What are the advantages and disadvantages of Slim LED screen?

With the LED display production technology becoming more and more mature, most of the thickness of the LED display compared to the previous has a certain degree of slimness, and many customers purchase LED displays, and the most important thing is that the LED display is slim enough.

So is it true that the slimmer the LED display the better it is, and the thickness of the LED display and the display itself has what shadow it? slimmer display is more cost-effective? Next, let us provide you with a professional and comprehensive analysis of the slim screen.

How thick is the general LED display?

 If you want to generalize, the thickness of the display is generally between tens of millimeters to a few centimeters, and because the specifications and standards of each company’s display are not the same, each type of LED display is not the same, and its thickness requirements are not the same, but what can be known is that the slim model of the LED display is generally only a few tens of millimeters, and the thickness of indoor display is slimmer than that of the outdoor LED display, as to the Why next we will cover.

What are the advantages of Slim LED display?
  1. Beautiful shape and good-looking design
    Before the LED display technology matured, people did not have too many requirements for the display technology, so people’s requirements from the beginning can display the picture effect to the pursuit of smaller point spacing, more high-definition pictures to the current tendency of ultra-Slim LED display, which not only responds to the changes in people’s needs but also shows that the upper limit of the manufacturing of LED displays is getting higher and higher. People are more and more in pursuit of beauty, slim and light this feature becomes inevitable, compared to the former bulky and similar design of the display screen Slim LED display appearance and display effect to be more bright.
  2. Small size, occupies little space
    Economic and construction development to this era, the population is growing more and more, and less and less space resources can be said to be an inch of gold. People get less and less space through the same money, so how to reasonably use the space has become a necessary work, and must think about the problem. The Slim LED display has reduced the thickness itself, increasing the available space to improve space utilization.
  3. Lightweight, easy to carry
    Thickness reduction brought about by the direct effect of the weight is also a corresponding reduction in the slim section of the LED display of the mobility has become higher, reducing the handling of the slim section of the LED display of labor costs and time-consuming, the same also reduces the slim section of the LED display in the transport of the weight of the shipping costs compared to the previous will be reduced.
  4. More installation possibilities
    In the past, due to the weight and thickness of the LED display, many installation methods and creative designs were limited, and could only take the ordinary wall-mounted, with a slim section of the display, these programs will become possible, and the future will be more creative installation methods. slim section display can also be said to broaden the business scope of the LED display.
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What are the shortcomings of Slim LED displays?
  1. The quality of the slim section display on the market is uneven
    First of all, the slimmer the thickness of the slim section of the LED display, the higher the requirements for the factory manufacturing process, if the factory produces a slim section of the display technology and means of immaturity, it will affect the color display effect of the screen, resulting in the use of the longer the time, the smaller the viewing angle will become. The probability of bad dots on the slim screen also rises, which will also cause the yield of each batch to become lower.
    Of course, customers who choose NSELED do not have to worry about this problem, our company’s technology is becoming more and more mature, a few years ago, we upgraded the thickness of the display, and along with the use of the present, product quality, and display effect is still maintained at a high level.
  2. The cost of a slim screen is currently high
    So far, not many companies have mastered the solution to the problems brought by slim screens, so the production of slim screens will increase the cost of manufacturers, relatively, these increased costs will also be transferred to the buyer, the user. High cost and more hidden problems make most users hesitate in selecting slim screens, so it is best to choose good quality and have a more complete after-sales service brands and companies. NSELED is a better choice, first of all, in product quality, our products have been used by customers for five or six years and are still in use, and secondly, in the after-sales service, we have a complete pre-sales and after-sales service, and provide lifelong service, as long as you need. Secondly, in terms of after-sales service, we have a complete pre-sales and after-sales service and provide lifelong service, as long as you need, as long as you come to find us, we are here, waiting to help you.
  3. Slim screen can not be promoted in the outdoor display
    First of all, the outdoor display ensures high brightness to achieve excellent display effect in an outdoor environment, which needs to provide ways to increase the LED light source, and outdoor display line is very much, which determines the outdoor display box must be thick. Furthermore, outdoor sunlight and temperature will increase the temperature of the display itself, the temperature is too hot easily lead to short-circuit and thus damage the display, so the heat sink and exhaust fan are very necessary, these two designs need a certain amount of space also explains the thickness of the outdoor advertising display is a must. If you must make a slim outdoor display, you may need to give up some of the above factors, the loss is not worth it.
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Which type of display can make a Slim LED display?
  • Digital LED slim poster
    Our current slim poster has been upgraded, and there are improvements in weight and thickness, for example, our most popular indoor P3 poster (size: 576*1920mm), weighed is 45KG a piece, the weight is now 35KG a piece, thickness of only 45mm. And with wheels at the bottom, it is very easy to move, a person can also easily move the slim poster.
  • Flexible slim screen
    Flexible screen modules originally had the characteristics of ultra-light and ultra-slim, coupled with the slim box design, which can be combined with a lot of creative and beautiful modeling, such as our company in South Korea Incheon Airport, a slim flexible LED screen display project, smooth and with the beauty of the design and display effect, for the airport environment to add a touch of art.
  • Rental Slim LED screen
    Our rental LED display has also been updated, from the thickness, weight, design, and use of innovation, when our rental Slim LED display screen assembly can be seen on the side of the very slim, looks very beautiful.
    So there are very many customers choose our rental slim display for outdoor activities and outdoor film.
  • Ultra-slimTaxi screen
    Taxi screen is also one of our popular products, there are two major categories, one is the conventional taxi screen, which is the ultra-slim section of the taxi screen, the screen size of these two is 960 * 320mm, but the box design is different before the conventional taxi screen is a rectangular design, will be slightly heavy, our ultra-slim taxi screen design appears to be a lot of slim and light, mounted on the roof of the car is very capable of attracting the attention of passers-by. Our slim taxi screen is much lighter and slimmer.
  • Transparent Slim LED screen
    Because the transparent screen is a light bar fixed in the frame and has high transparency, it is not like other LED display screens that have the thickness of the black box, its thickness depends on the thickness of the aluminum frame, so in daily life, whether from the front and back or left and right, our slim transparent LED display will not be very blocking the line of sight.

The above is all about Slim LED displays, if you have a demand for Slim LED displays, please feel free to contact us, NSELED will provide you with excellent products and perfect solutions with our professional experience and knowledge and superb production and customization ability.

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