for 5-10 years, which is often regarded as a long-term investment by customers. If you want to learn more professional knowledge about LED displays, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to answer you.

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